Middle East Exploding: Direct Result of Obama Policy & ‘Leading from Behind’


“President Barack Obama listens during a meeting with advisors in the Oval Office, June 8, 2011.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The reasons for the current Middle East destruction of US Embassies in multiple countries–now increasing every day–falls at the feet of Barack Hussein Obama.  Not only has Obama shown extreme and unconscionable weakness with his and his syndicate’s continuing apologies for the USA’s existence (to every Middle Eastern Islamic country worldwide) but, he is now refusing to pay any attention to (and ignores) his daily Intel briefings.

Even after the explosions, destruction of our embassies and the sodomizing and assassination of at least one of the 4 murdered-by-Muslims staff members in Libya, Obama is reported to still be refusing to read and discuss any new Intel reports.  Instead, he chooses to continue campaigning and let the Middle East and American interests burn to the ground.  Note:  Apparently, he thinks someone can verbally give him the Cliffs notes‘ version while he‘s on his way to his next friendly campaign stop.

The Obama non-policies have gutted the US Treasury and destroyed our economy.  They have exalted Islam above Christianity and Judaism and placed the USA and its people into Dhimmitude.  Obama “godfather” David Axelrod has threatened American polling companies with lawsuits (one already filed against Gallup by the DOJ) if they don’t play ball and report that Obama is trouncing Governor Romney in their polls…irrespective of the true results.

And now, they have caused preplanned explosions in Muslim Brotherhood-led countries (remember that Obama has appointed MB members to the highest levels of US National Security)–explosions which are already leading to attempted attacks on other Western countries; the most recent against Germany and Great Britain.  And the polls are showing a “widening lead over Romney” for Dictator Obama?  Voters would rather have their lives and the lives of their loved ones and country destroyed than elect someone who will place it back on course?  Really?  Poppycock!

Pay no attention to these Obama-induced polls.  The pollsters are running scared and, as usual, it will be up to us to provide the courage and the truth.  Obama is decimating the USA and We-the-People on every level possible and we are supposed to believe that the majority of our citizens want it?  I for one do not believe that we are that innately stupid.  We must vote Mitt Romney (BTW, an actual Natural-born US citizen) into the Office of the Presidency of the United States.  I’m just praying that we can survive Obama and his hordes until President Romney is elected.

“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Ambassador Stevens’s brutal death at the hands of Radical Islam:
at communities.washingtontimes.com

British, German Embassies Attacked in Sudan:
at pjmedia.com

In the Gulag:

Barack Obama does not allow his campaign schedule to be disturbed – not to meet with Netanyahu – not to go participate in national security updates – not to deal with the crises the U.S. government participated in causing throughout the Middle East with its instigation and involvement in Arab Spring.


Leading from his behind

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