SEALS Join 500 Generals & Admirals Pleading Voters for Romney

First, the newspaper ad in this morning’s Washington Times, signed by over five hundred retired generals and admirals (pdf copy here). PJ Media carries the story, told by former Naval aviator Carl Smith, of how this ad developed. This cropped image of it comes courtesy of The Blaze:

Next from retired Navy SEALS on the gross Trust Deficit with the Obama administration. Just think of all that SEALS, retired SEALS, and murdered SEALS have had to contend with, from their treasonous “Commander in Chief” and his Muslim Brotherhood-connected allies.

As shown in the Noisy Room:

And the new video, “Strong America” demonstrates the devastating defense cuts coming up under Obama. Much but not all of this was schemed up in the overall budget sequester process foisted upon Congress by Obama and his fellow neo-Marxist, former CIA Director and present Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta.

As with all efforts to get the reality of conditions in America and our government to the voter, these are greatly hindered by the Marxstream media. And as in so many other cases, it is up to us to get the message to them, even now, despite  the rigged gatekeeping.

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