Let ‘Sandy’ Remind us to Pray for All the Nation at Election Time

Sandy, NASA photo

There may be significant loss of life during storm “Sandy.” Each weak, about 2,300 innocent Americans are murdered in the womb.

There will be a great deal of property damage during this storm. Consider the much greater share of property institutionally robbed of Americans, through excessive expenditures, Agenda 21 oriented regulations, Federal Reserve interest, debt repayment to foreign banks, and so many manners of corruption. It all results in a massive robbery of opportunity, for those in need.

Let Sandy be a reminder to pray for its potential victims – and for our entire nation, so deeply flooded in it’s many corrupt, thieving, authoritarian ways. These ways are very anti-American. They carry destructive influences to other nations as well as our own. (E.g., the UN, IMF, CFR, Planned Parenthood, etc. are in large part American concoctions, in large part funded by Americans.)

Beyond this is the creeping or very potential and impending loss of national sovereignty, to such imperialistic entities – and the potential loss of our Popular Sovereignty, and of Western Civilization, itself.

Beyond this is the critical condition of the heart of every present and future American, and the Eternity that is at stake.

Pray, yes and let us remember, God honors our prayers coupled with our personal investments.


  1. Latest Liberal Election Ad Contains Threats Of Violence Against Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney


    Notify the Secret Service ASAP!!!

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