Florida: Election Tampering, Vote Fraud (updating)

Tyler Behm, Reuters

Did Mitt Romney actually win the legal part of this election?

We are taking election tampering and fraud head on, featuring key states with the worst apparent offenses, head on, in running entries/threads. This is Florida.


This story was published on General Election Day, Nov. 6. It will be updated in Gulag very soon, but we will start here:

Certified GOP Poll Watchers Turned Away in Florida

Certified Republican poll watchers are being turned away [by poll judges] throughout Broward County, Florida. This Facebook postfrom one such poll watcher, Diane Sori spells it out very well.

Ok guys you are NOT going to believe this…at 5:30am I went to the poll I was assigned to to set-up signs and to start my duties as the poll watcher, which includes checking the tapes to make sure the tabulation machines start at zero. I brought all my documentation with me to prove my certification as poll watcher (my badge and official letter from the SOE certifying me as the poll watcher for said precinct).

I went to the clerk to sign in and showed her all my credentials at which point she said she did NOT have my name of the poll watchers roll. I said NO way, here’s my letter of certification directly from the SOE, and to please recheck the list and could I please see the list as maybe my name was spelled wrong, to which she replied NO! She then called the SOE office and asked whomever was on the other end what to do since my name was NOT on the list even though I had the official letter stating I was. She then snickered to whomever was on the other end, said I’m NOT on the list and if I do NOT leave the premises IMMEDIATELY that she would call the police to remove me!


Here are Diane Sori’s first hand reports (I’m looking through them myself now):

Voter fraud…I saw it firsthand

Day two as a poll watcher…and the nonsense continues

Early voting FRAUD…a sad reality

As an official poll watcher I was denied access to the polls

About Allen West: “Allen West vs. Patrick Murphy for Congress (FL) Outcome Unknown till Tuesday +

In the Miami Herald, November 11

Absentee vote fraud destroying Miami-Dade elections


Absentee vote fraud is undermining our elections

While campaigning at a senior citizen residence facility in Sweetwater during my recent race for state representative, several elderly voters mentioned that a person closely related to an important city official “handled” their absentee voting in that center. Some even said this person “voted for them.”

One angry voter pulled me aside discreetly to warn me that this politically connected person actually got the mailbox keys from the residents to access their ballots, and begged me to do something about it. Unfortunately, the person they identified was also openly working on behalf of my opponent.

Sadly, I wasn’t surprised. I had been hearing of these absentee irregularities for years. Like many others in our community, I knew that certain well known boleteras controlled blocs of absentee votes in Miami-Dade County mostly from elderly voters either too senile or too indifferent to care. And that these boleteras are available for hire.


To be continued


  1. I turned on the T.V. as the results were coming from just over 90% of Florida precincts. Romney was behind by about 18,000 votes (according to Fox). I remember thinking that the western tip of the Florida’s panhandle is actually in Central Standard Time (the rest of the state is in EST), so their results should be the last ones in. Anyone familiar with the area knows that, due to multiple military bases in the area, it’s heavily populated with military families. I assumed it would turn sharply for Romney at that time. According to the results, it went the other way. I smelled a BIG rat then, and nothing has happened since to make me think otherwise. The results defied logic, based on the demographics. Like nearly everything else in Obama’s tenure, there were far too many strange and unlikely ‘coincidences’ taking place. As usual, all you heard from the media were crickets.

    Time for someone to print ten million bumper stickers saying, “The Election Results Were A Fraud. Time To Demand A Re-Vote Using Paper Ballots – Tallied In Public.” Let’s make it a movement.

    For the record, I contacted the State Republican Party in FL last week to volunteer my help in dealing with the obviously fraudulent results of the election. I have yet to get a response. Did I mention that I don’t like Republicans?

    • What you are incorrectly assuming is that all Military families will vote for Romney. 50% of active duty and veteran military support Romney 42% Obama and 8% undecided. That is of the last poll i saw. That leaves a lot of wiggle room and perhaps that area simply had more democrats in the area? So because something did not end up the way you (who I am pretty sure is no expert in politics) want it to you scream fraud? The only ones calling this a fraud are the FAR right wing nut jobs the rest of the real republicans are trying to separate themselves from and you say you dont like these people?

      • Sam – Consider this scenario: the country somehow gets through the next four years with a Marxist president and survives with the Constitution intact (unlikely, but humor me here). The people are so fed up with these failed socialist policies that they elect an Evangelical, hard right Christian for president. The vote is close, however, and there are reports of rampant voter fraud in his favor. So answer this question – will the voter fraud matter to you then? Or are you like every other Progressive, and support Alinsky’s ‘the ends justify the means’ mantra? Because at some point down the road, you end getting hanged by the same rope you used to hang us. Read your history. Remember – ignorance is bliss, right up until the time someone representing the government knocks on your door at 4am. Then it becomes reality. And by the way, whatever polls you saw regarding military votes were dead wrong. Stay away from Media Matters. You have a brain – use it.

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