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From Patriot Alan Vera who needs patriots in WI, OH, PA & VA:

Alan V

Another Stolen Election???

The popular vote results reported by the respective secretaries of state of the key swing states last night are a little more than suspect. The concession by Mr. Romney and the GOP was, at best, premature. The election results are not official until the party electors meet to vote the electoral votes in each state. There is time to take action.

Election Data Is Highly Suspicious

The University of Colorado Department of Political Science Electoral Vote projection is the most accurate presidential election model in our history. They were the only source that correctly called the 1980 Reagan/Carter results. They have correctly modeled every presidential election since with their projected electoral totals never off by more than 1%.

Their method is not a standard political poll process. They include surveys, but those are only 1 of many variables in a complex algorithm that includes key economic, employment and social measures. They build their models state by state to assure sufficient granularity for top accuracy. It is mathematically possible that statistical error could cause them to incorrectly project ONE state. But it is mathematically impossible for them to incorrectly project more than one. Their 2012 model projected Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia for the Romney/Ryan ticket. The results reported by those secretaries of state were different.

Add to this the survey data showing the Democrat ticket losing support from 2008 among Blacks, Jews, Catholics and Independents, and the results reported for the above-named states are mathematically impossible.

An army of trained poll watchers/election observers kept a lid on fraud in voter registrations and at the ballot boxes in all the key states. While there is no way these volunteers could have stopped 100% of the fraud, all reports are that they kept it at or below “normal” levels. That means that the discrepancies between scientifically generated data and the election results reported were most likely generated behind the scenes under the auspices of the secretaries of state involved.

The George Soros Secretary of State Project

This leads us to an organized program of election corruption underwritten by George Soros. Date: 11/7/2012 6:19:08 AM
  • Worked to help Democrats get elected to the office of Secretary of State in selected swing, or battleground, states
  • Received funding from Democracy Alliance members George Soros and Rob Stein, among many others
  • Became moribund in 2010
    The Secretary of State Project (SoSP) was established in July 2006 as an independent “527” organization devoted to helping Democrats get elected to the office of secretary-of-state in selected swing, or battleground, states; these were states where the margin of victory in the 2004 presidential election (between George W. Bush and John Kerry) had been 120,000 votes or less.1 One of the principal duties of the secretary of state is to serve as the chief election officer who certifies candidates as well as election results in his or her state.2 The holder of this office, then, can potentially play a key role in determining the winner of a close election.
    SoSP’s co-founders were Democracy Alliance member Michael Kieschnick (who also founded Working Assets and serves as a board member of the leftist evangelical group Sojourners); Becky Bond (who also had affiliations with Working Assets and the New Organizing Institute); and James Rucker (who co-founded Color of Change and formerly served as director of grassroots mobilization for Political Action and Civic Action).



Citizen Activists of Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia must immediately contact their respective state GOP party, and (if possible) the slate of GOP electors who were chosen at their state party conventions this past year.

These two groups have legal standing in the respective states to legally challenge the results reported by the Secretary of State. The presidential voting was not for the president/vice president ticket. The voting was for the electors pledged to vote for the ticket in December. Romney/Ryan didn’t lose last night. The electors pledged to them in each of the key states were robbed of their election.

There’s time to have a recount observed by trained election observers and representatives of the parties. There’s time to get a look at the actual results of the voting in each of the key states.

Somebody from each state needs to step forward and run with this. Let me know if you need any advice.


(Please contact Alan via the PolitiJim contact page)



  1. The Chicago Way, to win a presidential or for that matter any election. First obtain a current voter registration roll, fill out the applications, and send away and request absentee ballots, fill them in with your candidate of choice, and submit them for counting.

    Apparently, a couple that lived in Forest Park, a city of approximately 19,000 residents in the Northern suburbs of Cincinnati Ohio, showed up on Tuesday to vote at the polls, like they have done, since they became of age to vote when they both turned 18. After waiting in line, they were both told when it was their turn to vote, that they had already cast their vote. The couple said that they had never voted absentee,and wanted to know how something like this could possibly have happened.

    Precinct officials told them that they could fill out a provisional ballot, which they did, and before long, a number of other voters were told the exact same thing.They were also told that they would need to fill out an absentee ballot as well. Eventually, voting official told them all that the mistake was due to a human error, and anyone else that found themselves in a similar situation, would have to cast a provisional ballot.

    What they did not know, and what they were not told, was that in Ohio, provisional ballots are not counted until ten (10) days after the election. In other words, they were deprived of their Constitutional right to vote, for the candidate of their choice. With so many reports of voter fraud, especially in Ohio, the only way to be certain that all of the votes that were cast, were cast for the citizen’s choice of candidate, is to verify each vote, both absentee and in person.

    The obvious next question is, how many other states were robbed of a citizen’s right to cast a vote, for the candidate of their choice? The simplicity of voter fraud by requesting absentee ballots like in the case in Ohio is obviously easy to replicate in other states. With the dramatic importance on the outcome of this presidential election, absolutely every vote cast,both in person and through absentee ballot, must be verified.

    If all of the votes cast in Ohio are verified, as they most definitely should be, and if voter fraud is proven to be rampant, as I suspect that it most likely will be, all of the other key swing states must have every vote verified as well. There is sufficient time to do so, and there is nothing more important in America other than to insure that a citizen’s vote is cast by that citizen for the candidate of their choice, and not written in by someone else illegally.

    The American people must demand that the votes in Ohio, are all verified to be a true reflection of the citizen’s choice of candidate. If fraud is proven, then all of the swing states must have their ballots verified as well. Obama’s win at the polls made little sense, he turned off far too many voter blocks, to have won in this presidential race.

    What’s truly amazing is that late last night, Fox News announced that Ohio went to Obama, with only 70 precincts reporting and a 900 vote differencial in Obama’s favor. It certainly appears that Fox News is in the tank with Obama, as are all of the other main line media. What about all of the cast provisional votes, could they not add up to more than 900 votes?

    The truth will set us free, lies will keep us imprisoned, and if Obama is allowed to remain in power, it should be because of the will of the American people, and not because of the “Chicago Way!

  2. What about FL? I voted after a obviously mentally impaired lady who had someone else vote for her. No way she would know who or what she was voting for.

  3. Here in FL there are people registered to vote, that don’t live in the precinct. The voter registration list has to be verified to make sure that the voters live at the address they provided.

  4. “I’m serving in Afgahnistan now and we did everything we could to vote. Of course we got screwed over too and didn’t get to. Nobody got to vote at all. FACT!”

    – From a hero’s Facebook page

  5. Secy of State Project has been dead for over a year.

    We have an R SoS in Ohio now. The writer of this article needs to do his homework.

    • The soldier was right about them not getting to vote.
      Doesn’t matter who the sos is if these men and women are denied their right to vote. I read several articles on this that stated a variety of reasons why they were not able to have their vote counted. This is so wrong. They are risking their lives and this county denies them one of their basis rights? They should be at the head of the line when the votes are counted, not at the tail end. Absentee voting rules should not apply to the military. We need to change this NOW.

  6. What Gabe Zolna says: “is true”. A close family member went to vote and was told she all ready voted and she told them she didn’t vote and there was fraud involved. She was told she could fill out a provisional ballot, which she did, and was told the mistake was due to human error. I find this very interesting since she voted for Romney and Pennsylvania also rejected the voter id law. I also find in strange that Romney won in Franklin county but lost the state as a whole. We still use paper ballots in Franklin county. I thought it only happened to her, now I know it was a fraud by Obama.

  7. After the election is over, it is known who voted, because they had to check in at the polling place. On the voter roll is the voter’s address. Everyone who voted needs to be contacted after the election and informed that they voted. That way, people who DIDN’T vote would receive notification that their name had been used to cast a vote, and they could take action. There’s no credit report equivalent for voting, but your identity can be stolen for voting just as easily as it can for stealing money… there’s just no way currently to find out if someone voted in your place, although it would be easy enough to do (especially if ID was required at every poll).

  8. MITT ROMNEY LOST!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!

    • Actually…. he did not. We have evidence of voter fraud and hundreds of thousands of ballots not counted.





  9. I do not live in one of the states in question. I live in TN. Romney had a blowout here. He won by a very wide margin. That alone tells me something smells fishy in other states. I wish each of you good luck in your endeavor to challenge the results in the aforementioned states.


      Yes, Mike. I too lived in Tennessee for ten years. Most people want to get paid for what they do not what they can get for nothing, I now live in Florida where the reality is that most feel that twenty percent of the vote was fictitious but have no authority to change the corruptness of our country. Maybe we should form a new country, buy and Island or just give up and allow the mediocre mental midgets to keep making decisions for the rest of us. What are you going to do.?


  10. This is the post that I made for social media sites: I added Florida as well in recent light of the GOp loss there when it should have been a win.

    CALLING ALL CITIZEN ACTIVISTS of Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Virginia!!! Your help is needed now!


    Governor Scott Walker Wisconsin
    Office of Governor Scott Walker
    115 East Capitol
    Madison, WI 53702
    (608) 266-1212

    Office of Governor Rick Scott
    State of Florida
    The Capitol
    400 S. Monroe St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
    (850) 488-7146

    Governor Tom Corbett Pennsylvania (Regional office)
    Director: Mary Ann Eisenreich
    301 5th Avenue, Room 240
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    (412) 412-565-5700

    Ohio Governor
    Governor John Kasich
    Riffe Center, 30th Floor
    77 South High Street
    Columbus, OH 43215-6117
    Phone: (614) 466-3555

    Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell
    Mailing Address:
    Office of the Governor
    Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
    1111 East Broad Street
    Richmond, Virginia 23219
    Phone Numbers:
    Office: (804) 786-2211
    Fax: (804) 371-6351
    TTY/TDD (For the deaf or hard-of-hearing):
    1-800-828-1120, or 711

    Ohio Secretary of State
    (614) 466-2585
    (877) SOS-OHIO (767-6446) x2
    TTY: (614) 728-3295
    TTY Toll-free: (877) TTY-OHIO (889-6446)

    WISCONSIN Secretary Of StateThe Office of the Secretary of State
    P.O. Box 7848
    Madison, WI 53707 – 7848
    608-266-8888, then press 3

    Virginia Secretary Of State
    Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
    1111 East Broad Street, 4th Floor
    Richmond, Virginia 23219
    (804) 786-2441
    Fax: (804) 371-0017

    FLORIDA (In recent light of the state going to Obama)
    Secretary of State Telephone 850.245.6500 Fax 850.245.6125 TDD Line 850.245.6096 Florida Relay Service (TDD) 800.955.8771 Email

    PA Secretary of State- Carol Aichele: Contact information

    Capitol Address:
    Pennsylvania Secretary of State Office
    302 North Office Building
    Harrisburg, PA 17120
    Phone: (717) 787-6458
    Fax: (717) 787-1734



      Good information but how can we force change? i am not here to give the route to remove the corrupt administrations as I do not know the answer either. I am looking for real solutions to the problems not some method to add more back pocket millions to the idiots who only care about themselves. Help! Looking for a solution for the democrats, republicans and independents who only care about the future for their families, friends and children. I am originally from PA but too many idiots live there as in the rest of the country who can not think for themselves. The education system is corrupt, the takers are larger than the providers. ”What is the solution?


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