The Obama Clinton Benghazi Stalemate: ‘We all Die’

For a little readers’ music, “Nowhere To Run”
On behalf of both the Obamunists and the Clintonistas,
Martha and the Vandellas sing to their record,
the White House record, that is, especially regarding Benghazi
(and their actions from Arab Spring, onward)
(and apparently, as spooks dance, or… writhe in the shadows below them)

Lt. Col. Andrew Wood was assigned to review security needs in Libya, meeting daily with Ambassador Chris Stevens. He said he made repeated requests to augment security, but that “higher quarters at the State Department,” instead reduced security and told them not to request more again.

Eric Nordstrom, top U.S. security officer over Libya leading up to the 9-11-12 murders said repeated requests for better security were turned down by the State Department, including Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Charlene Lamb. His comment at the time was, about the administration, “for me, the Taliban is on the inside of the building.”

Lamb said she reported requests for greater security, plus everything going on in Benghazi on the fatal night of 9-11-12, upwards in the State Department and in real time. That means Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Putative Vice President Joe Biden said he and Putative President Barack Obama were not notified of the accurate facts of the Benghazi attack till significantly later, nor were they told about desperate requests for more security, prior to the murders (see debate, at 8:00). In essence, that utterance was to become Barack Obama blaming Intelligence and the State Department.

Deputy National Security Adviser for Communications Ben Rhodes and Obama campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter jumped in, to say that Biden “speaks only for himself and President Obama” (and not the State Department).

White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney added more smoke and fog to the picture to say, “The vice president was speaking about himself, the president and the White House. He was not referring to the administration.”

And so, all that puts Hillary Clinton in a very, very bad place and Barack Obama did the putting. “The buck stops…” with Hillary, not with me! — that is his cry, through his spokespersons’ mouths, as he schedules Comedy Central for another talk show appearance.

Remember this scene from Matrix Revolutions?  All the baddies’ guns were aimed at Trinity and her friends, but her pistol was squarely put to the forehead of the cynical party boss, if you will, called the Merovingian.

 “…or we all die, right here, right now.”

Friends of the Bound are popping corn and wondering what Hillary and her seemingly irrepressible husband, Bill are discussing, right now. Numerous others are wondering and speculating, too; at the Daily Caller, for example.

However, it seems the Clintons (Old-Neo-Democrat and Disunity?) have been intimidated before, by the forces behind Barack Obama (see “Did Obama Assassinate Clinton Delegates?“).

Meanwhile, the Bound is wondering why the revelation of the 10,000 missing MANPAD missiles is not getting more attention. Read more about that in Gulag, atWEAPONS HUNTING: The Reason for the 9-11 Murders in Libya,” written chiefly by Denise Simon about three weeks ago, now.

It is said that the cover-up is always more damaging than the crime. In this case, however, the crime came about due to the cover-up. What the 9-11-12 victims were doing in Benghazi was the cover-up work that brought their demise. They were attempting to atone for the sins of providing very many, very destructive air-to-ground missiles to the likes of Gitmo-released Qumu (or bin Qumu) and his Al Qaeda forces in Libya.

Now that is a scandal.

And in those efforts, the more security personnel were involved, the more potential whistle-blowers there would be, to spill the beans on the whole story.

God knows what caused those MANPADS to be released to terrorists, but We, the People responsible for America have a right to know without delay. We can more easily imagine the Clintons’ worries, over them being used on a passing airliner, of perhaps Israel or a NATO nation. Imagine what might be done with a stockpile of MANPADS in Israel, when that skinny, little, free nation needs to take action in Iran. Why, perhaps such incidents would even cause Congress to stop the billions of dollars being sent for years, to Islamist, jihadi nations, as foreign aid! That may yet happen. One would hope the calamities sustained already will cause such ill-sent gain for haters of America, Israel, and freedom to end.

Bill and Hillary Clinton had already, in their co-dependent co-presidency, been engaged in a great deal of cover-up, of just such a problem; witness the eyewitness testimonies of the downing of TWA Flight 800 by a ground-to-air missile.

And now they are all entangled, Obamunist and Clintonista alike, facing the seeming inevitably of going down together, one way or any other. And really, it all goes back to Arab Spring, spoken highly of, by Romneyons such as Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman immediately after 9-11-12, as well as co-orchestrated by the Democrats and their neo-Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood collaborators (see “The Engineers of ‘Leaderless’ Arab Spring & Occupy Wall Street” plus numerous articles during Arab Spring).

And now, the U.S. Senate is interested, as well as the House and there are about three weeks till the election. Having served as Democratic Party council during the Watergate hearings, and dealing with the Rose Law Firm investigation and her husband’s impeachment, Hillary Clinton is familiar with such matters.

Edit, 10/15 – In conservative circles, much is being made of the fact that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice reports directly to Barack Obama and was specifically his spokesperson on the talk shows nearly a week after the 9-11-12 murders, as she all but swore on a Quran that the silly video production was their reason. That is fine. But the reason these men were dangled on a stick to become targets in Benghazi is a much more important matter.

For more see Gulag Bound tag, Benghazi.

h/t: @JoAnneMoretti


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    Why was Stevens in Benghazi when it was known that the situation on the ground in Libya was volatile? Was Stevens involved in a deal to retrieve weapons, WEAPONS THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION PROVIDED TO LIBYAN REBELS WHO WERE LATER PROVEN TO BE AQ?

    There was a fire fight between the jihadists who attacked the consulate and the former Navy SEALs. Where are the dead bodies of the jihadists?

    When the FBI finally got to Benghazi, almost a month later, why did they only spend three hours there? Why were we told it was too dangerous for the FBI to go into Benghazi yet CNN reporters and Washington Post reporters wandered around there freely?

    The Clinton Intel Record
    Deeper failures revealed.
    By Mansoor Ijaz
    The unearthing of documents directly linking Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda organization to Saddam Hussein this weekend may have hermetically sealed the Bush administration’s case that dismantling Iraq’s Baathist enterprise was in part necessary to undo terrorism’s dynamic duo. But closing that case may reopen a Pandora’s box for ex-Clinton administration officials who still believe their policy prescriptions protected U.S. national interests against the growing threat of terrorism during the past decade.

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