Video Alert: COLLECTIVISM – Obama’s Words; How he is Openly Destroying the USA

Gulag Note:

Be sure to see the video. Obama calls for a Marx/Trotsky-style, centrally-controlled, “democratic” collective, much as Mitt Romney described in his secretly videoed, “47%” statements. Obama also portrays in a few chosen words the post-USSR version of global neo-Marxism, an enslaved “capitalism” of state controlled markets, also called corporatism, the core of 20th Century fascism and something now done in Russia, China, increasingly in the European states, and in South America — and now, here.

This video of Obama’s self-confessed philosophy, of the Marxist sabotage of free America  is corroborative of the just-released “redistribution” video, but far more damning. Is it not being shown by “mainstream media?”

col·lec·tiv·ism – [kuh-lek-tuh-viz-uhm]
the political principle of centralized social and economic control, especially of all means of production.

Please be sure to “spread the wealth” of this critical information to voters. It is up to us, to defeat the control that comes from the anti-American, phony “top,” down.

“…with the collapse of communism I think we recognize that markets are gonna happen,
but having said all that

…we collectively can decide on our fate…

…markets… are… under our control…”

Video released Sept. 18:
Obama calls for ‘democracy with a small d’; Pushes society based on collectivism, ‘common good’


Sher Zieve

Barack Hussein Obama and his syndicate have been caught in yet another huge lie that is designed to destroy what’s left of our country.  The Obama Tyranny Project is now–finally–saying that the Libyan/Egyptian/Tunisian and dozens more Islamist-run countries’ rioting and wanton murdering hordes actions were not due to any obscure anti-Islam film.  They are, however, refusing to admit the truth…that all of the Muslim Mayhem is due to Obama’s Middle East appeasement policies.   We show weakness…we get hit.  Simple stuff for the even the moderately aware.  We know that tortured and murdered US Ambassador Chris Stevens knew he had been placed on a hit-list and still he did not have an assigned security detail.  That’s Obama’s fault.

So, now, the Obama syndicate is considering releasing the “Blind Sheik” (who engineered the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993) from US custody in order to appease his real friends and colleagues (the ones he has appointed to top security positions in the USA)–the Muslim Brotherhood–who is instigating the new Middle Eastern violence and barbarism.

Note:  For those who still don’t know, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and multiple other terrorist organizations are the offspring of Obama’s pals the Muslim Brotherhood.

By the way, did you know that the Obama syndicate’s EPA is planning to issue ration cards with a four-gallon limit mandate…thus, effectively, immobilizing a great deal of the population?  Stalinist tactics.  As is a smaller one, a less mobile population is easier to control.  And, recently, videos have been unearthed (from 1995 and 1998) in which Obama states he wants to redistribute our country’s wealth (take from the producers [you and me]), give it to the non-productive and transfer much of it to poorer and less-to-non-productive countries overseas.  Obama also discusses his belief in establishing a [Communist] “collective.”  In other words, we work for it and the non-working ObamaBuds are allowed to take it from us.  That is how totalitarians justify stealing everything from countries and totally decimating them.  They begin by lying that “it’s for the poor” or “it’s for the children” and then they end up keeping the lion’s share for themselves.

Obama has, also, effectively installed ObamaCare against the will of the American people (which has nothing to do with health care but, everything to do with confiscation of more of our $$$) that the CBO now says will bankrupt us even faster.  He has issued one Executive Order after another that takes away our liberties.  He has sided with the radical Islamists against both the USA and its people, while the fully collaborative and completely corrupted leftist media applaud everything the tyrant says and does as they cover up his lies and real anti-American work that he and his syndicate are affecting against us all.

The above are only a few more of the recent atrocities The Obama has affected.  Every day these nefarious and monstrous acts against we US citizens (on both the left and the right of the political scales) are becoming more perverse.  And…yet…the polls show Obama taking the lead over Romney?  Are we really supposed to believe polls from far-left Marxist supporters?  Let’s don’t believe them, folks.  These polls are designed to depress and defeat us…so that we won’t bother to vote.

There is only one–current–way to defeat them in a non-violent way; that of voting in such huge and unprecedented numbers that the Marxist-Democrat voter fraud will be completely overwhelmed.  We need to vote in greater numbers than we did in 2010.  We must vote against all Democrats.  After we take back the Office of the President of the United States and both Houses of Congress, we can and will then work on ridding ourselves of the RINOs.  Sound like a plan?  May God be with us…otherwise our country will be lost forever.

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”

“Demotivational poster” from 2008

Source: State Department Considering Talks to Transfer ‘Blind Sheikh’ to Egypt:

Team Obama and the Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood):

Want to Know Just How Close the Muslim Brotherhood Is to the Obama Admin?:

Obama’s EPA four-gallon rationed Gas purchase mandate:

1998 Obama Redistribution of Wealth:

1995 Obama Pushes society based on collectivism:
at and show at top


  1. The finds of these videos and audios are not suspicious, they are well timed in the heat of the campaign battle. There will be more. If these came out early on in his admin, they would have been dismissed by now and forgotten.

    All boats rise in a high tide, the reciprocal is what we have now.

    • Thanks, Denise. At least it’s nice to see the Romney-side knows now to destroy the reputation of a Democrat, as well as those of conservative Republicans. This time, it is well deserved.

    • You just gotta laugh at these whackadoodles.. the commies are coming, the commies are comminggGggGG!! ROFL

      Get with the 21st century. Communism is history. Corporations run Washington now. Eg., Obamacare is mandated private insurance, a ‘free market solution’ idea from the Republicans. USA is the only developed nation on earth without some form of universal public health coverage..

      you SURE the commies are coming?> ROFL


      • Bubbah, what part of “neo-Marxism as fascism,” or as we have often called it, “Marxofascism” are you not getting?

        Collectivist totalitarians can find all sorts of nuances and names. There is only one direction to go, from freedom.

      • Your not watching or comprehending what is going on. You may be ROTFL but if he gets his change to his 100% you will be ROTFSYP that is sh your pants. Then will wonder why you didn’t or couldn’ t see what was happening.

  2. col·lec·tiv·ism – [kuh-lek-tuh-viz-uhm]
    the political principle of centralized social and economic control, especially of all means of production.

  3. The problem with this video as we know now is that it was selectively edited and taken out of context. With that now being the proven case, some people will still refuse to view the whole tape and then judge it because they are afraid it might challenge or put into question what they want to believe. People who have their minds made up, no matter how much counter evidence exist, are only going to believe what they want to believe. Closed minds, and those who refuse to investigate evidence that is counter to what they want to believe, is the greatest danger that faces a Democracy. For Democracy to be successful, the voters must be thoroughly informed without being unduly influenced by others. An informed voter should be able to debate their view, without condemning the view of others, and should know as many facts behind their belief to support their position agains others. Accepting what you hear from others as being fact, without doing your own research is not what makes an informed voter, but is only parroting what others have told you.

    • M baker:

      “Selectively edited and taken out of context.” Hmmm. First time I’ve heard that one about these Obama videos. Where is/are it/they “taken out of context” and where has/have it/they been “selectively edited?”

      You make the claim…which is your right. Now, provide the proof.


    • They are self-contained statements by Barack Obama, with objects and subjects, which a (non-postmodernist) student of the English language will know to be self-standing.

  4. Reply to m baker:

    We are not a Democracy, we are a republic. We are not ruled by a king n we are not servants. (even though it feels like we are). We vote to put people in n they are suppose to work for WE THE PEOPLE (SMILE).

    About 2 mos. ago I left a comment stating that Congress knew before he was elected that he was not a Natural Born citizen n nobody has made a reply about this as of today. Congress tried 8x to change the definition of the Natural Born eligibility clause. Do a search….Congress knew Obama was ineligible six years before he was elected n it shows that between 6/11/03-2/28/08 there were 8 attempts to chg that. It has the names of the people n their HRJ numbers.

    He was chosen to destroy the USA n don’t forget he was given the Nobel Peace Award at the begining of his presidency w/o doing anything to earn it. But they knew what he was going to do. So far it has been working.

    With God being taken out of everything that the US was founded on because the majority of the people don’t want the bible or prayer anywhere in their lives well this is what happens. God has given the people what they mostly want n that is not to God in their lives, school, govt n so on..

    One thing I can say is that he is going to win again even though that is not our wish.

    God help us all as things are goint to get worse n not better, w/companies going to overseas, there won’t be much work in the US.

    Can we live w/o GOD. No we can’t. Because there will be a price to pay w/o GOD.

    If one was to die today, tonite n so on will u know where u will go If u don’t know or believe in GOD

  5. One other thing I forgot on my comments above:

    Does anybody know why the slogan FORWARD was chosen for the DNC. It is a communism word that stands for 1. communish, victory. 2. Stalin, Lenin, Mao used that term for victory. 3. Great warriors forward to the West. 4. March forward under the banner of Mao Zedong. 5. Mao great leap forward. 6. Lenin banner lets go forward for the Motherland. 7. Non-party members n communists march forward for the future. 8. Stalin newspaper was named forward for Stalin. Between Stalin n Mao 70 million people were killed.

    It was no accident that the slogan Hope and Change was chosen either. If one thinks about everything that has been going on in our country we can see where everything is going.

    • Maggie,

      You are correct on every front, especially regarding belief in God. There is no doubt that this administration will do all in their power to render God persona non grata, with Congress as a willing stooge. Scary, isn’t it?

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