The Vetting: Trevor Loudon Explains Why Obama Attends All The Tyrannical Powers of the World

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Video by @CSteven, “Trevor Loudon at Illinois Tea Party

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In a 40 minute speech before the Illinois Tea Party, political researcher, Trevor Loudon reviewed the radical Marxist influences that have always been present throughout Obama’s life, resulting in a US regime that is more sympathetic to our enemies than our longtime allies.

He ended his speech on a hopeful note – crediting the tea party for preventing Obama from implementing his full Marxist agenda in 2009/2010, and hopefully again this November.

Obama counseling with Russia’s Medvedev at UN Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen, 12/18/2009


Obama & Chavez at Trinidad Summit, 2009, source unknown, possibly AP


At the House of Saud


Puppetized Obama with George Soros, from Doug Ross Journal, 5/8/2007

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