Audit the Fed Bill to be Quashed by Democrats in US Senate Committee

“The Great Seal” on the Dollar; not “of the United States of America,” just “The Great Seal,” this graphic from a US government page for kids:

The first succinct report I found on this sits at the site of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Granted its nature, we present it here in full (with one phrase emphasized).

Get Audit the Fed a Fair Vote in the Senate

By Dave Nalle – September 17, 2012 at 4:25 PM

Thanks to everyone who called and emailed to help get Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill passed in the House by a strong majority. This was a major victory, but it’s just the beginning. The majority of Democrats in the House opposed the bill and their party controls the Senate, which will make it a challenge to even get the Senate version to the floor for a vote.Right now Audit the Fed (S. 202) is being held in the Senate Banking Committee and Chairman Tim Johnson (D-SD) is under orders from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) not to let it out of committee. If it doesn’t get out of the committee it never even gets a chance for a vote from the Senate as a whole.  Some progress is being made.  The bill now has 32 co-sponsors, even including one Democrat.  That puts some pressure on the House leadership, but not enough.

Experts are declaring Audit the Fed to be “dead on arrival” in the Senate, but if our government works at all, if there is enough grassroots outcry for the Senate to take action on the bill, we ought to be able to pressure Reid and Johnson to release the bill for a fair vote on the floor.

Making this happen requires a two phase plan of action.

First, you have to call Reid and Johnson directly yourself. They’re Democrats and they may not represent your state, but they should still take your call because of their leadership positions. Don’t necessarily tell them you’re not a Democrat. Just make very clear to their staff member who answers the phone that you’re concerned about Audit the Fed (S.202) and would like the Senate to have a chance to vote on it. Point out the strong bipartisan support in the House and the wide popular support in polls. That might help.

Call Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) at 202-224-5842 Call Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) at 202-224-3542

Second, use the form below to write your Senators and urge them to join as sponsors of the bill and to contact Reid and Johnson and ask that they bring the bill to the floor of the Senate for a vote. If enough people contact them about it they will reach out to these two powerful Democrats and if enough Senators take action it might wear them down. Use the text entered in the email form or it might be even better if you customize it to express your concern in your own words.

Below their report, they show an activist form and petition.

Related, concerning the pernicious Fed’s QE3, in The Hill: Republicans question whether Fed carrying water for Obama

Ron Paul interviewed on Bloomberg News, July 25, after passage of bill in House:

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  1. I cannot believe that anybody with commonsense would not want to have audited big $$$$.
    My bank is regularly audited and I receive a printout of where it stands financially.
    If it weren’t done so regularly I would have to believe they’re hiding something from the
    accounting firm.
    I believe that the Democrats are financially deficient in their view of running the USA. Anyone
    opposed to a thorough investigation of such matters should be considered unfit for being in
    their position and should be released immediately.
    We have no place for incompetence — the $$$ are too huge.

  2. Yes audit the Fed. Then shut the Fed completely down. What was it form in the first place on Jeykle Island? Who were the founders? Were they Progressive’s like Woodrow Wilson and Hillary Clinton?

    We have our Treasury Dept and should be enough. Collect taxes and spend what you only collect.

  3. Several years have passed since this article was posted, and the audit effort has been resubmitted and not approved by congress.

    Additional legislation to audit specific accounts of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is not required. The accounts that hide embezzlement have been reviewed (not audited) for internal control on at least two occasions by the GAO. The GAO has authority to audit any handling of government money. The FRBNY has exclusive control of accounts that handle money from the auctions of Treasury securities which amounts to $10T annually, Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. Those accounts are alleged to conceal embezzled funds for the benefit of Wall Street financiers. Ref.

    The only requirement for an audit of the relevant accounts is an instruction to the GAO from a congressional committee chair.

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