Joe Biden’s Marxist Confession in the VP Debate (+ full video)

“Why so serious?”

Attorney (self-prosecutor) that he is, The Joker summed it up at the end.

Well let me tell ya. My record stands for itself. I never say anything I don’t mean. Everybody knows, whatever I say, I do. And, uh, my whole life has been devoted to leveling the playing field for middle class people, giving them an even break.

He then spoke of people being given “a shot,” but I don’t think he was referring to The “Middle Class” Drinking Game.

So, per Biden, egalitarianism, that is, government dispensing enforced fairness, is the essence of his political philosophy. And so, he really is something of a communist, the essential slogan of which is:

Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!
in Karl Marx’ original German

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need!
Marx, from his Critique of the Gotha Program

Then he repeated his reference to draconian landscaping twice, in his closing comment. Maybe that was because the audience had been admonished not to gasp (slide on over to about 1:26:40).

Video, full vice presidential debate, YouTube

To level a playing field, one literally has to tear down all the high points and bury or uproot anything that is growing on the soil, all over the field. That is what was done in Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea, and Eastern Europe, last century. That was the massive theft, the denial of the Right to Property, along with the tens of millions of murders involved, the denial of the Right to Life, and the ensuing state slavery, the denial of the Right to Liberty. And the right of The People to be told the truth? Forget about it.

That leveling, by incremental degree is also fundamental to Fabianist socialism, Trotskyite democracy, and Gramsci’s and Alinsky’s doctrines of stealthy governmental and NGO power and hegemony. It is the core of the global Agenda 21 program being implemented in our neighborhoods, via these doctrines (a program implemented for the United States in part via Barack Obama’s Executive Orders and EPA policies, as well as having been testbed implemented in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney, just as he testbed implemented the insurance and abortifacient mandates of RomneyCare/ObamaCare).

And now, as if according to a script, Heroine America is faced with the Marxist monster of Obama-Biden at re-election time, causing her to flee into the arms of proffered heroes, Romney-Ryan, for her rescue — each side having been financed by the central banker and crony system that has financed Agenda 21 and related means of global, kleptocratic authoritarianism. It all seems like the Marxist or Fascist? Game constantly being played in Europe and South America, for those continents’ victimized voters.

Has anyone asked Mitt Romney, or Paul Ryan for that matter, about Agenda 21?

There is still time.


And as for Joe Biden, as this masterpiece by TheMouthPeace still shows and at his expense, we were warned about Obama-Biden’s intent upon structural Marxism, before the last General Election. It is well worth a replay — the video that is, not the election.

Video, “The Biden Chronicles: Anatomy Of The Village Blowhard!


  1. I have the same questions of our Government that thisarticles raises I would add The TPP treaty with International corporations, NDAA, Global trends 2025.

    We are being Demonized for the failed action of a gov. that has ingaged in a failed Ideology.
    Anyone else feeling that they have been mugged?

    • Mugged? No. Try a silent coup d’état. Good morning. We’ve been slumbering as a Nation. This administration has done everything but raised the black flag with a crescent moon over the WH, and our liberal, left-wing friends thought they could control the extra muscle they jumped into bed with, and if that’s not enough, the Communist have never stopped infiltrating every aspect of American life since WWII. We’re just hoping more Americans wake up in time.

  2. Investigative Reported Paul Sperry Warned Us About The MUSLIM INFILTRATION OF WASHINGTON DC Back In 2004.



  3. Can it all be Coincidence? Shocking Secrets & Verifiable Facts about Barack Obama MSM Refuses to Report:

  4. Thanks for the good comments and information.

  5. Why can’t we all Americans open your eyes and perceive that we ALREADY live in a communist state?!?

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