Sharon Meroni vs. Illinois Politics; at a Belly of the Beast

If a beast must be dispatched, what better place to be?

From a posting of Patriot’s Heart Network, Chalice’s Blog, August 13:

Conservative Citizen Journalist and Co-Founder of Patriots Heart Network, Chalice Jackson (AKA Sharon Meroni) has been fighting the Eligibility issue in Illinois politics for about a year now.

Chalice has been fighting to get the Illinois Board of Elections to verify the citizenship status of all candidates on her ballot. She has learned that Illinois does not verify the citizenship status of ANY candidate running for office in Illinois.

In June 2010 Chalice challenged 32 candidates who had applied for “Ballot Position” on her ballot for the November election. Not unexpectedly, the Illinois Board of Elections voted to deny her right to discern the Constitutional qualifications of the candidates who seek to be on her ballot.

The Hearing was held on Friday August 6th, 2010 in a small room at the Illinois Board of Elections, simul-broadcasting in Chicago and Springfield.

This is a clip of some of the more important points. The full testimony lasted about 30 minutes. This is the first of a series of videos and audios we will release about the hearing.

On Friday, August 13th, Chalice returns to the Circuit Courts…

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Whether one likes everything Chalice has done, or not, or how she has gone about it, one interested in restoring authentic America should be supportive of her efforts at a belly of a beast.  This beast overall, is ravenously assaulting our “last best hope” of freedom in the world.

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