The Real War on Women & the Bullies Who Destroy Women for Cash

You’ve been told ad nauseam that the Republicans are pursuing a War on Women, by planning to take away their healthcare, reproductive rights and that women will die from cancer, pregnancies gone wrong and will suffer horrible agony being forced to bear the children of rapists and molesters… These conjure up poignant emotions in anyone who truly cares about women and girls. But what about the people who make these damning accusations, these vile predictions; what do their deeds reveal about their motives, about the abundance of their compassionate hearts?

Karen Handel recently resigned VP of the Susan G. Kolman Foundation can tell you more than you may want to know about the caring, woman-loving folks at that fine organization, Planned Parenthood. She has seen their duplicity, their treachery and she’s felt the harsh sting of their wrath.

She can tell you about what they really care about and it isn’t women! Why would Planned Parenthood attack a woman in a vicious, orchestrated attack aimed at not just changing the policy that they had agreed to with Kolman of not renewing several grants, but their attacks were targeted, personal and designed to destroy a single woman and make an example of her. You see the Susan G. Kolman Foundation made a decision to not renew the $700, 000 worth of grants they had been giving to Planned Parenthood first ,because Planned Parenthood does not do breast exams and mammograms it simply refers clients to other clinics and second, because for this referral service PP takes a handsome fee right off the top of the grant money. The Kolman board decided that they could help more women and fund more cancer research by directly paying for R&D and actual health care services without the middleman taking their cut. The bullies at Planned Parenthood didn’t want to lose the money and they didn’t want this idea to spread to other donors, so it had to go in for the kill.

From Today’s Courier Herald Column: The Peach Pundit posts this book review

Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel’s book, Planned Bullyhood, hit store shelves on Tuesday. It is her account of the time spent as the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Senior Vice President of Public Policy, and the organization’s attempt to distance itself from Planned Parenthood.

Handel’s critics will paint the book as a tell-all designed to settle scores. Nothing could be further from the truth. Handel is critical of many inside and outside the Komen organization, but she is toughest on herself. She was the one who was hired to help navigate a peaceful separation between Koman and Planned Parenthood over the less than $700,000 given to them as pass through grants.

The results were anything but peaceful. Quite the contrary. Handel says several times in the book that she should have been more aware of the mounting signals that Planned Parenthood was planning an ambush. They were not only aware of the strategy but were working with Komen on helping script the timing and public message of the change in direction. Ultimately instead of cooperating, Planned Parenthood used the Komen Foundation as part of this years contrived “War on Women” political meme, in coordination with those who have direct ties to the Whitehouse.

That is the story of Planned Bullyhood.

At the center of this controversy is Democratic National Committee communications and media consultant Hillary Rosen. During the time Rosen was advising Komen on how to “create appropriate messaging” that would appease those on the left, in effect acting as the “Planned Parenthood point person”. During this time Rosen’s firm was also working with Planned Parenthood, representing Sandra Fluke as her publicist and Rosen was a regular visitor to the White House.



  1. Thank you for this excellent post. This is exactly what women need to learn as they are targeted by a Democrat campaign of fear.

  2. Did you mean to say Komen in your story and not ” Susan G. Kolman”?

    Good story though.

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