Moscow Congratulates Obama: Relieved at Not Having to Deal With Romney

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has congratulated US President Barack Obama on his re-election victory, while expressing relief that Moscow will not have to deal with the Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

From Kremlin propaganda station Russia Today:

“Congratulations!” Medvedev tweeted in English to Barack Obama, who emerged victorious in a tight race against Mitt Romney.

Obama is an understandable and predictable partner,” Medvedev told reporters on Wednesday. “Obama has been a quite successful president.”

Meanwhile, the Russian premier expressed his relief that Republican candidate Mitt Romney, known for his anti-Russia outbursts on the campaign trail, had lost the election.

“I am glad that the man who calls Russia its No. 1 foe will not be the president of this large and influential state,” Medvedev said. “That is paranoid.”

Moscow and Washington, which declared a “reset” in relations in 2009, are working to overcome a number of bilateral hurdles, including the NATO missile defense system in Eastern Europe, which Russia views as a threat to its national security, as well as how to resolve the years-long Syrian conflict.

Dmitry Peskov, the Russian leader’s press secretary, told reporters that President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory message to Barack Obama, together with an invitation to visit Moscow in 2013.

President Obama, who has worked with pro-Moscow, anti-US military activists such as Frank Marshall Davis, Alice Palmer and the Communist Party USA most of his life.

Now we will see the “flexibility” that Obama promised Mr. Medvedev in the infamous “hot mike” incident in Korea in March.

President Obama may be about to give Russia and its allies a potentially fatal advantage against their main target, the United States of America.

Obama cries “peace,” but he is leading the world to war. A war that Moscow and its allies in Beijing, Tehran, Havana, Pyongyang, Caracas, Managua and the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan, have a very good chance of winning.


  1. our comrades are always looking out for us…

  2. so a country that we have been at relatively good graces with for a while now does not want someone elected who would cause trouble for our relationship? SHOCKER! Romney spoke out of line and without common sense when he made that statement showing he has no understanding of Foreign Policies. Please for the live of God lets put a capable candidate in the running next time.

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