US Rep. Melissa Bean’s Town Hall Thuggery

Bean's muscle - name withheld for the time being

On Thursday, August 12, Representative Melissa Bean (IL-8-D) held a public meeting at the Round Lake Library. The meeting was billed as a Financial Education seminar to teach citizens how to manage their credit card debt. What happened at this meeting was anything but educational.

During the meeting, which I attended, citizens started to ask questions about jobs, government spending and the federal deficit. Every time a citizen would attempt to ask a question, Melissa Bean’s thug, who we were told worked for the Round Lake Library, would walk over to that person and hover over them to intimidate them. This went on during the course of the entire meeting without Bean saying a word about the blatant intimidation she knew her constituents must be feeling.

It is obvious from Bean’s obfuscation that she chose this type of forum so she would not have to answer any direct questions about her voting record. Instead of having an open town hall forum where citizens are free to have a dialogue with their representative, Bean chose to have a representative from the Illinois State Treasury come in and lecture her constituents on how they should pay down their credit card debt and start saving.

How ironic, when the Federal Government has spent over 13 Trillion dollars and the majority of the states are on the verge of bankruptcy. In the video you will see that all attempts to ask Bean questions were either “shut down” by Bean personally or through the intimidation tactics of her thug. Is this the type of “transparency” we were promised? Why does Bean feel that thuggery is acceptable?

Watch the video and see if you can answer any of these questions.

Video, 8/14/2010, “Rep. Melissa Bean IL8 Sends in the Thug

Jean, administrator of We the People USA, is a contributor to Gulag Bound.  See her report, “The Marxo-Fascist ‘Social and Economic Justice’ Ties That Bind,” for more reporting on thuggery of the financial kind.

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