Karl Rove’s 9-11-12 Ad against Obama; OK until…

Alrightey then. Over at Fox Nation, this is being called a “bone shattering ad” dropped on Obama.

Video, “American Crossroads: ‘World‘”

No actual mention of the Libyan murders nor “terrorism” cover-up, huh (and it sure doesn’t mention America’s atrociously causal effects, in the Arab Spring travesties! – and it would have been silly to assume it might have asked about the real reason those four murdered agents were killed in Benghazi) but it was going sort of okay for what it is. Rove’s ad even uses the term “New World Order,” which is humorous on numerous levels.

Well, it was okay until it got to this line, “President Obama needs to learn, being president isn’t just about being on TV and protecting your job; it’s about leadership. It’s time for a president who gets it.”

Really, Karl Rove?  Barack Obama needs to learn? Are you offering your services as a personal tutor? Just what do you think Barack Obama, the grand saboteur in the White House “doesn’t get,” Mr. Rove?

From the assiduously well timed mortgage meltdown and the onset of the great LIBOR giveaway and TARP, onward… continuing through the grand sabotage during the Deepwater Horizon &\+ Soros + Petrobras debacle, and onward… Obama’s behavior is very clear. He publicly puts on a show of being out of touch, whether campaigning, or playing golf, or doing TV spots and fundraisers, etc. Meanwhile, his fellow chessmen do their dirty work, never letting a crisis go to waste.

“It’s about leadership?” Karl? Do you really want this man to be a more effective leader?

Now, the question becomes, is it that Rove “doesn’t get it?” Does he just “need to learn?” Or, is he just not telling what he has learned full well, complicit with so many others in the de facto government’s de facto cover-ups?

BTW, FWIW, here’s their previous ad, on Obamacare and Medicare rationing. It is spiffy too – even edgy – for the mushroom managed majority.

Video, “American Crossroads: ‘Where’ FL

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