Update: Julie Borowski CLEANS UP on Lena Dunham

Updated below – original post, 10-27, 10:17pm CT

Julie Borowski

Poor Miss Dunham doesn’t know what’s hitting her.

Hint for Lena: (it’s called… reality).

First, Dunham’s Obama ad nauseam:


Next, Julie the truth Borowski:


Somehow, one can tell the difference between the little neo-Marxist dupe and the authentic Americanist without even hearing them. I think it has to do with the clarity of the eye and definiteness of manner.

G-o-o-o-o   J u l i e

That’s Julie Borowski’s second appearance in Gulag, her first is found here, scrolling down.


I received this in my inbox, from “Clo Ewing, BarackObama.com” <info@barackobama.com> at 2:01pm CT, today.

I believe it would demonstrate the following:

  1. The Obama-Biden campaign is directly at the helm of using this demeaning, misogynistic, and essentially depraved advertising — just as they were at the helm concerning the Benghazi attack and the abandonment of those murdered and injured in it.
  2. They have become desperate, apparently, to turn out their key constituencies.
  3. Among these key constituencies, in their view, are fools.
  4. “There’s no fool like an old fool.” Barack Obama and Joe Biden are marketing this sexually active and ostensibly unmarried adolescent’s whispers of innuendo to men of mature age.

Addendum: I have no knowledge of the specifics of Julie Browski’s views on the ontological and anthropological absurdity of the misnomer, “gay marriage,” but this entry would in no way recommend such a cruel delusion.


  1. Ok lets add this up
    1) Obama is for MORE homosexuality.
    2) He is for MORE socialism.
    3) He is for MORE government control over our lives.
    4) He is for MORE Gay Marriages.
    5) Obama is for MORE debt.
    6) Obama is for MORE immorality.
    7) Obama is for MORE ABORTIONS!

    8) he is helping the Radical Islam arm itself against God’s chosen Nation Isreal.

    Voting for Obama is like loosing your Viginity to Satan!

  2. And from the elderly of the Obamunist:(and perhaps demonized) sector:

    All Class: Ad Vows to ‘C*ck Punch’ Mitt Romney – Viewer Discretion Advised


  3. And don’t forget the children. Obamunist Democrats must corrupt and abuse from childhood onward:

    Creepy: Children Sing Obama’s Negative Messaging in New Ad


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