VIDEO SHOWS: ‘The Ayes Have it’ on Teleprompter & Witnesses Tesitify – #RNCPowerGrab #GOP2012


Via contributor @OhSuzyQz, the testimony of April from Wyoming, yesterday (8/29)

I was there. From where I was sitting the nays and yeses sounded fairly equal but others told me that they thought the nays sounded louder. Either way, there should have been an official count. No surprise that there wasn’t though since every single detail was scripted on teleprompters, including who would make the motions, etc.

The whole damn convention is scripted, controlled and fake – even to the point of making it appear that there are hand written support signs in the audience. They’re FAKE!!!! They were handed out by the RNC. In fact, we were told that no signs would be allowed through security. No one had these signs until they started to secretly hand them out during the roll call vote. They were only handed out on the floor and no one in the seats around the sides, had them.

The whole convention was so fake (and so boring) that I’m surprised that the water that came out of the sink in the bathroom was real water or that the piece of pizza I bought at concessions wasn’t fake play food.

I’ve never seen so much lunacy and pretend on the part of full grown adults. I don’t even want to go back tonight and I sure as hell don’t want to go back tomorrow night. Tonight Rand Paul gives a speech and there’s a video tribute to Ron Paul (it’s probably 30 seconds long). I just want to attend to see those 2 things then I want to leave.

Getting trapped there yesterday for 9 HOURS of the most boring and uninspiring political speeches I have EVER witnessed, was torture. I know that the GOP favors indefinite detention, but THAT was ridiculous!!!!!

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August 29, 2012, 7:52pm CT, as published:

Witnesses Testify: ‘The Ayes Have it’ on the Teleprompter




Evidence Shows RNC Rigged Vote on Rule Change at Republican Convention 2012?

David Bellow
Texas Conservative Republican News

Witnesses say that Teleprompter scrolled “the ayes have it” even before the voice vote was taken. Also, video of the rule change vote at the Republican National Convention shows that the vote seemed to be a toss up with no clear winner and yet the ayes were immediately declared winners. This declaration was drowned out by loud booing. Also, before John Boehner called for the vote he asked if there were any objections and there were clearly people who objects and yet John Boehner said there were none.

Other witnesses say that they were purposely held up in the Convention Bus so that they would miss the vote in the rules committee. Also, news outlets reported that Romney had two of the rules committee delegates removed and replaced with delegates who would vote for the Romney Rule Changes. These committee delegates being held up ad replaced prevented a minority report because there were not enough committee members.

Why even have a convention and send delegates to vote if it is all just for show with no debate allowed and no roll call vote allowed to determine which side actually won the vote?

I am voting for Romney because Obama must be defeated, but these kinds of stunts are not acceptable and should not just be ignored. These kinds of stunts will tear the party in two and allow Obama to be re-elected.

A couple of days ago I wrote an article about some very bad changes that were trying to be made to the Republican Party Rules. These bad changes were an attack on grassroots conservatives and would divide Republicans and damage the Party at a time when unity is required. One of these changes would allow the Republican Nominee to pick who National Delegates are instead of the States. This would not only take power away from the state, but it would also allow the presidential nominee to decide what is in the platform by picking delegates that agree with him instead of the districts and States picking delegates to represent their values. Another of the rule changes would allow the handful of RNC members to change the Party Rules between conventions with no checks and balances and without approval from the delegates.

A compromise was offered, but then it was discovered that the compromise did not fix all of the issues and instead only addressed one issue. This compromise was being pushed as a way to distract conservatives from fighting against the other bad rule changes.

The compromise did distract some delegates, but even so, there were still many delegates who were going to vote against the rule changes because of bad changes like the power grab and centralization of power of allowing the RNC to change Party Rules between conventions. That brings us to the question of whether or not the vote was rigged in favor of the rule changes.

Below are emails I recieved from two witnesses at the national convention. Also below is the video showing the vote being too close to call but immediately called in favor the the rule changes…

What do you think?

From National Delegate Jeremy Blosser:

It was a complete and utter railroad on all issues before the convention. No votes were seriously taken–the teleprompter included “the ayes have it” and that’s how it was always read. It was so obvious that by the end people were just laughing at it.

The VA bus was hours late, so Morton Blackwell missed the rules meeting entirely. People on the bus reported it drove around the block and backtracked several times, until they told them to just stop and let them walk.

ND and IA buses were also late and were minority report states.

Repeated attempts to gain recognition from the floor to make any corrective motion whatsoever, let alone debate, were simply ignored. That’s no real surprise, but many long time attendees were still surprised at the level this one went to. It would truly not have mattered to the outcome if no one had been in the seats.

From National Delegate Janis Holt:

Unfortunately, we were not able to stop the rules from being adopted as is. There was no chance for debate. It wasn’t allowed.

Watch Video below of the rule change vote at the Republican National Convention 2012.
There are clearly objections to the vote and then it is clear that the vote was too close to call.

Gulag Note – For further information and explanation:

h/t: @PolitiJim


  1. How many will have the balls now to walk away from the GOPigs and vote for someone else.

    • How many will have the sense of urgency to generate a new nationwide organization to reach voters and nominate candidates? Call it a party or call it something else, it needs to be based upon America’s core principles of popular and national sovereignty, under God’s own.

  2. Billboards Warning of Martial Law Go Up in Florida

  3. Two words for all of this BS, Ron Paul! At first I thought I would have to hold my nose and vote for Romney, now after seeing this there is no doubt whatsoever that both parties are working to the same end, the systematic and total destruction of the USA. I am writing in Ron Paul, I firmly believe that there are enough people out there that feel the same way. I am told that this will be a vote for the marxist muslim, at this stage of the game the end result is pretty much guaranteed, the election will more than likely be rigged, what am I saying, of course it IS rigged, otherwise how in hell could Romney have gotten the nomination? Be very careful of what you say and how you say it, the federal government has begun rounding up veterans who disagree with the destruction of the USA and have been interring them against their will in psychiatric hospitals.

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