Gulag Labors, this Labor Day’s Night (temporary but critical)

Harvest time in one of the old Gulag camps, actual

Song for a Labor Day’s night in the Gulag,
I hope this song was about a married couple…
There’s some levity. Now, for the heavy stuff. I’m going to post this in bits over the next few hours, for numerous reasons, mostly to just get it done. So, this will keep growing. Then, when I’m roughly satisfied with it, I will make some permanent entries out of it, hopefully for back to school, back to work Tuesday. We all need to be schooled and we all need to work hard about all this.


Susanne Posel’s interview on the SGT Report follows. It was posted in YouTube, August 31 in two parts. I suggest every word of the first video be heeded carefully. The second includes some more extended speculation of the kind being done in numerous quarters right now, thank God.

Video, “IT’S OFFICIAL: Keep Your Money In This System & LOSE It All – Susanne Posel”

More comments here, shortly.

Video, “The Global Elite Want Your Land, Country & Sovereignty: Susanne Posel [Part 2]

And more, here.

G u l a g    B o u n d

Borg Queen, Alice Krige portrayal


But before that, check out the tandem articles posted over the extended weekend in the Gulag and Canada Free Press, respectively. A divine coincidence, perhaps.

In “Children of the Beast,” our friend and compatriot Sam Sewell reaches into divine wisdom, about people’s sheepish need to be controlled.

And lo and behold, in “Leftism & Ponerology—Studies of Human Evil in Political Spheres,” Kelly O’Connell speaks of some people’s pathological need to control others.

If anyone is afraid of a little intellectually disciplined information, find another nation. For the rest, studying the substance of these two articles could give you about three credit hours in Essential Patriotism, 110. Do you know what “ponerology” means? I didn’t. Find out. Do you know what “the beast” is, in the Bible? Does anyone, exactly? I don’t, but I have a hunch and strongly suggest you read to see what beast Sam describes.

G u l a g    B o u n d


I’m also pouring over the facts, findings, and forebodings of the great 2012 “#RNCPowerGrab” as it is called in Twitter, aiming to sum that up and point to the details forthwith. Here are the new GOP rules, as very unrulily adopted.

G u l a g    B o u n d


And furthermore…

Perhaps you’ve read one of the books about Obama’s Marxist and Islamist connections. Maybe you have seen one of the documentaries. Would you like to peruse a very brief book, from someone familiar with both American Communists and with intelligence analysis, about how such an analyst would examine Barack Obama?  Coming right up.

“Demotivational poster” from 2008


  1. After reading the definition of Ponerology (The Study of Evil), it grabbed my attention and I am now completely fascinated with it. Since the vast majority of politicians and talking heads do not really align with any particular ideology, the pieces to this puzzle never fit. Only after reading a bit about Ponerology and how we have become a psychopathic system ran by psychopathic leaders (on both sides of the aisle) do all the pieces fit into place. This explains why the Democrats and Republicans have no problem working together behind closed door, it explains how these Republicans can betray the principles this country was founded on while telling us one thing and doing another. These “Elites” in the political system are actually psychopaths and believe the laws do not apply to them so ideology is really unimportant to them.

    I recommend people research it and while doing so ask if they themselves have fallen under the influence of these psychopaths. It is also good information in arming yourself against their subversive methods of persuasion. If nothing else, it will make you think!

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