Donald Trump: $5M if Obama Releases Oddly Secret Records

Some say Barack Obama lost his U.S. Citizenship when he was registered in school, in Indonesia (as a Muslim child).

Some say he’s been a spook (i.e., covert agent) of Soviet Russia.

Some say he’s a spook for the CIA.

Some say (I do) that for all we know, all of the above could be true and more.

Trump has given him a deal, alien or spook? — deadline at sunset on Halloween.


Video “From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement

When I first caught a retweet (TY, @franmcc14) the video had 321 views. What do you think it will get in the next 24 hours?

In all sobriety, we the Sovereign People of the United States of America have the right and duty to know the eligibility, background, allegiances, and involvements of our president. In the nuclear age, we owe it to the world, to vet the Commander in Chief.

Barack Obama, release all your passport and college records.

The press release issued by Mr. Trump (click twice, to enlarge):

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