Video: RNC Convention Assurance from Hillsborough Co’s Sheriff & Tampa Police Chief

This video, “Tampa RNC 2012 Arrest Video – Public Service Announcement” is posted at YouTube and the caption of user “centrallaw” is posted below it. It is an informational and instructional announcement chiefly to department staff, those deputized, and those security personnel temporarily hired to protect people, property and the People’s peaceful intercourse of  travel, communications, and doings at Tampa’s Republican National Convention, August 27-30.

About the orchestrated protests, disruptive tactics, and potentially violent provocations  planned for the RNC,  see Soros-funded Marxists to ‘Occupy the RNC’ in Gulag, thanks to Tina Trent.

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney just obtained a public service announcement from the Tampa Police Department Chief Castor and Hillsborough County Sheriff, David Gee. In the 3 minute film we see the special badges issues for the Republican National Convention RNC and recieve information about how they will handle the protesters and respect some of their First Amendment Rights. Welcome everyone to Tampa for the 2012 RNC Convention.

If you are not welcomed call 813-222-2220.

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