What is the Cost to American Families, of Aid to Islamist Nations?

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by Ronald Solomon, @OhSuzyQz, & Arlen Williams

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What is the cost of subsidizing Islamic countries that hate us?

The average median income for a family of four in the United States is $51,000.00. Such a family will pay $2,900.00 in federal income taxes, that much personal property confiscated by the iron fist of government power and spent as its officials choose. Based on this example, let’s look and see how many American families’ taxes it takes for the Obama Administration to give annual aid to Islamic countries that hate us.

Annual aid: $1.56 billion

The new president of Egypt is the leader of a terrorist organization. His regime has stood by while Christians in Egypt have been murdered and churches burned. He did nothing when our embassy in Cairo was attacked. He has not even issued an apology for the attack.

Egypt votes against the United States in the United Nations 79% of the time.

It takes 573,000 U.S. families to pay for the “aid” to this country.

Annual aid: $6.7 billion

This country hid Bin Laden, imprisoned the doctor for 30 years who helped the U.S. find Bin Laden, and continues to harbor Al Qaeda terrorists within its borders.

Pakistan votes against the United States in the United Nations 75% of the time.

It takes 2,300,000 U.S. families to pay for the “aid” to this country.

Palestinian Authority (West Bank and Gaza Strip)
Annual aid: $600 million

The Palestinians danced in the streets when the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11. Just lately, for the last three days they have been rioting in the streets, yelling: “Death to all Americans.”

Video at YouTube.com

It takes 206,000 U.S. families to pay for the “aid” to this country.

Annual aid: $1.9 billion

On top of our training of the Afghan military, we give Afghanistan $1.9 billion in aid annually and Obama entered into an agreement with Afghanistan promising billions more.

In the last few days, Afghan protestors rioted in the streets in reaction to the U.S. Embassy attacks, yelling, “Death to Americans”, attacked two U.S. bases killing several people and burned an effigy of President Obama. Our troops are being murdered by the Afghan military which we are training, while we train them.

It takes 655,000 U.S. families to pay for the “aid” to this country.

Annual aid: $600 million

In Nigeria, Christians are routinely murdered and churches burned.

It takes 206,000 U.S. families to pay for the “aid” to this country.

Annual aid: $500 million

Just a few days ago, rioters in Khartoum attacked and broke into the German embassy, surrounded the British embassy and marched on the U.S. embassy.

Sudan votes against the United States in the United Nations 75% of the time.

It takes 172,000 U.S. families to pay for the “aid” to this country.

Annual aid: $35 million

Yes, we actually give foreign aid to the country that gives safe harbor to pirates that murder innocent people on the high seas.

It takes 12,000 U.S. families to pay for the “aid” to this country.

In addition to these countries, the United States sent billions of tax payer money to the following Islamic counties, all of which vote overwhelmingly against the United States in the United Nations:

  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Chad
  • Iraq
  • Indonesia
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Mali
  • Mauritania
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Oman
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Yemen

And what was the reaction from the heads of state of each of these countries to the murder of our Ambassador in Libya and the attacks on our embassies worldwide?

With the exception of the president of Libya, not one word.

To add to all this, Hillary Clinton requested and received an additional $750 million in aid for Muslim countries to help them through a transition period from the Arab Spring.

It takes 258,000 U.S. families to pay for the “aid” to this cause.

In 2009, President Obama in his speech in Cairo spoke of “a new beginning,” and “America is not — and never will be — at war with Islam.” No, Mr. President, it would appear that Islam is at war with America and the U.S. tax payers are paying for the war.

For the reader that can only remember these words, “the Muslim Brotherhood is good. We want them in Egypt….” may I point out this video by Mohammad Mursi, the new President of Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. In the name of Allah and Martyrdom, he promised their followers that Jerusalem would be capital of a new Islamic Caliphate.

Video at YouTube

To pander to these fanatics, the Democratic Party Platform did not originally refer to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Then, of course, there was the so called 2/3 vote at the Democratic National Convention to restore the language that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, that did not actually pass, but an embarrassed Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigossa said it had.

Video at YouTube

Who are the real fanatics that are trying to destroy America, the Muslim’s or the Democrats?

These figures change from year to year. We could add the cost of all of our Citizens’ involuntary, government-confiscated contributions to America-hating Jihadists last year, or this year, or those planned for 2013 and onward. But does that answer the question that started us off? Let us add one word to it, in parentheses:

What is the (true) cost of subsidizing Islamic countries that hate us?

How many families pay?


Video at YouTube

In the future, historians of this land will write of the foolish Americans of the early Twenty-First Century, who thought the terrorism they experienced was the result of poverty native to the terrorists. They will also note the appeasers, who as voluntary victims of racketeers, thought they were investing in these nations as a subscription to their safety.

We hope these historians will be dismayed survivors in an America which had learned otherwise in time, instead of gleeful jihadis in the northwest corner of their Caliphate – or the Illuminist elite of Agenda 21, who would have used them as chess pieces, prior to victimizing them in turn, by whatever engineered genocide.


Video, “Rand Paul: ‘Not One Penny More for Libya, Egypt or Pakistan
Until They Act Like Our Allies‘”
His moral, rational stance was overwhelmingly rejected in the Senate, 9/22.

For further information about this travesty see:


  1. Merely Obama, the UN and much of the rest of the world stealing all we have built and recreating the USA and its people as a 3rd–or 4th–world country; impoverished and enslaved to the masters who destroy them. This election will determine if the majority of the US population actually wants to be sick, poverty-stricken and in bondage.

    Other Western nations–including Canada–now have a higher standard of living, higher salaries and far superior energy programs than does the USA.

    Still don’t think totalitarianism can happen here? Look around for a change–it’s already in place…

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