Debate 3: Obama Channeled President Richard Nixon?

Last Monday night was marked by one of the weirdest continuing expressions of disdain and anger that I had ever observed from an incumbent US ‘president’ toward his opponent candidate.  The visage locked into Obama’s face was one of derision and contempt for Governor Mitt Romney who–despite prodding from both Obama and moderator Schieffer–had refused to fall into another tag-team trap on Libya.  Each time Romney refused to take the bait and instead relayed Obama‘s failures to our country in multiple areas, Obama’s facial demeanor became angrier and–with each passing moment–seemed more unstable.  Note:  Yes.  I would have appreciated watching soon-to-be President-elect Romney tear Obama asunder over the seemingly planned deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi.  However, as the debate progressed he did so in other areas…and quite artfully.  I believe his strategy worked.

As Obama then began to smile inappropriately and uncomfortably, look to Schieffer for assistance and then make increasingly condescending and sophomoric remarks to Romney about the US military, his eyes starkly and instantly reminded me of another man who had held the office of president of the United States many years before.  The narrowing of Obama’s eyes and his contemptuous look seemed identical to my recollection of the other.

When President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal was being investigated by Congress,  I had just barely begun my career in business.  However, I remember well that everyone’s office TVs were tuned to the Watergate hearings and that the mood of the country was one of anxiety.  This sort of publicly aired pre-prosecution of a sitting US president was a first in US history.  However, as others have also pointed out, unlike the Obama syndicate’s latest scandal of the Benghazi assassinations of American citizens (deaths that Obama referred to on Jon Stewart’s comedy show as “not optimal”) no one died because of Watergate.

The thing that struck me the most about Obama’s performance in the third presidential candidates’ debate was that Obama seriously looked and–during large portions of the debate–seemed a bit unhinged.  He actually looked and sounded like a thoroughly unqualified and ill-prepared candidate to Romney’s presidential demeanor.  This performance was truly “non-optimal” for any US president.  And, by the way, watch Nixon’s and Obama’s eyes in the provided videos below.  The expressions seem to be identical and I have to wonder when Obama will be forced–if ever–to give his own “I am not a crook” speech.  I, for one, hope and pray it’s soon.

As has been written multiple times before, the 2012 elections are the most important in our history since the United States of America was founded.  These elections will determine whether we want the chance to restore our Republic and liberty or if we have chosen bondage leading to profound slavery.  At this juncture, it is still our choice.  But, if we do not vote wisely and in numbers never before seen in our history, we could lose it all.  Liberty or slavery?  Doesn’t seem like a tough choice…does it?  May God be with us as a country and His people.

Richard Nixon – “I’m not a crook”:


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