Ty Woods’ Family, on Obama Ordering his Son be Allowed to Die

Charles Woods is the father of Ty Woods, one of the two U.S. security personnel who defied orders in the attempt to save U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, as he suffocated alone, from murderous arson. As did Glenn Doherty, Ty manned a machine gun position on the top of a nearby building, in a very hot firefight. Woods actually “painted” a mortar target with laser sighting, hoping there were an U.S. military aircraft above, to fire upon it. There was none.

Putative president, Barack Obama has declared he told U.S. military to do whatever they could do to save lives. But according to multiple reports, he manifestly belied his claim and he belayed that order, if ever it was issued. Instead, he ordered the murder to continue, unabated on U.S. soil.

Here is Charles Woods, given time last night to reflect upon this astounding reality brought into his life, as a father, as a lawyer and former judge, as a Sovereign United States Citizen with the right and need to know, and as one infused with the life of Christ. He is compelled from his heart in love, to forgive not only a friend, but every enemy as well, in whatever quarter – even if the enemy is in the White House. His children also honor both father and son – and Father and Son, with their testimony.

So help us God, there will be more and more evidence coming to light, of our domestic as well as foreign enemies. We must all fight them with all necessary moral and legal means, even while forgiving them, whatever it is our duty as Citizens to do with them.

Much has been discovered, for example and more will be made known of the connections between the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and David Petraeus, to Muslim Brotherhood and a corrupted NATO – and perhaps, Russia, or Saudi Arabia.

Can we all “walk and chew gum?” Sovereign God will honor our work for thorough civil justice, including punishment where due, and at the same time, personal forgiveness. He will judge us, if we fail on either hand.

h/t: Phyllis Ford

For what we have told already, see Gulag Bound tag below: Benghazi.


  1. Double check, I think Mr. Woods’ first name is Charles.

  2. My condolences to the Woods Family.

    Obama and Biden have been criminally indicted by citizensgrandjury.com to answer for their previous atrocities. Let us pray Justice will prevail so we can end this madness.


  3. The attack was not an attack upon “U.S. soil”, as you claim.

    U.S. Embassies are NOT U.S. soil. That is a misconception.

    Besides, the attack was upon a Consulate facility, not an “embassy”.

    You can’t even get basic facts correctly.

    • Carson,

      Under international law which all member nations are bound, embassies and consulate facilities are both the sovereign territory of the represented state. In fact, that is why political refuges and foreign visitors charged with crimes seek immediate refuge within their own embassy or other sympathetic state’s embassy. The host state cannot enter the premises and seize property or persons nor can they confiscate state documents and communique from goverment/diplomatic officials outside the walls of the embassies without the action being considered an invasion of sovereign borders and national interests.

  4. I beg to differ:

    “Contrary to popular belief, diplomatic missions do not enjoy full extraterritorial status and are not sovereign territory of the represented state.

    Rather, the premises of diplomatic missions remain under the jurisdiction of the host state while being afforded special privileges (such as immunity from most local laws) by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Diplomats themselves still retain full diplomatic immunity, and (as an adherent to the Vienna Convention) the host country may not enter the premises of the mission without permission of the represented country. The term “extraterritoriality” is often applied to diplomatic missions, but only in this broader sense.

    As the host country may not enter the representing country’s embassy without permission, embassies are sometimes used by refugees escaping from either the host country or a third country. For example, North Korean nationals, who would be arrested and deported from China upon discovery, have sought sanctuary at various third-country embassies in China. Once inside the embassy, diplomatic channels can be used to solve the issue and send the refugees to another country. ”


    As an aside, I note that Tyrone Woods was revealed to be a CIA contractor and not a State Dept contractor as originally claimed.

    I also note that Tyrone’s mother had a completely different take on the meeting with the members of the Obama Admin. The Father characterized them as cold, indifferent, and heartless…the Mother characterized them as being just the opposite.

    I think it’s clear that the Father, a self-professed fan of Glenn Beck, is motivated by rank partisanship and by personal contempt for Obama that pre-existed his son’s death.

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