Obama’s & Bush’s EO’s Demand Transformation: US into UN Agenda 21 State

“Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse?
Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
– Maurice Strong, at the U.N. Rio Summit, 1992


Let us go back a bit and look at the Obama Executive Order 13514, which was signed on October 5, 2009, “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance.” This sets sustainability goals for federal agencies.

Demonstrating a commitment to lead by example, on October 5, 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13514, that set sustainability goals for Federal agencies and focuses on making improvements in their environmental, energy and economic performance.  The Executive Order required Federal agencies to submit a 2020 greenhouse gas pollution reduction target within 90 days, and to increase energy efficiency, reduce fleet petroleum consumption, conserve water, reduce waste, support sustainable communities, and leverage Federal purchasing power to promote environmentally-responsible products and technologies.

The Federal Government occupies nearly 500,000 buildings, operates more than 600,000 vehicles, employs more than 1.8 million civilians, and purchases more than $500 billion per year in goods and services.  The Executive Order builds on and expands the energy reduction and environmental requirements of Executive Order 13423 by making reductions of greenhouse gas emissions a priority of the Federal government, and by requiring agencies to develop sustainability plans focused on cost-effective projects and programs.  Projected benefits to the taxpayer include substantial energy savings and avoided costs from improved efficiency.

Executive Order 13514

President Bush speaking in Brazil, 11-7-2005; photo, Agência Brasil, a public Brazilian news agency.

As noted above, it mentions Executive Order 13423, issued by President George W. Bush on January 24, 2007.

Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management

Executive Order 13423 “Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management,” signed by President Bush on January 24, 2007. The order sets goals in the areas of energy efficiency, acquisition, renewable energy, toxics reductions, recycling, renewable energy, sustainable buildings, electronics stewardship, fleets, and water conservation. In addition the order requires more widespread use of Environmental Management Systems as the framework in which to manage and continually improve these sustainable practices.

Fed Center.gov

I cannot emphasis enough, the magnitude and scope of how Agenda 21’s “nonbinding” mandates and sustainability-think have infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives, one way or another. Through various agencies and NGO’s (non governmental organizations) businesses have to abide by so many rules and regulations that one can only conclude, in this economy, it will be hard for many to stay in business. And since government is charged with intruding upon the management of businesses in this regard, it is also being charged with exemplifying this fundamental transformation, at the cost of our governmental debt and taxes.

You will also notice that previous EO’s issued by President Clinton have been “revoked,” but are being kept as a “historical reference.” Also note, while these previous EO’s objectives were “preferred,” the EO’s are now “required” by all federal agencies.

More on the Bush EO 13423:

In addition the Order requires federal agencies to purchase environmentally preferable products and services, and revokes previous Executive Orders related to environmentally preferable purchasing. Copies of the revoked Executive Orders are provided below because they provide historical references for the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program.  For the Federal government as a whole, the President’s Office of Management and Budget has issued a series of scorecards to help track progress of Federal agencies in implementing Executive Order 13423EPA (Pollution Protection)

Let us look at the Agenda 21 publication below and what it alleges as unsustainable patterns of richer nations and industrialized countries (United States) in their negative influences on the environment, also how they intend to solve these so dire issues. I think any reasonable person can agree that there are countries that need help. That is not what this is about. This is not about bringing the rest of the world up to our standards of living; this is about bringing our country down to a third world nation status.

A. Focusing on unsustainable patterns of production and consumption

Basis for action

4.3. Poverty and environmental degradation are closely interrelated. While poverty results in certain kinds of environmental stress, the major cause of the continued deterioration of the global environment is the unsustainable pattern of consumption and production, particularly in industrialized countries, which is a matter of grave concern, aggravating poverty and imbalances.

4.4. Measures to be undertaken at the international level for the protection and enhancement of the environment must take fully into account the current imbalances in the global patterns of consumption and production.

4.5. Special attention should be paid to the demand for natural resources generated by unsustainable consumption and to the efficient use of those resources consistent with the goal of minimizing depletion and reducing pollution. Although consumption patterns are very high in certain parts of the world, the basic consumer needs of a large section of humanity are not being met. This results in excessive demands and unsustainable lifestyles among the richer segments, which place immense stress on the environment. The poorer segments, meanwhile, are unable to meet food, health care, shelter and educational needs. Changing consumption patterns will require a multipronged strategy focusing on demand, meeting the basic needs of the poor, and reducing wastage and the use of finite resources in the production process.

  • Adopting an international approach to achieving sustainable consumption patterns

4.8. In principle, countries should be guided by the following basic objectives in their efforts to address consumption and lifestyles in the context of environment and development:

(a)  All countries should strive to promote sustainable consumption patterns;

(b)  Developed countries should take the lead in achieving sustainable consumption patterns;

Agenda 21

How is federal government fulfilling the above goals?

Leading by Example: Using Information and Communication Technologies to Achieve Federal Sustainability Goals

As the nation’s largest landlord, fleet operator, and purchaser of goods and services, the federal government has the opportunity, if not the responsibility, to lead by example in moving our country in a more sustainable direction.

Recent initiatives across the federal government have demonstrated that the expanded use of information and communications technologies (ICT) can spur significant reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gases, while at the same time achieve substantial cost savings and improve productivity. Recent technological developments have created new energy saving opportunities in the areas of smart buildings, smart transportation, and travel substitution. Additional opportunities exist related to mobility and collaboration tools.

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

It must be understood, this did not happen overnight. It has been slowly integrated into our lives over a period of time. By doing it slowly, two generations have bought into not only the environmental movement, but Marxism and collectivism along with it. Those people are now in positions where they can affect policy and in turn are transforming our nation.

This is a well thought out plan and has been implemented over many years. What one may or may not be aware of, is that we have witnessed a gradual transformation of how people view and understand life in this world. Please note the excerpt below, from the Agenda 21 publication, which shows how this has, is, and continues to be done. Also, follow the link below for a more in depth look at how this subversion has taken place.

Promoting Education, Public Awareness & Training

36.1. Education, raising of public awareness and training are linked to virtually all areas in Agenda 21, and even more closely to the ones on meeting basic needs, capacity-building, data and information, science, and the role of major groups. This chapter sets out broad proposals, while specific suggestions related to sectoral issues are contained in other chapters. The Declaration and Recommendations of the Tbilisi Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education 1/ organized by UNESCO and UNEP and held in 1977, have provided the fundamental principles for the proposals in this document.

36.2. Programme areas described in the present chapter are:

(a) Reorienting education towards sustainable development;

(b) Increasing public awareness;

(c) Promoting training.

Agenda 21

See other entries by as Dawn sees it or click the tag, “executive orders,” below, for more on America’s implementation of Agenda 21 by decree.


  1. I realized what this was about when H.W. Bush was President. I heard him give a speech praising ‘the new world order.’ It is why we have open borders to the south at least. It is why the muslims have invaded Europe, Canada and the U.S. It is the reason for the Euro and the EPA. It is all about power and control. Agenda 21 is George Orwell’s “Animal Farm, 1984 ” all rolled together. It places Government in control over everyone and everything and demands that the Government be worshiped. Agenda 21 is the reason the UN denigrates Christians, and Jews and promotes islam. It can only survive with illiterate, subjugated footsoldiers from islam, and it needs to make Christians, and Jews the object of ridicule and humiliation, now. Eventually, Christians and Jews will all be killed or converted to a Jim Wallis fake Christianity. There will be endless wars and struggles at the top of all of this New World Order to see who reigns. Absolute power will go to the cruelest so my money is on islam to get on top. But that structure of rule has incredible weaknesses. I mean Camel Urine to cure Cancer? Each Imam with his own interpretation of right and wrong, making it up day by day? What could go wrong with that approach?

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