What’s so bad about a Marxist president?

What’s so bad about a president who’s a Marxist with a close working relationship with Islamists?

That seems to be what half of Americans are asking today. Of course, neo-Marxist controlled media and education help a lot – also a great portion of church leadership.

Redemption or judgment — or just more and more warfare — we will see.

“Demotivational poster” from 2008


  1. I can tell you what is wrong, because I live in a country with one.

    The first thing they do is guarantee that they will never leave power. They hire thousands of leftist public employees who turn every government organization into a branch of the party. Promotions and hirings are determined by political affiliation.

    They create all kinds of laws in order to undermine individual initiative and subordinate all sectors of the economy to the government. Only friends get grants and loans.

    They start huge food stamps and dole programs so people will always vote on the left, because they fear losing their dole money.

    They create “social” censorship of the press and give public money to newspapers and blogs which support the government and leftist ideas. They distribute public money in incentives to the production of movies and plays that celebrate communism. They take over the curricula of schools in order to indoctrinate children on gay sex, political correctedness and marxism.

    In summary, you will only get ahead in life if you are a buddy of the party, willing to play the game. If you are an honest, conservative citizen, you will work like a dog and pay 40% of what you make in taxes to be stolen by corrupt officials.

    This is not fiction, this all is happening in Brazil today.

    • Thank you, Marcus. Please keep the faith. We are headed into the potential for worldwide economic collapse, though they may try to shield the BRICS nations nations. We’re all in this together, now.

      God bless you,

  2. Thomas Peterffy – Freedom To Succeed

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