Open Letter to Swing State Voters: Presidential Election 2012

2008 Presidential Election Results with Electoral College Totals


Dear residents of the US “Swing States”:

Recently, the albeit strongly skewed-to-the-left polls in your States favor Dictator-in-Chief Obama.  As this non-working-and-questionable-president of the United States’ abject and highly-visible destruction of massive portions of our nation’s small-to-medium-sized businesses (and the attendant millions of jobs losses for the middle class) and his restrictions and/or elimination of our ability to produce any energy (think coal) to sustain our lives have been put into place via his Draconian policies, I found this claim to be both bizarre and patently insane.  The question I continued to ask myself is “do the American people really and truly want to be slaves to Obama and his Marxist government?  Why in the world would any sane human want that?”  I could find no workable reason to explain anyone voting for and reelecting someone into office who has (in his first term) exhibited such perceptible disdain for the USA, its people and every one of its/our foundation principles–including our founding documents the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

With Fast & Furious, Obama’s DOJ has turned itself into the Northern branch of the Sinaloa drug cartel, while now suing private polling and other companies if they don’t tow the Obama party line or if they have the audacity to poll truthfully or speak out against him.  Remember what happened to Gallup Polls and Gibson Guitars?  Obama has been caught in one lie after another–most recently the foolishness about an oblique film causing the recent Middle East riots.

Note:  Obama had Intel within 24 hours that the attacks in Libya and Egypt were caused by Al Qaeda…an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Yet, he and his bought-and-paid-for media continued (and still continue) to perpetuate the lie that the film was the catalyst.  The Marxist-media truly are comprised of Marx’s (and now Obama‘s) “useful idiots.”

Meanwhile, Obama appointees who, along with their boss, break laws and commit one criminal act after another (most recently-notable is HHS Chief Kathleen Sebelius who has been caught numerous times breaking the Hatch Act and is still doing it by illegally campaigning for the usurper Obama) and experience no negative consequences.  Folks, we’re now living under the Obama syndicate–aka “Mob.”

Obama and his cabal have all but destroyed the housing market and, despite the regime’s spinning of the truth, foreclosures are still at unprecedented in US history (with the possible exception of the first “great depression”) highs.

Obama has ended companies and jobs and made it virtually impossible for the middle class to find any viable work.  He has sided with Islam against free speech (and freedom in general), Israel and the American people.  Muslim Brotherhood members now occupy high-level positions in the US government–including national security.  His “foreign policy” (which seems geared to total destruction of any and all burgeoning “democracies” by replacing the entire Middle East with Sunni Muslim Brotherhood Shari’a Law) has exploded and continues to explode all over the Middle East and Asia with anti-American riots and assassinations of our citizens.  Then, instead of addressing any of the catastrophic world events–which he has largely caused–Obama goes to fund-raising parties at the homes of his celebrity friends–including Beyoncé and Jay-Z,–,visits the “ladies” on The View and yucks it up on Davey Letterman‘s show.  All of this betrayal occurs at the hands of The Obama while he continues to invite actual terrorists to our White House!

To add insult to injury, Obama’s wholly-owned DOJ is now using its hammer and sickle against any and all who dare to oppose him.  As previously mentioned, the first was Gallup Polls.  This totalitarian suppressive action sent a noticeable chill through the polling community.  The day after Gallup was sued by the DOJ (for not publishing the results the Obama syndicate wanted), all of the other pollsters who had been showing Romney ahead of  Obama switched their polls to show Obama ahead.  This is what happens when one appeases its oppressors.  Weakness is rewarded by even more oppression.

Now, using samplings of anywhere between 9-13 points in favor of Democrats over Republicans and Independents, the polling companies are showing Dictator Obama “in the lead.”  This type of criminal intimidation of private companies by a sitting “president” of the USA has not occurred before.  Obama and his cabal have affected so many other criminal activities against us that it has already taken multiple books to identify them.  And, there is now a report–via Michael Yon–that Obama is pulling US air support for our soldiers in-theatre in Afghanistan!  Just as Obama showed he cared nothing for the US Ambassador to Libya and his staff, he is now showing with regards to our soldiers.  Obama, as does Islam, brings death to all it touches.

So, it was and is unfathomable to me that anyone–unless they are receiving a huge influx of taxpayer money from Obama’s syndicate–would deign to vote for him.  Then, something that may (assuming the highly-distorted polling data is even remotely accurate) actually answer my questions came forward.

On a recent Neil Cavuto show, Neil advised that in each swing State where Obama is–ostensibly–showing a lead over Romney, Republican governors have been elected.  Hmmm.  So, Republican governors have turned these States around financially and placed them firmly back in the “success” column and Obama takes/gets the credit?  I still believe that the current polls are more skewed (i.e. “manipulated”) than they have ever been and that–as does the leftist media–they are being doctored to reflect what the dictator wants to see and hear.

However, if there are still those who actually think their States’ triumphs are because of Obama policy–please take the time to look again. Everything Obama has done since seizing our White House has been done with the intent of destroying America and its people.  If reelected, his additional Orwellian policies (i.e. destroying our nuclear weapon arsenal at the command of Vladimir Putin, complete takeover of the Internet, elimination of his domestic “enemies” and the final termination of a supplicant Congress) will be immediately implemented.  After all, if Obama gets 4 more years, he will have nothing to lose and can operate as the full-dictatorship he has been preparing since before he took office.  However, we have everything to lose–including all we own, our liberty and freedom, our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Is it really that serious?  Yes…it is.  Please remember the above fully-documented facts and truths (as opposed to the Obama-Lies) as you cast your votes.  We will not last as either a people or a nation under 4 more years of the Obama syndicate’s fist.

“The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders.”
–2 Thessalonians 2:9

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