Islamist Victory & Obama’s Attacks on the States & US Citizens

As The Obama and his ObamaCourts ratchet up their fight against the US States and We-the-People, the beasts in the White House (aka Obama & Co) continue their fight against America and all humans.

In his latest anti-US comments, Obama first supports the Islamist Victory Mosque (and probable terrorist training center), then slightly alters it when the hue and cry from We-the-People becomes too loud for his Marxist minions.  Then, The Obama changes his stance–once again–and returns to his original support.  When Islam wishes to claim dominance over a people, it builds an elaborate mosque to its god Allah.  In his article “Ground Zero Mosque Represents Conquest for Islamic Jihadists,” Justin Quinn

World Trade Center crater, center; proposed Muslim center, red box

correctly writes:  “As far back as the Ottoman Empire, Islamic rulers made a habit of converting Christian churches, monasteries and chapels into mosques” and “the proponents of the Ground Zero mosque won’t tell you that the erection of mosques traditionally symbolizes victory over the enemies of Islam.”  Note: Obama won’t tell you that, either.

Because of Obama’s continually shifting positions there is no telling where he stands on anything–except that from his actions we know he’s against the USA, its Constitution and We-the-People.  On that we can firmly rely.  Also, please remember that Islam has little to do with “religion” as generally understood.  Islam is first and foremost a governmental/political system of regional and, ultimately, world domination (Caliphate) that also presents a convenient Islam-supporting religion called Muslim or Moslem.  It is not–as some would falsely have us believe–‘another form of worshiping the God of Abraham’.  Note: The God of Abraham is worshipped solely by Jews and Christians; the two classes of humans that Islam hates the most.

On The Obama’s pro-illegal immigration and open southern border stance, it has now been confirmed that the Mexican drug cartels are entering the USA from Mexico freely–as are Hezbollah and other Islamist terrorists.  Yet, The Obama and his willing and collaborating DOJ head Eric Holder are now engaged in suing Arizona and soon every other US State that disagrees with them; as they attempt to enact their own anti-illegal immigration laws because Obama & Co refuse to do so.  Instead, Dictator and Usurper Obama and his DOJ are illegally siding with Mexico and Central and South American States against Arizona!  This is simply an additional High Treason (siding with a foreign government against the United States of America)  being enacted against our country by The Obama–the consummate illegal alien.  And still no elected official will bring this charge to the forefront of the American public forum.

As long as he can continue to get away with the destruction of the USA, there is no stopping Obama-the-destroyer.  And, thus far, no one is doing so.  Instead, the Marxist Democrats consistently side with Pelosi and Obama on said destruction.  These Democrats and their RINO buddies must be removed from Congress for We-the-People to return to our rightful place of power and control over our own country and our own lives.  Then, after we have (God-willing) removed his power base by voting in those who believe in our Republic and Constitution, we must turn out the Obama from any power position in OUR country and return him to his rightful country; whether it is Kenya or Indonesia.  Either We-the-People survive or Obama and his Marxists do.  It really is that simple.

Obama’s 3rd comment on Supporting ‘right’ for Ground Zero Mosque:

Terrorists enter USA freely (photos and videos):

Ground Zero Mosque Represents Conquest for Islamic Jihadists:

Obama Sides With Mexico Against America:


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  1. I am boiling over with all this info that I know is true about obama. the zombies who follow him around screaming every time he flashes his dentures make me wonder if they have minds or are just controlled by somebody pushing a button somewhere there was no news on tv or otherwise about the gathering at the empire state bldg for not commemorating Blessed Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday celebration they were requested to shine her colors, blue and white, on that one day She did more for the poor and down trodden than that bunch of wierdos in the white house will ever even think about doing the ground zero mosque is the end of the road for this country that so many of our militaty have died for that mosque is spit in the face of real Americans and that lets out anybody in the white house well here goes i spit on them and maybe my spit is too good for them God help us all only our God can save us now because it looks like the people and i mean real Americans do not have a BACKBONE.

  2. JTFG, thak you for your comments. Let’s not despair, nor be spiteful (or spitful). There is too much to do, to correct the trajectory. Please see the entries under “Solutions” in GulagBound — and the Patriot’s Handbook listed at the top.

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