Open Letter to Mitt Romney: We Need You to Start Fighting!

10 August, 2012

Dear Governor Romney:

We have a problem.  Unfortunately the problem seems to be with you and your campaign.  Your opponent–despite his now-proven illegal status to even occupy our White House–is the sitting president of the United States.  This, of course, gives him almost unlimited resources to squash and destroy–by whatever means necessary–his opponents.  As the Obama syndicate could find virtually nothing legitimate with which to destroy you (as he has done to every other opponent against whom he has ever run), his campaign has eagerly chosen to move the their first choice of attack–lies, lies and more lies.

Most precariously, in response to the arguably most despicable and false campaign AD in US history–that of actually calling you a murderer–your campaign leaders had virtually nothing to say except to bring up the health care program when you were Governor of Massachusetts.  Some of us are now wondering if you–as did McCain–have been chosen to take the proverbial dive; in order to give Obama the final 4 years he needs to completely eviscerate the United States of America.

Note:  This was not only ill-advised (some may call it patently stupid) but, it was a very dangerous move and played to not only your enemy‘s hand but, into the hands of the enemies of the USA and its people.  We-the-People have long been aware that the Obama syndicate’s mission from the start was to destroy the United States of America and place its people into economic and tyrannical bondage.  It is time, Sir, that you acknowledge that this basic truth has not escaped your sight, hearing and overall cognitive functions.

Conservatives, constitutionalists, independents and all of those individuals who have loved our country because of the truths and tenets upon which it was founded (including but, not limited to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”) have been looking for someone who is a true American patriot to lead…and we have been backing you.  However, as attractive as it may be to refuse to lower oneself to the baser elements of societal refuse (I most definitely include Obama and his minions in that category), it is now time for you to stand up and fight for your and our country.

Obama is not–and has never been–a “nice guy.”

President Ronald Reagan was considered a “very nice guy” even by his opponents.  But, that did not stop him from delivering one excellent and passionate pro-America speech after another during his own presidential campaigns (and warning and truthfully warning about his opponents) then following his words with appropriate actions.

There will be only one Ronald Reagan.  However, you currently have an unparalleled opportunity to bring our country back from the brink of extinction and become one of the greatest presidents in United States history.  But, you must show that you are willing to fight for the presidency and, more importantly, our country as it was intended by our founders.

We have but, a short time left, Sir.  We are counting on you to come out of your current demeanor and show us and the rest of the world that Mitt Romney is as willing to fight for this country as are the rest of us.  We will back you with all we have…but, you must show us that we are not the only ones fighting for our lives.  May God bless you and your family and may you show us that you are finally really fighting to win the presidency of the USA.

“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses”
–1 Timothy 6:12


Sher Zieve


  1. “…show us and the rest of the world that Mitt Romney is as willing to fight for this country…”

    As the regular Gulag reader will likely know, I do not suggest that this is what “the powers that be” (the Globalist Mammon Complex) selected Mitt Romney, to do, very, very unfortunately.

    Considering Mitt Romney is a deceiving, transnational progressive I do not suggest he fight harder for what he truly believes in (granted he “believes in” anything much, perhaps I should say “what he wants,” for America).

  2. ArlenWms 5:56pm via HootSuite

    @MittRomney: “won’t drag this campaign~in the dirt” vs US enemy Obama, yet dragged it in the LATRINE vs Newt & Santo. #Resist44 #tcot #ccot

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