Contemplating the Future After the Election

Against All Enemies


As a boy, I greatly admired the leadership of Ronald Reagan.  I watched him take an heroic stand against the evil ideology of communism, and his example was one of the main reasons why I joined the military to defend our great nation and its people.  It was a nation that rewarded achievement, protected individual liberties, and stood against the evils of the world.  However, I see a very different nation today than the one when Reagan left office.

After Tuesday’s election, like many of you, I stood bewildered.  How could the people I defended all these years vote for the very ideology that I picked up a rifle to defend against?  Honestly, I cannot say I was surprised by the outcome.  However, I am deeply disturbed by what it said about our country and its people.

I have spent the last several days searching my soul for the right path to take following the reality that became apparent on Tuesday.  I have reached out to the Internet, my friends, my family, my pastors, and most importantly God and his Word.  I have been internally conflicted, bouncing back and forth from considering extreme defiance to peaceful submission.  However, neither extreme sat well with me.

Considering those calling for extreme defiance, there does not appear to be a legitimate reason to follow this course.  I believe we would be fools to secede or take up arms against the government at this point, for they hold the power of coercion and are most likely waiting for action from homegrown “terrorists” or “separatists” to silence them–permanently.  The question then becomes, at what point do citizens need to take up arms against their government?  Frankly, I cannot answer that at this time, but now is not appropriate.

Peaceful submission would mean the tacit acceptance of evil.  However, I cannot be complicit to legalized murder, the celebration of immoral behavior, or the government acting outside the rule of law.   Should I choose submission, I would be acknowledging the victory of Satan and become complicit in his actions.

Instead, I have found different ground.  With the coming darkness resulting from man’s belief in a multitude of lies, there will be Americans who will be looking for the light of Truth to escape such darkness.  We Christians must be the light of Christ in the world.  We must demonstrate how Christians live the Word amidst extreme adversity by loving each another, caring for our neighbors, and spreading His Word.  Only through the Word of God can we fight against the darkness.  Any solution that lacks God’s Truth will only bring more suffering.

We as followers of Christ must stand up for what is right in our families, schools, churches, cities, states, courts, and the nation.  We must defend our rights under the Constitution.  We must never compromise Truth and Liberty for Lies and Tyranny.

Finally, some declare that we are quickly approaching the End Times as prophesied in the Bible.  Perhaps they are right, but I do not know.

What I do know is that Americans needs God.  Only if Christians read the Word, pray, and live by the Word will America have any hope.  If America is now under divine judgment for its wickedness and depravity, it has certainly earned it.  However, this does not mean we need to run away from the problem (to the point of fleeing the United States).  We need to put on the full armor of God, proclaim His Truth, and confront evil.  We should be more concerned with the soul next door rather than whether or not America is going to survive as a nation.  For by saving the people, we could save the nation.

There is no victory without God.

Honor God.

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  1. Awesome post! Thanks so much for the encouragement and true focus on God. I keep reminding myself of the quote “He is not silent in the affairs of men”. God knows what is going on in the open or behind closed doors. He knows how it will all end too.

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