Marxist Unions Sponsor Illinois GOP Event

New Zeal

Everyone knows that the Illinois Democrat Party is in bed with the state’s labor unions, but it appears that the state GOP is also cozy with the socialists.

Proof of this relationship comes from a little brochure I found at the RNC in Tampa last week.

SEIU, and AFSCME, both of which are dominated by Democratic Socialists of America, the US’ largest Marxist organization, sponsored an Illinois GOP social gathering after the day’s main events.

How can the Illinois State GOP justify taking money from Marxist controlled labor unions?

Would their rank and file members approve of such a potentially dangerous and corrupting relationship?


  1. Illinois is the most corrupt state in the country. The Chicago Machine runs our state and the GOP kowtows. Money talks. Bill Brady won 98 out of 102 counties in his run for Governor in 2010, but lost the election. Our state epitomizes how to destroy a nation. People are fleeing in droves, businesses are crossing state lines and our city is “awarded” taxpayer $$$ to build a bridge because Galesburg is a train hub, tying up traffic in our oh so HUGE city of 30,000 people. We’ve survived without this bridge, so why start now? Waste, waste and more waste. ** A broken state on life support will soon come crashing down, when the piper comes a-calling I’ll be glad I’m nowhere near the town.**

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