America Holds its Breath, Election Day

Against all Enemies

On this Election Day, America collectively holds its breath.

On one side, we have a segment of the populace who desire government to provide them with all their needs.  A segment who wants to be free from personal responsibility.  A segment who wants to be free from any presence of the Christian God in the fabric of our nation.  A segment who desires our nation to be more like the rest of the world.  A segment who believes that the ends justify the means, an ends that is nebulous and undefined, but just known as “hope.”  A segment who justifies murder by claiming protection of individual privacy and right to personal choice.  A segment who believes that speech should only be free if it supports the desired ends.  A segment who deals with evil by legalizing and normalizing it.  A segment that believes truth comes from man and our rights come from the government.  A segment who sees a crisis as an opportunity to obtain more power

On the other side, we have a segment of the populace who desires limited government so that individual liberties are protected.  A segment who believes that each citizen is responsible for his/her actions.  A segment that believes that the Christian God is an essential requirement for the fabric of America. A segment that believes in the sovereignty of our nation.  A segment who believes that the way we do something is as important than the ends we seek to achieve.  A segment who believes that the right to life is not trumped by a right to privacy.    A segment who believes in the right to free speech, even if we may find that speech hateful or repulsive.  A segment who confronts evil.  A segment who believes that truth and rights come from our Creator.  A segment who sees a crisis as a call to do the right thing

These two positions are at their very core irreconcilable, and the emotions of both camps have been extensively whipped up by their respective leaders.  Opponents have been dehumanized and portrayed as “zombies” worthy of eradication.  Fear and hate are palpable in America.

How did we get here?

America failed to abide in our Constitution and in the Creator of heaven and earth.  We failed to safeguard the form of government and liberties it provides, having neglected our duty as citizens of this nation.  At our founding, We The People were sovereign.  But we have stood by while our government has steadily taken it away from us.  We have believed that through human effort our government can make a more perfect society.  We have convinced ourselves that America could not become like Nazi Germany or Rwanda where citizens commit mass murder and atrocities against their fellow citizens.  We have therefore sat idly by, sedated and distracted with music, movies, sports, and medication pretending that there is no problem, and if there is a problem, it will sort itself out.

As a result or our indifference, leaders of both parties have been guilty of taking us down a very dangerous path.  Both parties have involved us in unnecessary wars.  Both parties have bankrupted our nation by increasing our national debt to the point where it may be mathematically impossible to repay.  Both parties have passed legislation that infringe on our liberties.  Both parties have sought ways to circumvent the Constitution–and succeeded in doing so. Both parties have worked to undermine the sovereignty of our nation in favor of globalism.

Is our government doing things to us, or for us?

If We The People do not change the course of our nation quickly and restore our sovereignty, we may never be able to.

But are we already be too late?  George Washington instructed us that our nation depends upon morals and religion to function properly.  Without these two elements, it is doubtful that our Constitutional Republic can survive.  Have our morals already become so debased, and God removed so completely from our thoughts and actions, that our republic can no longer function as designed?  Perhaps we should just accept that our debauched culture now needs a dictator to keep it in line.  Perhaps we should rejoin the culture of the rest of the world, the very same world that many of our forefathers rejected by leaving everything behind and coming to an America where they could be more free.

After America, there is nowhere left to go.  Once America’s freedom is gone, that’s it.

We Americans, as every people of the world, get the government we deserve.  What kind of government do you think we deserve?  If it’s not what you see now, then get out there and work to change it.  Wake up, pull your head out of the sand, contemplate our situation as a nation, and act.  Your life and your children’s lives depend upon what you do this day, and every day after.

The bottom line is this: the battle for the future of America is not in Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen or Libya.  The battle is in America.  Put on the full armor of God and march to the sounds of the guns.

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