Matthews on Issa: Subpoena Power Led to the McCarthy Era

Earlier today, Gulag Bound reported on a article, written by Jerome Corsi, about CA Rep. Darrell Issa’s pointed attack on the Obama administration and its unprecedented propaganda effort to sell the president’s unpopular policies and initiatives. As the ranking GOP on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Issa promises to initiate investigations, using his subpoena power, following a GOP win in Congress this November.

Criminal evidence exists, according to today’s Daily Caller, including 11 separate charges of abusing taxpayer funds to push a political agenda. An example cited was an ad produced with television actor Andy Griffith to promote the ObamaCare bill, at a cost to the taxpayers of $700,000. This was initiated at a time when the majority of Americans were opposed to the bill. In the end, after spending the People’s money trying to lipstick a pig, the ad was pulled. Issa charged that the ad was “purely partisan in nature, ” and thus violates federal law.

“Under one-party rule in 2009, the White House used the machinery of the Obama campaign to tout the President’s agenda through inappropriate and sometimes unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives…” Read more.

Yesterday, on NBC’s The Chris Matthews Show, Matthews voiced alarm about Issa’s threat “to get the information that today the White house is either shredding or refusing to answer.” Matthews worriedly explained that the subpoena power led to the McCarthy Hearings, the Watergate Hearings and the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton (as if that’s a bad thing).

Matthews itemized “Issa’s menu” as:

  • Any improper job offer to PA Democrat Joe Sestak, to discourage him from running against fellow-Democrat, Arlen Specter
  • The Holder Justice Department’s decision to ignore the accusations of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party on Election Day in 2008
  • The Countrywide financial deals that got Washington to take on bad mortgages

Capitol Hill Correspondent, Kelly O’Donnell, explained, “Day in, day out, we are getting memos about this… they are already doing it — without subpoena power.” Howard Fineman, Newsweek’s Sr. Washington Correspondent, added, “If they’re smart, the White House Counsel is reading every memo, right now…”

Finally, MSNBC’s Chief Washington Correspondent, Laura O’Donnell, characterized the situation ahead as a potential “siege” against the White House by saying, “Dan Burton used to chair this committee and he made the Clinton Administration, Hell.  He will be an investigative pit bull, as you mentioned, on spending, but also on the gulf.”

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