Trevor Loudon: An Urgent Message for America: Please Help This Go Viral

New Zeal

I recorded this video a couple of weeks ago. It is my message to America. In it, I attempt to explain the global implications of the upcoming US elections.

This election is the most crucial in modern American history. It is not primarily about jobs and economics, it is about national security and, to be blunt, national survival.

America, and indeed the entire Western World, faces destruction if communist sympathizer Barack Obama is returned to office.

This video is being distributed all over the United States. Please watch it, and if you agree with the basic ideas expressed, send it out through your networks, to as many people as you can, conservative, liberal, undecided, it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes it takes an outside view to clarify important matters. I hope this message will serve that purpose.

From a very grateful New Zealander.



  1. What he is doing we know and we see! MSNBC,NBC,60minutes,abc,cbs,nbc,today show,moring joe and even the view,whro,whroworld and PBS are helping him ! Many military have already gave a message to America..the thing is that people of some think : it can’t happen here in America ” well it is ,its been. Sneaking in for years and its here full blown! IF he is not stopped we will lose america and all other countries and ISrael. He is down grading our weapons,he is giving billions,trillions of. Taxpayers dollars away saying to created jobs the solendra and the oothe. Took trillions all together and fleed and then file bankrupcy . We know who he is within as Bin Laden said we will be hit within as obama had nothing to do with killing Bin Laden! He was nowhere but gulfing as our navy seals ,gates,Maj army sgrt,intelligence went behind obamas back kept him out of the loop because he rejested 3 times in doing an ordder to kill bin laden so, they had to do this in secert as the NAVY SEAL GOT over pakistan boarder it was only then that obama was found. At the gulf course to tell him that an order was signe to kill bin laden.Obama went on national tv and leaked it the names the direction and how it was done….the navy seals team 6 had to make a beat line and fast in the matters of minutes to get out. These navy seals lives and their family are in danger as obama gave there names out.not soon after we lost 23 top of line navy seals,11 speacial task force and intelligence as getting ready to land who was blown away..who leake that ? Obama is within !

    • Mr. Loudon,
      THANK YOU for being BLUNT AND BOLD. It is sobering truth like this that hopefully will be a much needed wake-up call to the American populace. What happens in the upcoming election will either open the gates of hell or heaven upon our nation. I think that few realize the depth of destiny for our great nation in respect to this election. God help us!


    • Thanks to Twitter, Mr. Loudon’s video found me. The U.S. lives in such a protected bubble, that probably people in the backwoods of any country have more media information than we get in a lifetime. Growing up in the 1950’s I remember watching Russia’s PM Khrushchev pound his shoe on a table at the U.N. screaming “We will bury you from within.” And, I have watched the communists infiltrate and takeover every public sector, legislative/judicial branch, the schools and attack every church from within. With five minutes of vetting in 2007, I knew who Obama was — GOD’S JUDGEMENT upon the U.S. Let’s face it, America is not mentioned in end-time biblical prophecy, and now we know why. Slaughtering mega millions of babies here and around the world alone, demands judgement. Now is the time to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind. A famous competitive surfer once said he loved the sport so much because “You are never more real, than when you might die.” Thank you Jesus, that for now we in the U.S. are still free to pursue you, but the time is coming when……….

  2. Thank You Mr. Loudon! We are doing everything possible to save FREEDOM for the world.

  3. Hello from your old Texas friends. Will post this on our Facebook page. Keep up the great work!

  4. Finally all makes sense, including why big daddy Panetta can play psych games with his being the one who made the call on UBL rather than O – O is the mentored marxist and P & co have been at it since out of the 1940s, are the very ones who gave birth to red-diaper O. In fact, it now becomes much more clear why California, too, is infested with leftists… America simply must wake up…

  5. Mr. Loudon, Thank you for all that you continue to do. Many of us understand we are being destroyed from the inside out and the outside in, and we are trying our best to turn this ship around. Please give us your best as we try to handle the terrible matters at hand.


    Good Grief! You bet America needs to wake up — wake up to the crap that flows from delusional paranoia.

    Fox News only wants to make money — don’t you get that? Mr. Loudon is not your friend.
    Pressident Barack Obama is NOT a communist. Some say there is a “Communist Caucus” in the U.S. Congress. This is a HOAX.
    PLEASE STOP being such suckers and face the fact that a lot of this bogus baloney is rooted in racism, whether some recognize it or not.

    Mr. Loudon refers to “your fathers and grandfathers” etcetera who fought in Guadalcanal … well WHERE WAS HE? MY HUSBAND AND I LIVED THAT TIME IN OUR HISTORY. MY COUSINS AND FRIENDS DIED ON THOSE BATTLEFIELDS, and some returned in pieces or with shattered minds who were never the same again.
    THEY fought for freedom. THEY were real Americans. Many of them KNOW that Pres. Obama is not a “Commie” and he is not his father. He is not a Muslim, either.
    These people are USING YOU.

    Do you really want big business owning this country? (They are trying to BUY this election)
    Do you really want a Mormon leader to create a Mormon theocracy? Do you really want the forces of the christian Dominionists to take over America? That is not what my friends and family died for.



    We know more about real Communists and the several evil forces that undermine AMERICAN FREEDOMS.

    I know someone will delete this post when they find it, but perhaps a few of you with brains will see it.
    And pass it along.

    PLEASE do not be suckered by all the conspiracy theories and crap you are being fed.

    No, that is not my real name, because we are old and vulnerable to the nut cases who are anti-Obama.
    PLEASE JUST READ & BELIEVE in reality, not these demented fairy tales.

    VOTE DEMOCRATIC FOR FREEDOM . . . or be enslaved to big business and the extremes of the republican Party that has been bought. Dpn’t let big business buy America!

    • Hay, Sane Voter in Virginia, Keep drinking that Kool-aid and using your Obama phone. You are the one with her/his head in the sand. Everything Mr. Londan says is true. You are the Sucker, Crazy voter in Virginia!!

    • Anyone who disagrees with the policies of Obama, is called a racist. We are not as stupid and simple minded as you think. You must only look around and see who Obama has spent his life with, to see that he is trying to fulfill the dreams of his father. He admits to that! His color got him elected, so stop calling everyone who sees thru your BS a racist. It is a joke to attack FOX news. They are the only network that is willing to report news. They are a threat, because of that. Sorry, but they still rank #1.

    • SANE VOTER IN VIRGINIA… need to change your name to Moron voter in Virginia. You should stop living under a rock. You are living an illusion and are ignorant about politics. Everything Mr. Loudon said is true. Obama is 100% marxist and 100% muslim.

    • Insane Voter In Virginia.. There are some people in this world who need an ass beating, and guess what. you are one of them. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I can,t be there to teach you a instead I will call it as I see it.. You don,t deserve an educated, informed response.. your too stupid to understand reason.. so go ahead, follow your cult leader.. the habitual liar. We the people will take care of the fraud in the white house, and with any luck his cult followers, ( like you ) will fade away into obscurity Good Riddance to you and yours.. You Fu*kin Fool

    • Sane voter, you are one smart cookie. I.e. you think for yourself. This guy here has not one shred of evidence, not one single article, not one audio recording, not one video recording, he has nothing to back up anything he says. And yet all the fools here are falling for it hook, line and sinker. I mean this guy can barely speak English himself and were supposed to take what he says as gospel? Really? Without one shred of evidence? Okay you go ahead. But I’m educated as well and I think for myself.

      • And then I see some racist people on here who are incapable of thinking for themselves and they’re mad that you can, so like a typical racist redneck republican they have to resort to threats of violence. How typical.

    • Trying to debate with Obama voters is like trying to pick up a turd by it’s clean end.

    • Sane Voter, you are spot on! It is very disturbing to me to believe how many people really believe this MALARKY!! Obama 2012!!

    • Listen, Sane Voters, first please correct your name: Insane Voters in Virginia. You are so stupid, it’s hurts to read what you scrabble. You wanted Obama? You had him for four years! You are as crazy and hateful to this country as he is. Thank God, there’s much more smart, hard working Americans who hate your guts. Obama is a traitor, lier, destroyer; he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and his REAL goal is to make everything possible to make this country of our disappear. Do you want to live under Muslim law? You can do that – there’s a lot muslim countries all over the world. just leave us alone. STUPID!!

    • SANE ??? VOTER you have got to be the biggest dumbtard in the world. YOU can take Obozo and move to China with him . you will be in good company of fellow Communists !!! YOU ARE A TRAITOR !!! SCUMBAG

    • Mr. Louden is correct. However, he is mistaken about Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are actually Obama’s mentors, and Hillary wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley about Saul Alinsky, one of Obama’s heroes. Saul Alinsky is the one they all got the idea from to go into the local churches and get members registered to vote. That is how Obama won his first election, and I would say that is one of the ways he won this time (2012), in addition to courting and exploiting the fan bases of the tv, movie and music stars.

    • Keep lying to yourself on the road to hell and it might make you feel better but this is no delusion. Besides you’re getting good at it. I’m a writer-journalist myself and I’ve been seeing the subterfuge, delusion & sell-out in the press for a long time. You’re just one the people they CAN fool “all the time” congrats!

    • The "real" sane voter in VA says

      “Do you really want the forces of the christian Dominionists to take over America? That is not what my friends and family died for.”

      Oh my goodness, Christians taking over the world? Eww, really? Gross! They would probably spread like messages of love, hope & like peace all over the place & stuff & that would just be like so offensive or whatever. They would probably teach their little Christian brats silly things like: not to steal or bully, revolting things like: to help their friends & neighbors, or totally negative & disgusting things like: to not rape or murder &… oh, here’s the scary one….PRAY! ((gasp)) (you make the sign of the cross even though you don’t believe in God). That is completely unacceptable! How old fashioned! How absurd! Stupid Christian fools, how dare they invade our country with their prim & proper ways… oh wait… isn’t that what America was founded on? Your bad!

      ((*subliminal messaging* will we ever know the truth about Benghazi?))

      And your are soooooooooooo right, Obama could never be a Muslim communist! That just wouldn’t be possible in a sweet, innocent day & time like this one. That type of thing could never happen in the a civilized world, there are no such things as monsters right?… because everybody loves America!… especially the MUSLIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ((*subliminal messaging* stand behind Israel))

      You know what? Maybe this video is true, maybe it is not. Who cares? We came, we watched, we move on to the next piece of information in an attempt to educate ourselves. I ponder… why do the (D) always accuse the (R) of being so ignorant & closed minded but when we seek out truth & sift through all the information in search of something real & “open our minds” to possibility then we are just conspiracy theorists? Conspiracy theorists or closed minded, bigots? Please make up your mind. Thought we were the wishy, washy party? Democrats always spit derogatory statements, spew hatred & push Republicans around & you know what? Most of the time we take it because we were brought up proper, with respect & decency. Our life is based on morals & values & we quietly step away from confrontation, not because we’re scared & not because we are ignorant, racist, rednecks but because we aren’t bullies. Because we go quietly, in peace & we pray for our wonderful God, that we KNOW exists, to help you, to forgive you & to lead you.

      ((*subliminal messaging* 104% voter turnout?))

      You say “No, that is not my real name, because we are old and vulnerable to the nut cases who are anti-Obama.”

      I say to you then, if you are old & find your life in it’s last best years, then go out into the night & look up into the skies & cry out for my God, he is there, he is your God as well & he is waiting for you to find Him before it is too late. I do not know your name, your past, present or future but I bow my head & pray for you right now, for your soul, for you eternal life. I let tears drop from my eyes for you as I pray, for you, a stranger. I pray that you find hope and that you seek truth. God bless you stranger from Virginia, from me & from a God that you don’t even believe in, God bless.

      Sane in Virginia,
      Loving my Father and my Savior Jesus Christ
      Voted for Romney & proud of it
      Republican, conservative & Christian & not ashamed of any of the three
      God Bless America! We won’t let her go down without a fight!

      -Agenda 21- Educate yourself now, before it’s too late.
      It’s not just a book, a conspiracy theory or a scare tactic.
      It is very real.
      Google UN Agenda 21 (The United Nations Website)

    • Hey Sane voter….You fallen for the very crap you are on guard for.
      They got you…..Hook…. line….and sinker. The dem-publicans are all brownshirts, we need to infiltrate them both for TRUTH. Go independent, now.

      • The "real" sane voter in VA says

        Dear “freedomAintFree”,

        Who has me?
        I beg to differ, no one has me but my Lord and Savior.
        My mind and conscience are both free.

        My vote for Mr. Romney, and the Republican Party, was a decision made based on what I considered, intellect. Obama was never an option as a possible candidate, in my opinion, leaving only Mr. Romney and Mr. Goode. Unfortunately, the nation we live in at the current time has not matured or evolved enough to see past the simple “candidate A (D) or candidate B (R)” choice. The vast majority of voters simply voted based on either: party affiliation, race, or personal wants. Personal wants including: abortion, legalization of marijuana, or homosexual marriage. I voted for NONE of these things.

        I voted for Romney because I truly believe that, of the three candidates, he most likely could accomplish what was, and is still needed for this country. Had I believed that Virgil Goode had any possibility of winning, I may have researched his principles and qualifications more thoroughly and considered giving him my vote.

        I am a registered (R), yet I consider myself first and foremost, a Christian. I vote, and will continue to vote, based on my Christian and conservative values. However, of all the parties, I probably most associate with the Constitution Party. It seems to me that many Independents are flimsy in their values. No offense to you, dear sir or madam, as I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, and could not possibly know of your morals. However, I’ve encountered far too many Independents that consider homosexual marriage and abortion, a person decision. I consider those two issues Gods decision. Therefore, I do not believe the Independent Party would fit my conservative values very well, I do appreciate your suggestion though. It is always good for one to reassess themselves. Change is not always bad, especially if a transformation is made for the better!

        Please consider that all Christians that vote (R) are not brainwashed. I, along with millions of other Republican voters, am very dissatisfied with my current party. When elections roll around though, one must vote with a variety of considerations. I, along with others, may prefer a candidate from another party, such as the Constitution Party or the Independent Party, but if the chance of this candidate winning are low, then a vote FOR them is actually a vote TAKEN from the candidate that could possibly defeat the opposition. I try to use my vote wisely, as it is only one vote. If the Independent Party nominates a candidate for the next election, that stands for all my values (at least those I consider most important), is intelligent, has a clean history, is informed, prepared, experienced, and combined with the above qualifications, also has an actual chance of defeating the opposition, I will not hesitate, for one second, to cast my vote for them.

        All (R) voters aren’t idiots, promise! :)

        Good day and…
        God Bless -l–

        Pray for America!

  7. @sane voter in virginia, I truly wish you were right, and our greatest enemy was big business – because big business has no more power over us than that which the elected officials of the people give them. But if you are wrong, and we have been manipulated then our elected officials have been manipulated too. It’s apparent that you believe politicians can seek election to achieve a personal agenda. Do you truly believe that all corrupt politicians belong to one party? No one wants to believe that there is a thief hiding in their own closet. But what if there is and you just go to bed without checking? What if you’re wrong?

  8. Diane in Texas
    @ “Sane in Virginia”. Apparently it’s true what they say about insane people. THEY ALL THINK THEIR SANE…
    I for one am sick of yours and Obamas unfounded insulting accusations of racism. Most of us thought that voting a black man into the highest office in America would finally unite us all. And maybe had it been any other black man, “that might have happened”. You and Obama and the rest of the democrats have done nothing but use his color to divide this country. And divide he has! He has pitted black and brown against white, atheists against those of faith, the poor against the rich, women against the men.
    Did I mention your war on businesses? It’s those businesses that give us those jobs that feed our families. Since Obamas been in office that’s getting harder and harder to do. Those of us bringing home $2000.00 a month before Obama got elected were at least getting by. But now, because of his war on oil and coal, our cost of living has doubled.
    If he gets another 4 years, gas prices just might go to $8.00 or more a gallon and of course everything else will follow. Anybody that would vote for Obama again would have to be out of their ever loving minds little Ms. sane in Virginia!!!!!

    • Diane, totally agree with your analysis of Sane in Virginia. She has really drunk the Obama koolaid.
      Big business is a leftist strawman. All big businesses were once small businesses started by innovative entrepreneurs, who could only thrive in a free, capitalist economy. This is the greatness of the USA, that there is unlimited opportunity for all wIlling to get off their duff and work. I only pray that those days are still ahead of us and not behind us. I still have faith that the scales have fallen from the eyes of enough who were fooled by Obama in 2008 and that he will be turned out to pasture in two weeks time.


  9. WTF!?!?!

    Unbelievable Claim…

    FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles!”

  10. The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their President.

    • Points to ponder, Mr. Bowser.

    • Mr. Bowser – I agree.– but the truth is – based on that absolutely outstanding presentation by Mr. Loudon who is a New Zealander!! the so-called ‘multitude of fools’ you refer to..- do you not see the connection? Do you really think they ‘are all americans’ as you seem to think.
      I dont think so — Mr.Loudon clearly outlined the infiltrators – who do you think was/is behind ‘The Occupy Movement” which has been working its way around western countries for 2/3 years (or more).. who do you think is behind the ‘Peace Movement’ — Who do you think is behind the ‘lets destroy all morals and family life and just ‘do what you want’..’ — Who do you think is behind the ‘dont ask dont tell’.. think about it for a second (or a few).. Your answer will be as clear as day and Mr. Loudon magnificently gave us the answer and how to ‘follow the money’ …. ! Thank God there are men like Mr. Loudon who actually get off the couch /turn off the black controlling tv box// and do some homework!!
      Oh yeah and how come there was such a blackout of Obamas and Medev.. open mic conversation .. an absolutely terrifying conversation if ever there was one~!! Wake up America truly – WAKE UP>.

  11. Read the The Creature from Jekyll Islands.Great book that has allot of info and insight based on facts of history into current economical issues. I don’t take everything to heart but it’s a great start on monetary system problems… I thinks the section on Andrew Jackson is really interesting as to what kind of president we need for the future.

  12. Dear Insane Voter in Virginia, You rant about Mormons,so I have a few questions for you.How many times have you heard about Mormon sleeper cells in America? How many buildings have Mormons blown up?How many Americans and American military have Mormons killed?How many innocent babies still in their mothers wombs have Mormons yanked out,sucked out their brains with a tube or left them to die if the above methods failed ? Are you just blind and deceived ,or are you a Comrad of Obama?

  13. Truth well spoken!!! We are focused ONLY on the economy because some in America have gotten or so far away from GOD. Americans are in love with material things, entertainment and Kool-Aid of the Obamanation. But there are more for righteousness than wickedness!!! Landslide on November 6, 2012!!!!! Glory Hallelujah!

  14. Where is Joseph McCarthy when you need him??

  15. Thank you helping us fight the enemy that resides in the USA WhiteHouse. Many Many of us have been fighting for 0ver 4 years against this Communist take over. I have shared this video and appreciate any help we can get in the fight to keep freedom alive. Thank you for spreading the truth.

  16. Early voted today for Romney/Ryan 2012!!!!

  17. I’m sorry between his voice, his very monotonous tone, he lost me after the first minute.

  18. Dear Mr. Louden,
    I would love to have you as a Guest onm my Live Radio show, The Highland Perspective on The MicroEffect Radio Network (Patriot Radio).
    Please email me.

  19. just remember “O” is not African, HE IS AN ARAB———————


  20. We are in a state of times where confusion runs wild. I do firmly believe that it does not matter who wins the presidency, for the world is destined for and in control by an entity of the New World Order that has its own personal / global agenda. So many of us, including myself, are being pulled often in the wrong direction. I do believe that we are close to “end times as we know them” but it might not be in our lifetime. Yet, each of us has to prepare the best we can and have TRUST IN THE LORD. I for myself have a long way to go but believe in the MERCY of God and am mending my carnal ways and getting away from the clutches of this world. I can only hope and pray that many others are also putting their TRUST IN GOD AND BELIEVE IN HIS MERCY. For Satan is prowling about looking to snatch and is seeking souls in any way that he can. Let each of us not let this happen. God Bless you.

  21. Well the election is over and Barack Obama was supposedly re-elected. I don’t buy it for a second. All the computers that tabulate our votes are made in foreign countries and it has been proven a few years ago how easy it is to make those computers print out what their makers want them to print out. I don’t trust the machines until I can sit there with another Patriot and count the ballots by hand. If the numbers agree, then it was a fair election. I was an election judge this year and was horrified by the people who came out to vote. 75% of the voters I saw come in to vote were mentally handicapped and had others do their voting for them under the guise that these individuals understand an election and are also aware of what they are doing means. Some were so old that they were blind and deaf. How can these people understand what they are voting for if they can’t see and can’t hear? These folks have not always been blind and deaf. It comes with very old age – many were in their 90’s. That means they can’t read or be read to. The person “helping” them are doing the voting. All the law says is that one must be a US citizen which no one has to prove any more thanks to the democrats and must be more than 18 years old. I had one ballot kicked out because the voter voted for Obama, Romney & Johnson. Someone who does that doesn’t know what they are doing and shouldn’t be allowed to vote. We had to tell her what she did wrong and help her do it correctly the second time and she voted for Obama. The first name on the ballot.

  22. I have always felt that Obama is the Trojan Horse!!! Now to figure out what to do…

  23. My gut tells me that BO wants to disarm America for a Muslim takeover. Bad economy, good time to buy less firearms for our armed forces to save tax dollars – right, time to try to outlaw the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms for the average citizen – like Hitler did before his dictatorship…What does his first book say he will do, if the winds get ugly??? Not stand necessarily with us… Oh & he managed to revise the Martial Law (see utube) in essence YOU will loose ALL your rights if the government finds YOU any threat to them & can be detained INDEFINITELY without an attorney…We had better get our act together soon, or else – literally!!!

  24. What a load of bollocks

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