How Clint Eastwood, ‘The Enforcer,’ Trailed Bill Ayers After Larry Grathwohl

Video, “The Enforcer Trailer
note the female voice issuing the terrorist challenge, a few seconds in

In the conclusion of Clint Eastwood’s 1976 “The Enforcer,” Dirty Harry blows away a Bill Ayers like figure with a bazooka after dispatching a revolutionary terrorist group (called the People’s Revolutionary Strike Force in the film) running loose on the streets of San Francisco.  Throughout the film, Dirty Harry is hot on the trail after a Marxist like terrorist group led by a blonde male actor who could easily pass for Bill Ayers. The leading terrorist has a dark haired girlfriend who resembles Bill Ayer’s real wife, Bernadine Dohrn.

Video, “Weather Underground Announces Fall Offensive”
note the female voice issuing the terrorist challenge, a few seconds in,
before CBS diverts into the subject of universal control of explosive chemicals,
never letting a crisis go to waste

Throughout the 1970’s, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were heavily involved in the Weather Underground, which was a revolutionary Marxist terrorist group that was born in the helter-skelter counter cultural chaos of the 1960’s that hated authority – especially the police department.  In 1970, a San Francisco policeman was killed by the Weather Underground in a bombing attack instigated by Ayers and Dohrn. In 1971, the FBI found a Weather Underground pipe bomb factory that tied Ayers to the crime. “The Enforcer” is certainly loosely based on such and similar events.

The closing credits of the film shows a disgusted Dirty Harry walking away from the mayor he saved as a helicopter drops in on the scene announcing with a megaphone that the San Francisco City Hall has decided to give in to the demands of the terrorists.   Dirty Harry’s disgust was well warranted because the true victim of the movie was his female police partner played by Tyne Daly.  She was placed in a dangerous situation thanks to San Francisco’s new equal opportunity police department rules.   She was shot and killed in all the violent pandemonium immediately preceding the climax of the movie, but saved Dirty Harry in the process.  Initially, Dirty Harry was not happy with the working relationship he was forced into, but came to appreciate his new partner as the movie wore on.

In real life, Larry Grathwohl was an FBI informant who had secretly penetrated Bill Ayer’s Weather Underground group in 1969.  The Weather Underground wanted to take over America and replace it with a Marxist government with the help of various communist governments across the globe.  Grathwohl even overheard Ayers and company discussing putting Americans into internment camps to re-educate them properly.  They even bandied around the idea of eliminating some 25 million die hard capitalists if necessary.

Grathwohl has been looking for social justice against Bill Ayers for many years now because he knows that both Ayers and Dohrn were personally responsible for the killing of San Francisco Sergeant Brian McDonnell.  Although both of them have been accused of murder, they have never been prosecuted.

After the San Francisco terrorist attack, Ayers and Dohrn participated in the bombing of the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and a State Department building. In 1980, they turned themselves into authorities and pleaded guilty to the possession of explosives, but were never prosecuted for the bombings as they were released on a technicality. Dohrn served seven months in prison, but Ayers did not serve any time. In 1981, Ayers sarcastically quipped in an interview with David Horowitz that he was “guilty as sin, but free as a bird. America is a great country.”

Such ‘punks’ always merited the ire of Dirty Harry.   In fact, the Dirty Harry’s cop persona represents the ultimate enemy of the radical left’s hatred for the police department.   Even back in the 70’s, Dirty Harry was vilified for his cowboy like form of justice.

Yet it must also be pointed out that this was a false stereotype as “Magnum Force” makes so clear in 1973.  Dirty Harry may have been an out of place cowboy sheriff placed in the modern decadent city of San Francisco, but he was no vigilante.    He had no “Death Wish” like Charles Bronson did in 1974.   Inspector Callahan, in fact, made this very clear to a group of San Francisco vigilante cops who had crossed over the line in order to clean up San Francisco. Upset with modern political correctness that was strangling the ability to curb crime on the streets, they wanted to secretly take matters into their own hands. Attempting to recruit Dirty Harry into their style of covert justice, he boldly tells them that they have “misjudged” him in a classic tense confrontation.   After dispatching these police mercenaries at the end of the film, Dirty mumbles to himself, “a man has got to know his limitations.”

Before “Magnum Force,” in 1971 the original “Dirty Harry” takes on and kills a counter culture Charles Manson like figure. Manson, of course, was implicated in the brutal murder of Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, in 1969.  However, had he not stolen a few dune buggies pretending to be the famous Nazi general Erwin Rommel racing around the southern California desert as if he was the Desert Fox, he may not have been caught for that particular crime.   Today, the real Charles Manson is rotting in prison with a green swastika tattooed on his forehead.   Charles Manson has claimed to be a strong environmentalist for years. Manson is the environmental founder of ATWA, which stands for Air Trees Water Animals. As recent as 2011, he railed against global warming.

Shockingly, Bernadine Dohrn, is known to have stood up for Charles Manson. After the Manson murders, Ayers and Dohrn called up a War Council among the Weathermen in Detroit. They wanted to launch an attack of chaos against the United States from within the belly of the American beast, and use oppressed Third World countries to help them in the process. At the War Council, Dohrn stood up and gave a fork salute to Charles Manson and screeched, “Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!” It is thus perhaps not so curious that the trail of Ayers and Dohrn then winds up in California the following year.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are no longer punk terrorists as they were in their younger days.  While Ayers is unrepentant about his past, he himself has grown up in the modern American university emphasizing a leftist academic terrorism instead.  Rather than set bombs for the police and government buildings, he has strongly pushed for a leftist/Marxist politically correct agenda that has had no small influence over American public education and the post-modern culture that has stemmed from it.

Before he entered the Oval Office, Bill Ayers had a working relationship with Obama.  Although the relationship has appeared to have cooled thanks to the partisan strains of the presidency, Obama’s political career essentially began in the home of Ayers and Dohrn. They also live in the same Chicago neighborhood a few blocks from each other. Journalist Jack Cashill has an excellent case that Bill Ayers even wrote Obama’s autobiography “Dreams of My Father.”

While leftist political pundits made fun of Clint’s speech at the Republican Convention, in truth, his Dirty Harry movies of the 1970’s are showing themselves to be very smart movies indeed.   The Dirty Harry trilogy of the 1970’s confronted point blank the counter culture movement that was beginning to drag the United States into its purview, but has since catapulted into political and academic leadership. Would Barak Obama even be president today if Bill Ayers was sitting in prison like Charles Manson?

Where is Dirty Harry these days?  Well, he has aged considerably and unfortunately no modern Hollywood actor has replaced him. Nor would any of them even consider such a possibility.   The culture of the 1970’s fell in love with the politically incorrect Dirty Harry – but that was then.  Hollywood would never dream of presenting Dirty Harry as a hero these days.  He is thus greatly missed today.  That’s why it was so refreshing to see him back in the saddle at the Republican Convention.  With his ad hoc empty chair speech that required no teleprompter to get his point across, Dirty Harry made a lot of people’s day.

Mark Musser is the author of “Nazi Oaks: The Green Sacrificial Offering of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust” and a commentary on the warning passages in the book of Hebrews called “Wrath or Rest: Saints in the Hands of an Angry God.”

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