Fact Checking, In & Around the ‘7.8%’ Unemployment Report

Honesty is not an option  –  Jobs are at stake!  –  Obama’s and the regime’s

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Many of you may have heard that the unemployment rate which was expected to go to 8.2% this morning (but in reality is closer to 22% in my opinion), dropped to 7.8%. May I just say, bull crap. Millions have dropped out because they cannot find a job, still more millions are employed part time. No one believes this Pravda lie from Obama. A month to the election and it’s a miracle! Unemployment drops by a minimum of 4%. Obviously, honesty is not an option here.

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It’s such a stunning and bald faced lie, it is hard to fathom. It shows massive desperation on the left and manipulation that is staggering. You can no longer believe ANYTHING coming out of the government. They are lying to you.

More… Allen West:

Administration Manufactures Jobs Report
The Numbers Simply Don’t Add Up

Stuart, FL – Today Allen West released the following statement regarding the September jobs report:

“Try as they may, the Obama administration cannot fool Americans into believing they have jobs. The numbers simply do not add up. Millions of Americans have stopped looking for work and been dropped from the unemployment rolls. Over 22 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. Over 47 million Americans are on food stamps. The clear majority of Americans see the economy going in the wrong direction. Its no coincidence that just two days after Governor Mitt Romney pummeled President Obama’s economic record in the first debate, a desperate Obama administration releases jobs numbers belying the reality faced by Americans.

A month from tomorrow, Americans have a clear choice between the policies of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Patrick Murphy, which have lead to record joblessness, growing government dependency and the weakest economy since the Great Depression, or our plan, which gets government out of the way of job growth and gives the American people the freedom and opportunity to create jobs, innovate, invest and grow.”

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From Bankrupting America:

#UnderstandingUnemployment: A Closer Look at Today’s Jobs Report

Bankrupting America has compiled some of the most compelling points from this morning’s jobs report to provide greater context to the 7.8 percent unemployment rate. The economy is still struggling, and the points below underscore that fact.

We’re tweeting these facts out throughout the day with the hashtag #UnderstandingUnemployment

Key Points:

  • Economy is stuck in neutral and Americans are struggling to get by. It’s encouraging to see the unemployment rate drop, but a closer look at the numbers shows how damaging the last four years have been and how far we still have to go. Other economic indicators reveal an economy stuck in neutral and more importantly, Americans still struggling to get by.
  • Government spending has failed to provide promised relief. Washington’s spending spree over the past four years has failed to provide the economic relief promised to the American people. Government must get out of the way and allow small businesses and the American workers drive a recovery.
  • Debt is weighing down the economy; it’s time for fiscal responsibility. Our more than $16 trillion national debt is an anchor on the economy and its economic growth. We can’t afford to allow Washington to put off fiscal responsibility. The millions of Americans still out of work need it now.

Fast Facts:

  • The real unemployment rate stayed at 14.7%. This includes the underemployed and those who have given up looking for work.
  • 23 million Americans are still looking for work. In January 2009, that figure was 22 million.
  • Of the 12.1 million Americans unemployed, more than one third (4.8 million) have been looking for work for over six months.
  • Two out of every five Americans looking for work have been out of work for more than six months.
  • 3.4 million Americans have been out of work for a year and are still looking for work.
  • 802,000 Americans have stopped looking for work.
  • In January 2009, the average amount of time spent unemployed was 19.8 weeks. Today, the amount of time has doubled, rising to 39.8 weeks.
  • 46.7 million Americans are on food stamps, a record high.
  • Nearly one in six Americans are living in poverty, the highest number in two decades.
  • Manufacturing employment edged down in September by -16,000 jobs.

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From the Committee on Ways and Means (Hat Tip: Lorie Byrd):

10 Key Facts on Jobs and Unemployment
Data Reflects September 2012 Jobs Report Released October 5, 2012
Friday, October 05, 2012

1. 4.1 Million Fewer Jobs than Projected: In January 2009 the Obama Administration forecast there would be 137.6 million jobs in December 2010. Instead there were 130.3 million jobs in December 2010. Even 21 months later in September 2012, there are just 133.5 million jobs – 4.1 million fewer than the Administration’s forecast for late 2010.

2. Slower Jobs Recovery than during the Great Depression: This is the only “recovery” since World War II when jobs lost in the recession had not been recovered by this point. In fact, the recent pace of job creation during the “Obama recovery” has been slower than during the Great Depression.

3. Less Full Time Work: Since January 2009 the number of full-time employees has fallen by over 600,000 while part-time employment has grown by almost 1.4 million. This means part-time workers account for all of the net employment growth in the Obama years – the opposite of what Democrats predicted when they said their stimulus plan was “likely to move many workers from part-time to full-time work.”

4. Manufacturing Jobs Down: Since January 2009 over 600,000 manufacturing jobs have been eliminated, the opposite of the Administration’s projected increase of 408,000 manufacturing jobs due to their trillion-dollar stimulus.

5. Ten Times More New Dropouts than New Employees: During the Obama Administration, the number of people not in the labor force has grown by 8.2 million while total employment has grown by less than 800,000. This means that during the Obama years new workforce dropouts have outnumbered new employees by 10 to 1.

6. Far Higher Unemployment Rate than Projected: September’s 7.8% unemployment rate remains far above the 5.5% rate the Administration predicted for this month in their January 2009 report on the projected effects of stimulus. Democrats actually predicted unemployment would fall to 7.8% in September 2009 – a full three years ago.

7. Real Unemployment Is Almost 11%: If the unemployment rate included the “invisible unemployed” (discouraged workers who dropped out or never joined the workforce), the September 2012 unemployment rate would be 10.9%:

8. More Unemployed Now than When Economy Was in “Free-Fall”: In September 2012 there were 12.1 million officially unemployed workers. That’s 39,000 more than when President Obama took office in January 2009 – when the Administration said “we were in economic free-fall.”

9. Two Million More Long-term Unemployed: In September 2012 there were 4.8 million long-term unemployed (that is, for over six months) – over two million more than when President Obama took office in January 2009.

10. Economic Misery up 80%: The “Obama Misery Index” shows that unemployment and debt have risen by a combined 80% since the start of the Obama Administration.

Steve Schippert:

We have LOST 600,000 full time jobs since inauguration, Porkulus, QE1, 2 and 3 and precisely Zero federal budgets.

But hot damn, 1.4 million jobs are there to be had at McDonalds, Macy’s and the mini-mart!

Ann Barnhardt:

7.8% ? I called it months ago. So Predictable.


…In my opinion, the “best-case scenario” would be continued inflation at roughly the pace we are experiencing now until Obama is removed from office. I am of the considered opinion that there is absolutely ZERO chance for any stabilization or recovery so long as the Obama regime holds power. ZERO. Why would there be? The Obama regime is actively and consciously trying to destroy the United States and its economy.

Do you think these people are going to wake up one morning, come to Jesus, and suddenly stop their war against this country? I wouldn’t count on it.

Further, don’t be fooled by ANY statistics coming out of Washington D.C. The unemployment numbers are as fake as a three dollar bill. So are the consumer confidence and consumer price index numbers. They are completely and totally fabricated, and will show “improvement” as we move closer to the 2012 elections. It has already started with last week’s completely phoney unemployment figures.

Analyzing these figures is as much of an absurd waste of time as analyzing Chinese economic data. THEY’RE MAKING IT ALL UP. IT HAS NO ANCHOR IN REALITY WHATSOEVER. Don’t be a patsy. Don’t be their stooge. WAKE UP. Look at the price of gold. Look at the price of crude. Look at the price of cotton. Look at the price of corn.

I look at these analysts trying to act like they’re above it all, dutifully studying and quoting these fraudulent datasets in a vain attempt to map “analogue years” and interpret all of this as if it were somehow normal. The only word that comes to my mind is: PATHETIC. It’s just pathetic to watch people living their lives in denial just because they want to maintain their position in their social circle or industry clique. PATHETIC. What’s worse is that they are willing to sacrifice the wealth and well-being of their clients and consultees in order to maintain their deluded little worldview. Don’t you be their patsy. Don’t you be pathetic. Don’t you fall for their deluded denial of obvious reality. Please.

And then…


3. Once again, just making sure everyone understands the sickening farce that is the “unemployment figure.” I said last year (on the radio) that the reported “unemployment number” would be UNDER EIGHT PERCENT no matter what in Q4 2012. Sure enough, it appears that I will be proven exactly right. Is this because unemployment is going down? HELLZ NO! Real unemployment is climbing consistently, and is probably north of 20%.

I’m not psychic. I’m not a prophet. I don’t hear voices. I simply am NOT STUPID, I have read history, and I have the stones to acknowledge obvious, objective reality. How anyone could NOT see all of this stuff coming is completely beyond me. You can see all of these things coming miles and miles away.

And by the way, this applies to my fears about Obama being assassinated. Seriously, how stupid and balless do you have to be in order to honestly argue and believe that COMMUNISTS are not capable of killing anyone? How stupid and balless do you have to be to convince yourself that COMMUNISTS, who murdered AT MINIMUM 250 million people in the 20th century alone, would be incapable of murdering a dim-witted, drug addicted homosexual puppet in order to completely overthrow and cement power over the largest economy and largest military force the world has ever seen?

IF Obama is false-flag assassinated, there won’t be any “chain of succession” issues. Joe Biden will never, ever be POTUS, no matter what. If Obama is false-flag assassinated the Constitution will be suspended, a “provisional government” will be announced and martial law declared.

I shouldn’t be surprised by the abject and complete ignorance of history – even recent 20th century history, the normalcy bias and tunnel vision anymore, but I still am.

I am worried that Obama will be taken out by his own people for exactly the same reason that I called this phoney-baloney unemployment crap months and months ago – because it is ALL SO INCREDIBLY PREDICTABLE, and the populace is too stupid and deluded to even see how predictable it all is.

Glenn Beck: Obama’s October surprise? Unemployment drops to 7.8%


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