Corruption & Death in TN – Fan The Fire With CJ and Tallu

Writer JB Williams

TONIGHT ON FAN THE FIRE with CJ and TALLU: Writer JB Williams and Sgt. of Marines, Tim Harrington, who are working closely with attorney Steven Pidgeon, will rejoin CJ and Tallu on Patriot’s Heart Media Network. During last week’s show, we learned how citizens can get involved, at the local level, through the local precincts and election committees.

If possible, attorney Stephen Pidgeon will join Tim and JB to discuss the events unfolding in Monroe Co. TN. Steve is handling the case of Retired Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, which began as a treason case filed against President Barack Obama and has escalated into so much more. Now in a fight for justice, Commander Fitzpatrick has been arrested twice, attacked by character assassinations, and unjustly accused of inciting a riot. Clearly, the Monroe county officials do not like what Commander Fitzpatrick and others are bringing to light. These are important issues that demand attention. They’ll be giving it attention tonight.

Could it get worse? Yes. Now, add a dead man to the mix. On July 17, 2010, GOP Election Commissioner Jim Miller was brutally murdered, in a Chicago mob-style slaying, and set ablaze in the trunk of his car in Monroe County, TN.  Does Jim Miller connect to the Fitzpatrick case… and if so, how? Questions abound. For instance, how does Commander Fitzpatrick’s case connect to the LTC Terry Lakin case, currently working its way through military court?

Also, they hope to get updates on The United States Patriots Union, “Accomplished, Focused, United as One, Faithful to the End.”

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Who: CJ and Tallulah welcome back Tim Harrington and JB Williams of The United States Patriot’s Union, with a possible call by Attorney Stephen Pidgeon.
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