Activists: ENOUGH! Storm the Obamunist Media with Your Smart Phone!

So… anyone have some video for the Gulag to show?  (tapping watch)


This item was originally entitled…

Activist Training: Breakthrough! Smartphone Videoing the Marxstream Media

…but we kind of stole a tweet that Jon then put out for it, that seemed to work better


This tip just in yesterday morning from the author, @JonathanStein4via The Red Side of Life – check it out!

Fight Media Bias: Interview a Reporter Today! (Action Alert)

Media bias is out of control. So, what do we do? Exactly what the folks did at town halls when Obama first ascended to the throne, simply protesting lack of representation with Tea… which became the Tea Party. It’s time to report on the reporters. Let me explain…

The concept is simple. If you are at a Romney or Ryan event, find the folks with press passes – find the reporters. Then get out your phone and start shooting video. Ask the them who they are voting for. Ask them why they are protecting Obama. Ask them who’s payroll they’re on. Ask them to explain their bias to the American people. It sounds silly, but this is how Helen Thomas was busted… by a kid with a cam.

Swarm them! Force stupid statements and admissions. Get them to call you names. And get it all on video!

Then, upload to youtube and share! Watch how fast it spreads. Let’s start keeping score – how many of these shills can we take down with their own words.

So, get to it – it’s easy to do, yet very effective if enough people start doing it.

And yesterday afternoon I tried it!

Sneaking into a secret meeting of the journos assigned to a Mitt Romney press conference, about an hour before they grilled him, I was able to get off just a few seconds and to escape.

Frankly, I was lucky to get out of there with my phone secure and no bodily harm done. Here is what I discovered.


That was just before their brain-cores were removed from their robot homes and placed into the cranial cavities of the press. I spied that process through a creaked-open door in the adjacent room. The procedures were performed quickly and easily, as if this is done with regularity. Sorry, I failed to get that part videoed; I left my memory card at home.

Podesta in earlier days

I don’t think that was George Soros giving directions. No, they said “Davros.”

Or, did they say, “Davos?” Let me listen again.

No, right the first time.

I think it was John Podesta with some kind of code name and with his bipedal humanoid form kept in storage, perhaps nearby. There is a distinct resemblance.

He was just a bit too… grown up and in command of his own faculties to be David Axelrod.

Excellent idea, Jon. Excellent idea.


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