Obama’s Black Problem & the Obamaphone Class

Professor Aldon Morris

From Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) of the Washington Examiner

Black scholar: African Americans worse off under Obama

September 24, 2012

Hailed upon his election as the final nail in racism’s coffin, Barack Obama has not delivered the hoped-for renaissance in African American communities where life on multiple fronts has turned worse as the president has moved on to other pressing issues, according to a leading scholar on race.

“Racial inequality continues to be an ugly sore festering in the heart of 21st century America, despite claims that it has become a post-racial society,” according to Northwestern University professor Aldon Morris. “Social conditions for poor and working-class blacks have actually worsened since Obama took office,” he wrote in the authoritative Contemporary Sociology.

Reviewing a book on race, “State of White Supremacy: Racism, Governance, and the United States,” Morris provided this depressing list:

“The black/white wealth gap has widened; the black unemployment rate has risen to alarming proportions, especially in inner cities; the home foreclosure crisis has hit the black community with fiercely disproportionate consequences; poor black and brown communities continue to be devastated by crime. The murder of black and brown youth is commonplace, even just blocks from Obama’s Chicago mansion and his new home in the stately White House. At the same time, public education for blacks has deteriorated drastically.”


And as Moonbattery points out, as Obamunism takes root in America, this spokeswoman of “our new ruling class” explains why we should eagerly support him as dutiful members of, at present, “the 47%,” and counting. The blogger further comments that for Citizens, of all races, colors, and creeds, “If you work for a living, you are this woman’s slave.”

Video, “Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone

Whaddyaknow, 47% is  just about what I expect Obama to get, on November 6. And by that time, who in America’s recent history will have set African-Americans back, further and in more ways, than he?

It is ironically fitting that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (if Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. actually is his father) has no heritage shared with those who have overcome status as American ex-slaves, and instead, on both his “Negroid” and “Caucasian” sides, as the old encyclopedia in the bookshelf at the top of the stairs used to put it, has slave holders in his lineage, something that has been reported for years.

On another subject, on 9-11-12, as our Ambassador to Libya and fellow weapons tracking agents were dragged from their quarters and murdered in the streets, the Obamaphone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was hung up and its resident in chief went to sleep.

And now, America, it is 3:00am and our Obamaphone is ringing….

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