Seeing the Ground Zero Mosque as Militant Muslims Do

“So, what’s the big picture?”

From the blog, Talk Wisdom:

Muslims Smile in our Faces While Cursing us in their Hearts

Think that title is too harsh? Well…before you condemn me for posting such a title, please view this video:

The Smile that is Really a Curse

[GB: Video, 5/26/2010, “Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the  Ground Zero Mosque“]

Everyone should watch this eye opening video. It’s  shocking if you don’t understand the goals. Don’t delete until you have watched it. Then, pass it on. We must be aware of how this works. And, work it does. Just take a good look at history and what is happening in today’s world. Many influential people are being misled. We cannot be. Be informed. The building of a mosque near the site of the world trade center bombing is tantamont to a muslim dance of victory.

After you view the video, can you please tell me how (or why) you think that the idea of Islamic groups headed up by a radical Islamic imam building a mosque near Ground Zero should not be deemed, in reality, as anything but a smile on the faces of Muslims while cursing us in their hearts?

The video was produced by Acts 17 Apologetics.  A statement uttered therein, which may sum it up: “When you Islamize the most important places of your enemy, you destabilize your enemy, you make them weaker, and you show them that Muslims are in control.”


And as shown and desribed in AIP News:

Aerial photo of World Trade Center Ground Zero following Sept. 11 attacks. Red square to right of Ground Zero marks former Burlington Coat Factory and proposed location of Cordoba House.
It should be mentioned that part of one of the hijacked planes went through the building in question. That makes it very much a part of Ground Zero.

I confess to playing with words, in the title of this entry. I referred to “militant Muslims.” From the Koran and the history of Islam, from Mohamed onward, it may be understood that Islam is in itself, militant.  Are there Muslims who are not so militant?  Yes, but they deviate from the mandate, the history, the eschatology — and the current trend.

Update: This entry has been update from its initial release of August 15, due to visitor interest.


  1. Good work here, Arlen! When we see the aerial photo that you have provided of just how close the mosque (God forbid!) would be to Ground Zero, it heightens the truth about what the young man in the video reveals regarding his Muslim friend’s “funny” photographs.

    I am going to link the Acts 17 Apologetics in my blog post and place them on my blog roll.

    Thanks for adding so much to this discussion.

  2. Thank you for putting this out, Chris and telling it as it is.

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