Obama Reelection Insurrection Imminent [?] Interview with Doug Hagmann

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Recently, I read Doug Hagmann’s column “The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style” in which Doug cited a “deep-throat” DHS source.  The following interview is a continuation of that column and it is bone-chilling.


Douglas J. Hagmann is the founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network. Hagmann is a 26-year veteran private investigator who has worked as an operational asset for the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, the New York and Pennsylvania State Police. He is the author of Tactical Surveillance, a textbook used for training surveillance operatives. He is the CEO of a multi-state licensed private investigative agency and a senior columnist for Canada Free Press.He’s a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Joe Hagmann is the associate director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, a veteran researcher and investigator with an insatiable desire for truth.

The Interview

Sher:  Doug, in your recent and extraordinary column “The Planned Re-Election of Obama, Revolutionary Style” you wrote about the coming plans of the Obama syndicate to install Martial Law in order to forcefully thwart and attack the American people, in order to maintain their jobs.  Your source advises that various false flag attempts could be in the works by Obama’s operatives, including perhaps an event to evoke sympathy for Obama that would also serve to foment racial chaos. Would you give us a little background on how your source believes the Obama syndicate might plan to bring this to fruition, perhaps resulting in suspending elections in November?

Doug: I’ve been in contact with my source since that column was published and we’ve had more discussions about this. In fact, our last contact was after the shooting at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, and I’ve obtained more information about this very issue.

First, it seems that people have an over-simplistic view of how things are being planned by the people who are most influential to Obama, or by those who are in the position to help Obama stay in office. Their playbook is full of asymmetrical tactics, but suitably transparent if one understands what’s at stake.

According to my source, it is the very existence of our country and way of life is at stake. Many people who are currently in positions of power, whether elected or appointed, have the same ideological goals of Barack Hussein Obama. Like Obama, they want to transform the country, and will use every tactic possible to do so. They believe that under Obama, they finally have the perfect opportunity to implement the socialism-to-communism agenda in America. They hate, and I mean hate the democratic system of government and loathe capitalism. They are the “red diaper babies” of the 1960’s who have gained power through the very process they seek to destroy.

They feel that they have lived their entire lives for this time in history, when they can change America on every level. They feel that they need more time, however, to fully achieve their objectives. My source told me that something(s) went “sideways” for Obama, which created the need for more
time, or a second term.

According to my source, there were some internal problems within the Department of Homeland Security, and some external problems outside of that venue as well that slowed the process. My source stated that the delays caused a lot of anger among those at a higher level, and that anger or impatience trickled down through the ranks at DHS.

On the day of the shooting at the Sikh Temple, however, my source stated that there were many meetings and contacts between Obama’s people, especially from Valerie Jarrett, that involved Janet Napolitano and the FBI director. According to my source, Jarrett and others within Obama’s inner circle were actually coordinating how the information about the shooting was to be handled. Imagine that! Obama’s closest advisor was actually involved with almost every aspect of a local shooting by first designating it as an act of domestic terrorism. As soon as they were made aware that the shooting took place at a Sikh Temple and had the identity of the shooter, they made sure that the federal agents took over the crime scene so the flow of information could be controlled.  “There was a sickening sense of perverted excitement by Obama’s closest advisors, based on what I heard at my level,” said my source. “That twist approach to a terrible event, it actually p-ssed some [higher ranking DHS officials] off,” he said to me. He also said that he heard one high ranking source within DHS tell someone else that “we can’t let this one get away from us,” a reference to the shooting.

So, they obviously prefer to exploit situations like the shooting in Wisconsin to attack our freedoms granted under the Constitution, but have no moral objection to creating their own crises, if necessary, to further their objectives. In part, that’s where the “false-flag” scenario originated.

My source was very emphatic then and now that the planning that is being done is “fluid,” or always being revised and updated to exploit whatever situations might arise.

Sher:  It’s hard to believe, Doug, but this is almost worse than I believed.  For the last several years, Obama has ordered military drills, including the military’s heavy artillery, in multiple US States and their major cities. A few of these include Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and Boston. I’ve been writing about these phenomena for the last several years.

Now, Infowars is reporting from Florida’s Sun Sentinel that military exercises began again in Hollywood, Florida on 2 August and that unannounced military drills in the middle of that night frightened and awakened Worcester Massachusetts residents.

In a comment, Worcester resident Brian Goslow reported the essential “black helicopters” buzzed his house and others in Worcester, in the middle of the night, for over 2 ½ hours. Strongly sounds to me that these tactics are being used to intimidate and cast fear into the hearts of American citizens via our own military, what’s your assessment of all of this?

Doug: Alex Jones has done a great job in exposing the government’s role in conditioning the populace to an ever increasing paramilitary presence on the streets of America. You’ve done a great job as well. I’ve spoken to my source about this at length, including the latest urban military training exercise. His response was simply, “expect more.”

Again, this is directly related to Obama needing yet another term to complete his objectives. The militarization of municipal law enforcement agencies within the U.S. has been expedited under the reign of Barack Hussein Obama, implemented by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, and facilitated through bipartisan support of members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. But, who is the enemy? If you are reading this, chances are good that you are.

It is important for every American to understand that we are witnessing the end game scenario of a takeover from within. The plan has been in place for a long time and transcends the fictitious right-left paradigm, but is coming to fruition under the reign of Barack Hussein Obama. The patriotic conservatives in tandem with the Progressives and communist elements within our own government have not only approved of it, they applauded it.
A listener to my nightly internet talk show, the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, sent me the following picture.

The above photograph is that of a military armored personnel carrier taken this week by a gentleman named Tom. The photograph was not taken in Afghanistan, Iraq or even on a military base in the U.S., but on a city street in Wausau, Wisconsin. The armored personnel carrier is the property of the Sheriff’s Department, as is the result of the militarization of law enforcement agencies across America. It is the “new normal” under the Department of Homeland Security, and is just one of many such vehicles deployed across the United States. Along with the photograph Tom sent to me, he asks the legitimate question of why such a vehicle is needed in a community of about 39,000 residents, and how many other such vehicles exist across the country that we don’t know about?

In addition to heavily armored street vehicles, the Department of Homeland Security is now using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) within the United States for surveillance and interdiction purposes. Indeed, the continental United States (CONUS) has become a battlefield in preparation for… what?

We are facing a revolution, and the government is preparing for it. This supports everything my source has told me about what’s coming.

Sher: The breadth and scope of all of these ongoing military “drills”: are unprecedented in the United States of America and to many they smack of abject tyranny and Obama’s plan to remain in power by whatever means necessary. In fact, in another totally unprecedented move, more and more Russian soldiers have been invited by Obama to US soil to engage in “joint military exercises” with US soldiers. Obama invited a foreign power (Russia) and pronounced enemy of the USA to send its troops to US soil, coupled this atrocity with his recent statement to Russian President Medvedev and was caught on video saying:

President Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

President Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

President Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Sounds to me as if Russia and the Putin KGB may be calling the shots and dictating the US’ course of actions to Obama. What do you make of this?

Doug: It also sounds like Obama is confident of another four years, doesn’t it?

Sher:  Four more years of Obama will be the end of the country and of many of us.  And as Congress has been ignoring Obama’s patently unconstitutional and increasingly illegal activities and–with SCOTUS CJ John Roberts’ ObamaCare decision (which the dissent actually called an illegal decision)–and the Supreme Court seemingly now following Obama’s orders we are now firmly in the grip of an Oligarchic dictatorship. None of the branches of our federal government have listened to We-the-People for a very long time. Do you see any way to take our country back, other than a real active fighting and bloody second American Revolution?

Doug: There is something terribly wrong in America. People can feel it, they can sense it, and are now beginning to see “it.” Some say that “it” began decades ago, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the fiat monetary system. Others suggest that “it” began when we, as a nation, removed God from our schools and legalized the wholesale killing of unborn babies.

Anyone with spiritual discernment knows that America is in deep trouble. We are bankrupt, not just financially, but morally and spiritually. Some say our nation is broken beyond repair, and that we’ve perverted our Republic to such an extent that it would not be recognizable to our founding fathers. That which was once unacceptable is not only permitted, but encouraged under the guise of tolerance.

I’d like to quote a good friend of mine in response to this question. Steve Quayle, a long time talk show host and frequent well-known guest on national talk shows has said, and I’m paraphrasing now, that “you cannot fix a spiritual problem with a political solution.”

Our troubles run much deeper than politics, and it’s going to take much more than political solutions to get it back. Make no mistake, though, the government is preparing for a revolution.

Sher: Doug, thanks so much for your time and input. Where can people read your work?

Doug: My website is HomelandSecurityUS.com and I am the senior co-host, with my son, of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report that is aired weeknights from 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET on the internet. People can listen or watch the program live via my website. I am also proud to be a senior columnist for Canada Free Press at CanadaFreePress.com.

The Planned Re-Election of Obama, Revolutionary Style:
at canadafreepress.com

Massachusetts Citizens Frightened by Midnight Military Exercises:
at infowars.com

Rappelling over Hollywood is training exercise:
at sun-sentinel.com

It’s only a drill — but urban terrain training choppers rattle parts of city (Mass):
at telegram.com

President Obama Asks Medvedev for ‘Space’ on Missile Defense:
at abcnews.go.com

“After My Election I Have More Flexibility“:
at youtube.com


  1. We are very thankful for the research and communications of Sher Zieve, whom we share with other venues as a dissident author at Gulag Bound. I hope more than even the many who usually pay good attention to her articles pay attention to this one. It treats very important subject matter and does so in a disciplined fashion. We are also grateful for the expertise of Doug Hagmann.

    We have been aware of the potentials of false-flag operations, militarization of the police, and of martial law virtually throughout the Obama term (as well as the rise of questionable moves under the G.W. Bush term; more on that, later and we intend to go back to Reagan’s administration and Rex 84). We were one of the first to write about just that. See, “Our next “Generated Crisis” — by the Soros/Obama/Pelosi Insurrection?” in Investigating Obama, March 20, 2009 and a few days later, in RenewAmerica.

    We have dealt with this subject matter numerous times in Gulag Bound, since then. See our category: Militarism vs the People.

    We have reflected that it would take very significant false-flag operations, probably in a series of events rather than on isolated Reichstag fire in order to flip enough switches in enough minds of our military and police communities, to accomplish a successful virtual coup d’etat of full blown martial law. We will call that set of people MLEC for military and law enforcement communities (emphasis on the plural, though it is the fascistic function of the DHS and IC to make it singular). Further, it is a huge burden of work to prepare MLEC for such events, through very pervasive training coupled with mind control techniques.

    I don’t see that happening. Rather, I see a desperate regime testing the waters, probing, trying to see what they can “get away with.” We have seen such probing and testing over and over, as we have written.

    However, there is very significant push-back in our MLEC ranks and a strong effort among them (largely a patriotic set of people) to be reminded of their sworn accountability to the Constitution, over and above their chains of command. This is not Venezuela. A thorough coup-type action would mean civil war, with the military ranks being split down the middle and with splits or pockets of one-sidedness in sheriff and police departments. Keep in mind this is the military that the Democrats and Barack Obama’s campaign are suing the State of Ohio over, in order to suppress their votes. Fifteen military-related organizations are addressing the Ohio court to fight Obama over it. That news is just one of many offenses. Also consider their deadly abuse of the Navy SEALS; also the Obama regime’s anti-enforcement of immigration policies, their anti-state, anti-Arizona, anti-Sheriff, and anti border-guard efforts. And don’t think that the instructions of the DHS to begin to persecute patriots is not raising eyebrows and causing discussion at the shooting range.

    It would get very messy and counter-productive. However, it is not outside of consideration and the more we discuss such scenarios, the better off we will all be. Fore-warned is fore-armed and MLEC as well as us civvies need to focus on this subject matter and make sure those within reach, physically, or electronically, do, as well. Talk it up!

    Also very alarming is the possibility that this militarism and surveillance is not meant to culminate in this term of office, nor under this (putative) president, but the next, even a President Romney. We are likely headed into a severe economic collapse and our MLEC, in addition to having their heads turned about who is and is not a “potential terrorist,” is being trained for militaristic operations versus the kinds of riots expected during such hard times. We have also written (I in particular, I confess) about the worst case scenario of such events occurring under a Romney administration, with Romney in place as both a Wall Street straw man and a Quisling to global governance, CFR-style.

    Now, even if that were so, it does not mean that the Obamunists are not going to try whatever they can reasonably expect to be met with success,on their own terms. They may have numerous plans and contingencies, as the above interview implies. They may be attempting to turn voters’ heads, before the November election, via fear mongering, deceit, shows of force, and even yes, false-hood shootings and perhaps, bombings, to come. (Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorn are still on their side, remember, and our Attorney General Holder was the chief instrument in Clinton’s pardoning of the Puerto Rican terrorists, as well as the man in charge over Operation Fast and Furious.)

    But the powers that be, the core of the Global Mammon Complex, are neither Barack Obama, nor Mitt Romney, nor do they orchestrate all they do through such as these. Their plans and contingencies tend to override those of their chessmen, even their Kings and Queens, bishops and knights, even the White House rook.

    Another factor and I don’t mean to step on the toes of our compatriot, Doug Hagmann: where our enemies can, they operate thorough lies, especially half-truths, and including disinformation campaigns, rather than through more violent techniques, at least when the violence brings opposition. They are expert at propaganda and psyops by now that dwarf Joseph Goebbels or Edward Bernays. They do that, in part, to divide their opposition psychologically and to make some look like irrational “conspiracy theorists” while the other division is comforted into complacency. They also do it, to distract from what they actually mean to do, to gain or hold power.

    I have more thoughts to share on this but was not expecting to spend my day doing that. I will likely take this commentary and edit/expand upon it in a new “Resistors’ Log” item or article, very soon. Please spread the word.

    • This is an outstanding article. I am new to gulagbound.com. However, reading your article and other articles by Mr. Arlen Williams has caused me to decide to become a committed follower to the gulagbound.com website. Further, I have decided to check out Doug Hagmann.s show. Sher, thank you for lighting my fire to learn,,,Sir Marcus

    • The Marxist Takeover of America
      By Kevin White
      November 8, 2012

      The re-election of President Obama runs far deeper than merely a choice between political parties. This election represents a pivotal point in American history – a formal departure from the traditional American ideals, embarking on Obama’s radical vision of a new world order of what can be best characterized as Marxist socialism.
      Born and raised in Ohio, I now live and work in the former Soviet Union since 1999. This experience has allowed me to witness firsthand a culture build upon the ideological foundations of Marxism and its natural consequences. Prompted by three separate dreams of abject poverty in America on a scale which implies the demise of America, I’m moved to issue a warning. I am convinced that America is on the brink of a hostile ideological takeover of the country, a de-conversion from the traditional founding ideas of the Biblical faith to what is essentially Marxism.

      Americans are dangerous complacent and are disarmed from recognizing the threat of ideological presuppositions and their consequence upon society. The past forty years of training in multiculturalism and moral relativism has essentially taught us that all ideas are equally valid. The natural logical implication of this viewpoint is that no ideas are true. Yet, truth does exist and ideas have consequences.
      Soviet leader Joseph Stalin stated: “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is three-fold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in his famous interview concurred that the primary purpose of the KGB was to systematically undermine the ideology and thinking of Western institutions to Marxism.
      Former Idaho State Representative Curtis Bowers, in the newly released documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down, provides compelling evidence of Soviet-era strategies designed to infiltrate American universities and public life to accomplish these goals. Bowers alleges Marxist infiltration within the federal government and specifically the Obama administration. Former US Attorney General Edwin Meese alleges that the liberal establishment is comprised of communists masquerading under the name of “progressives.”
      A 2010 study by the National Association of Scholars found that 70% of summer reading assigned to incoming freshman demonstrated an overwhelmingly liberal bias, with the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx topped the list of required “classics.” The report “Beach Books: What Do Colleges Want Students to Read Outside Class” concluded that only 2% of the required readings could be considered conservative and that they were largely “anti-Western, anti-business, multicultural, environmentalist and alienated.”
      In his 2008 documentary Expelled, Ben Stein exposed numerous examples of American professors which were fired from their positions or denied tenure for believing in intelligent design or for merely questioning Darwinism. This academic intolerance represents a major ideological shift within America from its Judeo-Christian foundations to Marxist atheism, with its corresponding form of government: socialism.
      Whether by the natural consequence of apostasy or cunning conspiracy of Soviet Russia, American schools and universities have been systematically infiltrated, with the ultimate goal of proselytizing the youth of America into Marxist ideology. What is at stake is the very ideological foundation of America. This onslaught represents a spiritual war for the soul of America.
      In his film 2016 Obama’s America, Dinesh D’Souza discusses Obama’s ideology which is rooted in anti-colonialism and that he believes as a good global citizen, his role is to bring America down in the interest of global justice. Obama is at heart a Marxist, but American universities have so desensitized American culture with multiculturalism, that many Americans view Marxism as a viable alternative worthy of experimentation.
      Approximately 200 crusading journalists have been murdered in Russia in the past 7 years. US lawmakers, in response to the growing totalitarianism of Putin’s Russia, introduced the bi-partisan Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act. This law, named after murdered Russian attorney and whistleblower, would take punitive measures against Russian individuals involved in persecution against journalists or opposition leaders. In spite of this legislation being welcome by both parties, US president Obama has vowed to veto in lieu of his “reset Russia.” Similarly in 2010, the Obama administration released ten captured Russian spies in lieu of this new policy.
      I live in a world where Marxism reigned for 70 years and I can testify that its primary goal is not social justice, but rather atheism. In contrast to America, Soviet socialism was built upon the ideological foundation of Marxist atheism. This utopian worldview stems from the so-called Enlightenment era. Based upon the ideas of Marx and Engels, and brought to the Soviet Union by Lenin, Soviet socialism denies the existence of God and believes that human beings and governments are capable of solving their own problems without religious influences in society.
      The Marxist worldview underlying Soviet society was diametrically opposed to and viciously incompatible with Christianity. Vladimir Lenin, who boasted “I have ousted God” and that “there is nothing more abominable than religion,” stated that under communism: “God does not exist, cannot exist, and must not exist.” To believe in God was not merely unscientific, but was treason against the Soviet state. Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that the communists were determined to destroy Christianity. He wrote that the communists “flee from Christ like devils from the sign of the cross.”
      Yet, ideas have consequences. Fyodor Dostoyevsky prophetically wrote: “if there is no God, then everything is permissible. Crime will be inevitable.” Atheism removed any higher moral authority than one’s own. The natural consequence is the mentality of “every man for himself” and “survival of the fittest”, rather than by principle and rule of law. This can account for the lawlessness throughout the CIS, where mafia and corruption is so rampant. Georgian gangster and godfather of the Russian mafia Otari Kvantrishvili stated: “It was Vladimir Lenin who was the real organizer of the mafia and set up the criminal state.”
      In Kazakhstan, five of my friends have had their fathers murdered by the mafia. Numerous times have I been extorted for money by police. One of my friends opened a business investing $40,000. His business grew to ten times in value. So two people from the government came to him with pictures of his children and told him that he will sell them his business for $40,000 or he will have problems. Seven opposition journalists in Kazakhstan have been killed by auto “accidents” in the past three years. This pales in comparison to the 200 killed in Russia in the past seven years.
      Dostoyevsky understood that if there is no God, then ultimately there can be no basis for morality and law, or for human rights. If there is no God, then we are just animals engaged in the Darwinist struggle: “survival of the fittest.” In such case, people’s rights and property do not matter. If there is no God, then there is no higher governing principle, upon which to base justice. Law is then simply determined by power, money, or influence. This can only result in lawlessness, corruption, and injustice; which will ultimately lead to discontent, unrest, apathy, and economic stagnation.
      Unfortunately for the average citizen in the CIS, nothing has really changed since communism. The average citizen remains poor, while the ruling class exploits the nation’s resources and now international investment to build their own private regimes. When communism fell, the dictators which led the republics did not simply blow away with the winds of change. They are still around. In fact, they are the very individuals now leading most of the republics of the CIS.
      The governments of the CIS have put on the mask of embracing democracy to the West, but only to court Western aid and investment in order to re-tool their economies, bankrupt by the failed economic policies of communism. While they now embrace capitalism economically, they still employ the same tactics of tyranny as under communism. They have had no sincere change of heart. By necessity they are now economic capitalists, but they are still moral communists.
      These governments have absolutely no intention of relinquishing power. They do not subscribe to the ideology of representative democracy. They have no intention of honoring the freedoms and human rights of the average citizen. The tyranny of communist dictators has been replaced by the tyranny of mafia oligarchs. These are the natural consequences of Marxist atheism and its corresponding form of government: socialism.
      This is a warning. As Americans, we must accept the responsibility of protecting the ideas upon which America was founded. If America forfeits the underlying ideological foundations of the Christian faith, it will also forfeit the corresponding benefits of the peace and blessing of God on the nation. Rule of law, human rights, justice, equality and freedom – which values ultimately empower people to fulfill their full God-given potential, resulting in economic prosperity – all these virtues stem from the foundation of the Biblical faith.
      At the Japanese surrender to the Allies to end WWII, American General Douglas MacArthur stated: “If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system, Armageddon will be at our door. The problem is basically theological and involves a spiritual recrudescence and improvement of human character. It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh.”
      Marxist socialists cannot have their cake and eat it too. If we insist on the course of atheism, we will ultimately forfeit economic prosperity. Such prosperity can only occur in a climate of freedom, human rights, and rule of law. These virtues are fostered by the principles of Biblical Christianity permeating society. Indeed the ancient scripture, validated throughout the history of human experience, rings clear in today’s modern society: “Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 33:12) The catastrophic alternative is unthinkable: “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)


  3. The U.S. has already been subjugated by a foreign power–Israel. Both Obama and Romney are controlled by that foreign power. To begin to successfully react, we would need to (1) cease our subservience to and exploitation by Israel, (2) abolish the Federal Reserve and The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, (3) re-instate and strengthen the Glass-Steagall Act, (4) abolish the phony status of dual-citizenship that is claimed by so many Jews, (5) dismantle the gestapo-like Department of Homeland Security, and (6) outlaw the Democrat Party for the treason it committed by installing a foreign communist as our Commander-in-Chief.

    Of course, none of this is likely to happen whether or not martial law is declared, as planned. But if martial law is declared, a great many citizens may finally realize whose boot rests firmly on our neck, although that realization will have arrived too late to do us much good.

    • Harry, I may or may not let your post remain. Show, please the rationale that the United States (or the globalist movement or the big wide world) is controlled by Israel.

      Have you seen how Israel is consistently treated by the United Nations and the bulk of its constituents, including many of those European nations under the influence of Rothschild complex banks?

      And how about the steady inroads of the Muslim Brotherhood among elitist manipulators in both parties and in the Obama White House. They’re not Jewish, are they?

      • Been away for awhile and just saw your invitation to explain further. It’s late tonight for me, but please allow me to check into some files and return with more info soon.

      • THANK YOU!!! The Disinformation campaign by the MB has don’e such a great job of demonizing Israel; that antisemitism has been rampant lately. Suddenly everything is upside down & logic is on it’s head. Up is down, left is right & I for one am SICK to DEATH of everyone blaming our friends, Israel for every problem we have, when in fact the opposite is true!
        Obama is ANTI ISRAEL just like he is ANTI AMERICA & ANTI FREEDOM! I would ask that anyone that doesn’t believe me watch the short film on UT called “Daylight- Obama & Isreal”. The truth is that muslim usurper wants Israel wiped off the map & the saddest part of this is that it’s all very prophetic, but those who are content with letting hate live in their hearts are blinded to it!
        Harry you cannot call those turncoats that are born Jewish but go blatantly against Israel’ real ‘Jews’. Ayers & his wife are both in bed with the Nazi Soros; and they all support muslim terrorists, who’s entire mission it is to destroy Israel. And by the way, the only free state in the entire middle east is Israel. It’s the only place a Christian can openly practice their faith & not worry about serious repercussions, even death.
        For a bunch of sites that are connected on Ayers, Soros & the others that totally expose this stuff, start at the AmericasSurvival site. BTW: Jesus Christ is a Semite. So I really hope for your sake you are not a Christian because those claiming to be will hate the new earth. Considering it’s king, Rabbi Yeshua will make sure it is run as planet Jew! If you are a believer I strongly suggest you pray that the scales be removed from your eyes, hate taken from your heart & do some serious repentance.

    • ”I will bless them that Bless Israel”….
      Take your racism elsewhere.

  4. Is Harry H really Harry Ried?

  5. re:Harry H Israel? Israel? Our only real ally? What drugs are you on?

  6. OK, any informed person knows that big Jewish money drives big American political campaigns and that the most powerful lobby in Washington is the Jewish AIPAC. This is not news. Decades ago Senator William Fulbright said on TV that Jews control the U.S. Senate, and the enormous aid given to Israel in cash, technology, military hardware, etc. shows how inordinate Jewish influence manifests itself in Congress.

    But let me start with Barack Obama. People have mistakenly (and deliberately?) portrayed him as inimical to Israel, while nothing could be farther from the truth. He owes everything to powerful Jews, and Jews have guided him every step of the way to and through the White House. It is self-evident that many Jews have enormous financial and political power and that they use that power first and foremost to advance the interests of the Jewish State of Israel. Consider George Soros, for example, and all that his hundreds of fronts have done. A powerful Jewish woman years ago singled out Barack Obama for special attention, and Jew David Axelrod was assigned as a mentor/sponsor to advance Obama’s career. Axelrod is indeed Obama’s ramrod and is still Obama’s chief spokesman.

    Just look at the Jews (and this list only includes high-level personnel) in Obama’s administration:

    –from jewishvirtuallibrary, January 2012

    Jews in the Obama Administration

    Current Staff Members:
    Jack Lew [Jacob Lewinsky, I believe it used to be. /hh],
    Chief of Staff to the President
    David Plouffe,
    Senior Advisor to the President
    Danielle Borrin,
    Associate Director, Office of Public Engagement; Special Assistant to the Vice Preisdent
    Gary Gensler,
    Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    Dan Shapiro,
    Ambassador to Israel
    Gene Sperling,
    Director National Economic Council
    Mary Schapiro,
    Chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission
    Steven Simon,
    Head of Middle East/North Africa Desk at the National Security Council
    Eric Lynn,
    Middle East Policy Advisor
    Past Staff Members:
    Rahm Emanuel (2009-2010) [one of many so-called dual Israeli/U.S. citizens in high places./hh],
    Chief of Staff to the President
    David Axelrod (2009-2011),
    Senior Advisor to the President [now running Obama’s reelection campaign/ hh]
    Elena Kagan (2009-2010),
    Solicitor General of the United States [now Supreme Court Justice/ hh]
    Peter Orszag (2009-2010),
    Director of the Office of Management and Budget
    Lawrence Summers (’09-’11),
    Director National Economic Council
    Mona Sutphen (2009-2011),
    Deputy White House Chief of Staff
    James B. Steinberg (’09-’11 ),
    Deputy Secretary of State
    Dennis Ross (2009-2011 ),
    Special Assistant to the President, Senior Director for the Central Region to the Secretary of State
    Ronald Klain (2009-2011),
    Chief of Staff to the Vice President
    Jared Bernstein (2009-2011),
    Chief Economist and Economic Policy Advisor to the Vice President
    Susan Sher (2009-2011),
    Chief of Staff to the First Lady
    Lee Feinstein (2009),
    Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor
    Mara Rudman (2009)
    Foreign Policy Advisor

    Sources: White House

  7. Israel is The Jewish State, and Jewish dominance of America involves much more than Barack Obama, but since Obama holds the most powerful post in the world, consider also the role played by the powerful Jewish Ayers family of Chicago.

    According to a postal carrier who delivered mail to Bill Ayers’ parents’ for years, Bill’s mother told him of paying for the Harvard education of a foreign black student, whom the postal carrier latter met and now identifies as the president. And consider these quotes:

    “The Godfather of Illinois Politics, the well-connected father of the terrorist, William Ayers, also financed young Barack Obama’s rise to power. Steve Diamond, author of Global Labor & Politics, identifies Chicago’s wealthy Jews, particularly Thomas G. Ayers, as the financial power behind Obama. . . . From the outset, Chicago’s Jewish elite figured largely in Barack Obama’ success and meteoric rise to power. In his youth, Obama reciprocated for the Jewish business community’s support by speaking at Zionist anti-war rallies. And the Jewish businessman, Thomas G. Ayers, arranged for Obama’s first job at the prestigious Jewish law firm of Sidley & Austin, where Michelle Robinson also worked.”

    Here is more evidence of Jewish/Zionist control (I’ll not name the source because I know it will be attacked by those who love the ad hominem fallacy, attacking the man instead of the argument):

    “. . . He [Obama] sits in the White House for one reason and one reason only: Barack Obama was Rothschild’s Choice. . . . The power of the Rothschilds is greater than the combined influence and authority of the Democrat and Republican Parties. The red shield, the Rothschild Family crest, holds sway over all the nations of Europe, and many a government has toppled because a Rothschild was displeased with its performance. New York’s Wall Street and London’s “The City” financial districts stoop to hear Rothschilds’ instructions, and national currencies alternatively shrink or boom in value, depending on their favor.

    “The Rothschilds, above everything else, are Zionist Jews.”

    Need I say that Israel comes first with Zionist Jews? And many powerful American Jews are Israel-firsters, which makes them Zionists in my book. Indeed, a study of Talmudic Judaism will reveal a great deal about the global supremacist aims of the Jews, who exert such inordinate influence over the Uniited States that it is no exaggeration to say that the U.S. has been subjugated by a foreign power. Take a good look at David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Bernanke, etc. etc. and you see the faces of Jewish control over the United States.

  8. I said to begin with that both Obama and Romney are controlled by Israel. Here is some supporting detail on Romney’s Jews:

    Posted on May 15, 2012 by admin
    Mitt Romney appoints a synagogue to be his Foreign Policy Team

    He named the following people to his board of advisers:
    Dov Zakheim – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    Robert Kagan – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    Michael Chertoff – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    Eliot Cohen – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    Eric Edelman – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    John Lehman – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    Evan Feigenbaum – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    Aaron Friedberg – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    Kent Lucken – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
    Kristen Silverberg – (Israeli Dual Ctizen)

    And there this summative statement by Professor Kevin MacDonald on October 23, 2011:

    “Yet another glimpse into the massive Jewish ethnic infrastructure, the infrastructure that undergirds the power of the Israel Lobby. A column by Justin Logan in The National Interest (“Memo to Leslie Gelb: The neocons never left“) points out that neocons are alive and well, dominating the foreign policy of the Republican Party. Logan points to Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisers, most of whom are neocon Jews. . . .

    “But that’s how foreign policy (not to mention immigration policy and policy related to all things multicultural) is made in the US—by elites with money and political connections, not by popular sentiment. The interests of America be damned. . . .” I consider that Jewish/Israeli control of America.

  9. The anti-Semite (spec. anti-Jew/anti-Israel) and pro-Islam operatives are out in force, with Obama backing them up. This sickness seems to be endemic within all too many.

    • The lady doth protest too much. Why the mindless namecalling slurs and no attempt whatever to address any facts or reasoning? Ah well, Mossad has disinformation agents in many places, and it is certainly disinformation to say that Obama is “anti-Jew/anti-Israel.” Didn’t Obama just authorize 70 BILLION more U.S. dollars to pay for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense?

      Here’s another bit of inconvenient truth:

      “Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined… They are the gravest threat to our national security.” — Admiral Bobby Inman, Former Deputy Director of the CIA

      • That shows Harry’s postulate is gravely faulty, that Israel runs the USA. If they did, they would not need to do so much spying! They could just demand.

        Enough of this damnable anti-Israel nonsense. If there ever was an historically documented mixed ethnic bag of tricks that one could not call all good nor bad it is the children of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

  10. The President still blames GWB for the very high unemployment that has gone on longer than after WW2.

    1. http://weaselzippers.us/2012/08/08/obama-blames-state-and-local-governments-congress-for-14-1-black-unemployment/

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCN5-ovvFL0

  11. I for one am with Sher and Arlen. Harry H., despite members of this administration or any who were technically Jewish, what they really are/were is 100% liberal = progressive = socialist. Most American Jews today are liberals first and foremost, their allegiance to their religion is minimal at best. I know this from personal experience. That’s why true conservative Jews are hard to find, but when they are, they are 100% true to American ideals. Harry, you may or may not mean well, but you are not doing well by furthering this particular paranoia.

    • What have I said that indicates I do not mean well? Certainly I mean well, Katherine. My motive is to seek and uphold the truth and to protect my country from harm if possible. I have studied and researched extensively and have come to the conclusion that the United States is being controlled and run for the profits and purposes of globalist-minded Jews whose primary loyalty is to The Jewish State and to an agenda of global dominance.

      You display the beginning of insight when you recognize that the Jews in Obama’s administration are “100% liberal = progressive = socialist,” but there is much more you can know. And of course there are some “conservative” Jews who know what is going on and try to awaken the public to the Jewish supremacist agenda. Be intellectually honest enough and brave enough to seriously research the issues involved for yourself. It is not “anti-Semitic” or “paranoid” to seek the truth.

      “It is instructive to note who controls, for example, the U.S. Treasury Department:

      Timothy F. Geithner (Jew) – Secretary of the Treasury
      Neal S. Wolin (Jew) – Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
      Stuart A. Levey (Jew) – Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
      Alan Krueger (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy
      Michael S. Barr (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions
      David S. Cohen (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing
      Herbert M. Allison, Jr. (White European) – Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability and Counselor to the Secretary
      Of the seven (7) top officials in the U.S. Treasury Department, six (6) are Jews.”

      • “….the United States is being controlled and run for the profits and purposes of globalist-minded Jews whose primary loyalty is to The Jewish State and to an agenda of global dominance.” Wow.

        The Jews are not some secret, evil, globalist cabal like Alex Jones zombies profess. Sure, they missed the memo on Christ as the sole redeemer of the whole world, but that’s another discussion. If they were SOOOO powerful:

        1) The Jewish state would be much more grand than a sliver a few miles wide in the Middle East.
        2) The Olympics would have memorials every opening ceremony dedicated to the slaughtered Israeli’s in the ’72 Olympics; instead, a small tribute was rejected by the IOC for the current Olympics.
        3) There would be Jewish population booms everywhere. Instead they are decreasing as a percentage of the population. There are only about 13.5 million worldwide as of 2010.
        4) They would use their “control” of the media to convince liberals to actually support Israel and not the Palestinians and/or Muslims in general.
        5) Ahmadinejad would have been found dead under “mysterious” circumstances immediately after his first call for the destruction of Israel. He has since affirmed that goal over and over and will soon have the capability to at least attempt it.
        6) Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t have treated Netanyahu like garbage during his visit to the White House.
        7) You say that Obama authorized 70 billion for the iron dome. It was $70 million by the way. You only overstated the amount by a thousand fold, that’s all. Obama released $150 Million in aid to Palestine this past spring. Not to mention Obama began releasing 1.3 Billion (actually with a B) for military aid to Egypt in the spring as well, which is run by the Muslim Brotherhood, who’s charter states the destruction of the Jewish state as one of their main goals.

        Are there ACTUAL globalists that happen to subscribe to Judaism. I guarantee it. Are the “evil JOOS” running the show. No, don’t be a stooge. Get off the Alex Jones teat.

        The world’s problems can be attributed to, in the following order: a) The fall of man (creating an imperfect and fallen world) and the continual rejection of God Almighty, his Son, and objective morality in favor of power, money, lust, and various other worldly pursuits, etc. b) Communism (Now that’s something you’ll actually find everywhere, with agent’s and infiltration in every facet of society). c) Islamofascism

  12. It is true that the Rothschilds were in the thick of the efforts to return Jews to their homeland, restoring Israel as its own Jewish nation. As Trevor Loudon has explained, it was meant to be a Marxist nation, but to their credit, the Israelis threw the communists off. Clearly, the central bank and globalist complex does not like Israel’s Jews. Also keep in mind that George Soros was (or one can say, “is”) a NAZI collaborator and so he was during the happiest days of his life, as he has stated, when his job was to loot the homes of Jews sent to death camps.

    That many communists and controllers in the world are Jews does nothing to change the facts that the globalist, Marxist/fascist mammon complex as a whole targets and is hardly run by Israel.

    That many communists and controllers in the world are not Jews doesn’t mean much either. ;->

    Some are, some aren’t, so what?

    And Harry, feel free to tell us what Jews you find as heads of the BRICS nations (or their finances).

    The attempt to condemn people by race is only tolerated on this site, in order to expose it. Is that what you are doing, Harry?

    • Arlen, I sought to share some observations based on research, facts, and reasoning. I cited many names and facts which you may interpret as condemning people by race but which I see as exposing the truth that the United States is under Jewish domination. Much more than I have shared could be presented to support my conclusion. It’s not that I set out to condemn anybody; it’s just the way it is.

      You talk about Soros rather dismissively, as if he were even anti-Jewish, but Soros is Jewish and is extremely powerful in pushing the Jewish agenda, of which Barack Obama is an important part. “Georgy Schwartz, aka George Soros, is a Hungarian Jew who has been described as anti-God, anti-family and anti-American. . . . Soros is saying that a washed-up America should be replaced by a world government with a global currency under UN rule. . . . Soros funded Barack Obama’s campaign and often visits the White House. . . . ” I’ve also read that Soros is an Israeli citizen.

      And there is this little gem: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” [said Soros] Soros is not the whole picture, of course, but he is very large dot that connects with a lot of other dots to form a pretty good picture of the New World Order, in which Jews and The Jewish State figure prominently.

      About the communists, you say, “Some are [Jews], some aren’t, so what?” What is so is that modern communism, which remains a powerful and evil force, was a Jewish creation and is still controlled, overtly or covertly, by Jews. Barack Obama was supported by the Communist Party USA and participated himself in Chicago’s New Party, which was an amalgamation of the CPUSA and the Democratic Socialists of America. There is much more to “so what,” but let me just remind you of the Mossad’s motto: “By deception, thou shalt make war.”

      In other words, not all of Israel’s machinations are out in the open for public examination and debate. Jews are known throughout history for being master manipulators and con artists. Just look at how Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz et al. tricked us into doing Israel’s dirty work by attacking Iraq and Libya. Just look at all the Jew-driven financial shenanagins occurring over the past decade and ongoing at present. And study 9-11 itself, for pete’s sake. “By deception, . . . .”

      No, I m not condemning all Jews, but the facts of history should not be whitewashed for the sake of political correctness.

      • You speak of “facts and reasoning,” Harry, but ignore the facts and reasonable issues with which I challenge your unfortunate assumption.

        Once again, the globalist complex is quite oddly opposed to Israel.

        The leaders of Russia and China are not Jewish.

        I know of no heads of the BRICS nations banks that are Jewish, do you?

        Gorbachev is not a Jew, to my knowledge. Neither is Maurice Strong. Neither is the house of Saud. Neither have been any Secretary General I can think of lately, to the United Nations.

        None of the above like Israel very much, from what facts I can recall, do you recall otherwise?

      • George Soros has warrants out for him, and he never visits Israel. He was in fact a traitor to his own people, selling them out during the Nazi reign. Soros is as evil as evil can be. And he is in with whomever the other sartanic followers are that is trying to bring this country to it’s end. THEY have zero power. It is God who is judging this country, and it is God who is finding us lacking. They are nothing more than what obama is, puppets. They are just too stupid because they are blinded by satan, to realize it.
        Prepare for the last days of the US. Jesus waits on you to call out to Him for salvation. Better hurry, time here is short. Hell will last a long long time.

  13. Well the evil Joooos of Israel treated Ismail Haniyeh for a heart problem and sent him home to Gaza. Face it Harry Obama is a Muslim and just using the Jews who are helping him. Just like lied to all those Catholics who supported him. He used the Bishops and is still using the Pope. If Obama gets his way, old Soros and Rahm-boy will be the first to go.

    • Annie, you’re shooting from the hip. It’s the Jew world managers who are using Obama, not the other way around. Don’t be fooled by misdirection, disinformation, and the ever-popular head-fake. Believe it or not, Jews know how to use Muslims to advance their interests.

      • Harry, the Son of God and Judas were both Jews. One last time, before we take measures: what explicitly is your point about Jews? And secondly, what do you wish done?

        • Arlen, I believe I have said nothing that deserves “measures” to be taken against me. You and I actually agree about a lot of things, but you basically ignore my facts and reasoning about overweening Jewish influence and counter with diversionary questions about the leaders of Russia and China and the heads of central banks in BRIC nations and Gorbachev. I never said anything about Gorbachev or the leaders of Russia and China being Jewish. Whether they are or not is completely irrelevant. That is just a red herring (spoiled fish) you pull across the trail of truth to obscure the scent of the real issues.

          For example, whether Barack Obama himself is Jewish is irrelevant to the question of whether he is controlled by Jews, was put into office by Jews, is guided every step of the way by Jews, and has appointed a great many Jews to all manner of important posts. I mean no personal offense, but your logic is fallacious and your threat to “take measures” against me seems heavy handed.

          To respond to your first specific request, I can hardly be more explicit than I was in my first post above (Aug. 7): “The U.S. has already been subjugated by a foreign power–Israel. Both Obama and Romney are controlled by that foreign power.” What is not explicit about that?

          As to what I wish done, I again repeat from my first post above: “To begin to successfully react, we would need to (1) cease our subservience to and exploitation by Israel, (2) abolish the Federal Reserve and The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, (3) re-instate and strengthen the Glass-Steagall Act, (4) abolish the phony status of dual-citizenship that is claimed by so many Jews, (5) dismantle the gestapo-like Department of Homeland Security, and (6) outlaw the Democrat Party for the treason it committed by installing a foreign communist as our Commander-in-Chief.” Is that not explicit?

          I have provided a lot of supporting material for my views, and more specific details could be added. I could go find the specific title and number of some of the slavishly pro-Israel legislation that should be repealed, for instance. But I surmise that you don’t care to hear much more from me at this time.

          Thanks for allowing me to comment at this site. Please permit me to do so again. The truth is not racist or anti-Semitic; it’s just the way things are.

          A parting thought: many non-Jews enable and conform to the Jewish agenda. Christian Zionists, for example, are sometimes just as zealous or more zealous than Jewish Zionists. Race is not the be all and end all of this matter.

          • Harry,

            It is you, who have not addressed the obvious challenges to your ill-fitting allegations that we are being controlled by Israel. See them again, above.

            But your comments are no longer welcome in this venue.

  14. Lame Cherry asks, “What is a Jew?” This blog is cryptic and I have yet to decode today’s post. I am not endorsing this. I am merely posting it because I read it this morning and parts of this are indirectly related to the discussion.


    “What is a Jew?

    Her name was Cornelia Cornblower……….

    No it was not, but it is a Dickens sounding name for a story is it not?

    She did have a cousin though named Cornelia Cornhopper……..

    No that is not true, but they both were often mistaken for each other.

    Today’s lesson children is “What is a Jew?”

    Did you know the first time the word “Jew” was used in recorded history was in the Bible and that the Israelites of the Northern Kingdom were allied with Syrians IN A WAR AGAINST JEWS?

    II Kings 16:6; At that time Rezin king of Syria recovered Elath to Syria, and drave the Jews from Elath: and the Syrians came to Elath, and dwelt there unto this day.

    See that is why you children have to pay attention to what is written here, as things are revealed and it gets you out of all the things you think you know and you are really ignorant to.

    Question in this…….
    Say California which is full of border busters from around the world like Mexicans and Russians, who wave their own flags and say they are not Americans……
    You as a real American, do you view them as Americans really or do you have contempt for them, like the Judeans had for the imported Semites which were dumped into Samaria after the Israelites were deported?

    See that is what is going on here, in there are 13 tribes in Israel, like 13 first colonies in America. Each colony made up America, but not every American was a Virginian, but all Virginians were Americans.

    Jesus and the Apostles often referred to the “Jews” as they were Judahites from Galilee, one recalls, but they had nothing in common with the religious order which permeated Jerusalem in the upheaval of Herodian kings of Esau’s lines and the Romans in control.

    So what is a Jew really?

    I told you that Esther in the Bible was not a Jew, but was a Benjaminite, one of the other tribes. She was the one God chose to save the 3 tribes deported to Babylon in Judah, Benjamin and Levi.

    I make a point in this, as the Jews of Babylon on return were mystics in the Talmud and Kaballah, which are not of God, but of the learned scribes who became indoctrinated with the eastern rites.
    Very few were like Nehemiah and Ezra of the return in being faithful to God.

    So I would ask again what is a Jew, but the reality is a Jew is Ruth or Mary of the Bible. Ruth was a Moabitis, a daughter of Lot who was Abraham’s nephew who came to Israel to make God her God.
    A Jew is Mary who heard and obeyed God when He informed her through the Archangel that she was pregnant by God’s Holy Ghost in producing Jesus.

    A Jew is as has always been an Israelite is a person who agrees to take on the national God and identity of Laws of the 13 tribes, by changing their identity.

    The modern Jew is Ashkenaz by approximately 65% of the population. They would be Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Robert Reiner or any of the host of “Jews” one hears in Yiddish accents which Jewry calls “German Jews” even if they were never in Germany, because this is where the Ashkenaz Meyers or Rothschilds dwelt and have taken over world finance and power.
    The lords view people like Levin and Savage as thugs of Russia, who are good enforcers for any cause, as much as Reiner is viewed as an American intellectual thug who is good for the ghetto in rabble rousing to tear Joseph America to shreds, so the American competition for the bloodlines will be destroyed.

    I’m informing you the reason America has been poisoned in food, education and medicine, was because the Americans were holders of Birthright and Blessing from Jacob. The British hold the same titles, but instead of the power in wealth and military might which faded, the British hold the Scepter which transferred to them to after Shiloh came, or Christ from the House of Judah.
    At the fall of Judah by Babylonian conquest and exile, Jeremiah took the King’s daughter back to Ireland where the Danites were already settled from their escape of Assyrian exile, and that started the transition to Scotland and England of the throne of David which Christ returns for.

    God said David would never want for a person on his throne and Christ returns for an existing throne. That throne is in London.

    But what is a Jew?

    A Jew is a child of Judah by bloodline. A Jew is someone who must adhere to the Laws of God and look as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did in the Promise of Jesus to come and believe when He came, as the Disciples and the early Church were all Jewish converts.

    These Ashkenaz though are from Asia. They are a white race for the Japheth or Russian Slavic peoples who converted as a kingdom in mass to a religion they were searching for, and it just happened to be the Jewish religion.
    The Ashkenaz are not Sephardic. There are very few Ashkenaz who are Orthodox Jews or Law abiding Jews who follow the Old Testament Laws, which are a guide to Christ, but refuse to accept the Gospel of Redemption of the New Covenant.

    The common Ashkenaz like Levin and Savage are good people. They as has been stated are promoted like all these “Ashkenaz” by the ruling lords and priests to stir up hatred against all Jews, so that this threat will keep that enclave scared and following the Rothschild rule.

    You can hear this time and again in the Levin and Savage in making excuses for the Ashkenaz elite in being scared in not knowing what to do with this situation, in Savage brushes off the cartel’s rapine and Levin clumps all Jews together as he tries to make it all moral.

    The word has it that the Rothschilds, besides being satanists follow a practitioner name Shabbatai Zvi. He was a messiah too, just like Obama in telling the world if they sinned more that redemption would happen quicker as there would be more reason for God to act.

    Redemption as Paul notes does not give any people license to sin.

    This Shalom bunch which runs Jewry in name only from banks, brokerages, media, schools and government is what gets Jews blamed and murdered globally. It is like Robert Morton of World Tribune of knowing the threat this gangster group is, but wanting to keep the Faustian gold and life, he covers up the reality of what all this is, as all Jews are the same.

    For real Americans, Barack Obama is no more American than Joe Stalin was, as Obama is not American by birth and he has no affinity with things American. The same analogy is true for the Ashkenaz lords in they do not even pilfer a few Jew days and potato pancakes in dusting God off the shelf like a Mark Levin does to pretend they are holier than thou.
    No the Rothschilds and the ruling elite simply have their own rites to satan behind closed doors and have nothing in common with Jews, not even in name. Same is the reality in the Vatican elite involved in Luciferianism and the stories about the Obama voodoo chants revving him up, is the same catalyst of the calling on the forces which are opposed to God.

    Jesus was born of the Tribe of Judah and He termed Himself a Jew to the Samaritan woman. He though also called the plotters who murdered Him, as Jews in a defining term of how bad they are.

    From the Shroud of Turin, one can see the character of Jesus the Christ in who a Judahite resembled. If you can handle it, Jesus had the same unique American profile lines of Wild Bill Hickok, George Armstrong Custer and Buffalo Bill Cody. No these men were not Jews, but were Israelite in character.
    The western European is all Israelite in character in the diverse women who birthed these 12 tribes as Joseph’s wife was Egyptian and the panorama to the east was a group of women both fair and dark.

    The stereotyped hook nose Jew, just happens to be one group of the Ashkenaz line. One rarely sees this promoted now by the cartel, as they have instituted after familiar inbreeding a garnering for the Israelite lines in marrying into them for Tree of Life purposes in their false tree.

    These Ashkenaz elite take on a form of Jewry to hide in Jewry while moving on a definite old kingdom plan of Ashkenaz in ruling the world from Jerusalem as an international capital. It is the same kind of lust Mexicans have for parts of America and these Ashkenaz want the Sephardic, right wing and Orthodox Jews out of Israel and will pollute the land and make wars to leave their ruling remnant.

    Jerry Golden, years ago, had a wonderful page up about the Jewish Supreme Court building and the thing was nothing but a cursed pegan temple, and the Rothschilds paid for the whole thing and it’s design and Jews just fluttered about it, like they do about all those Rothschilds trillions. They really are sheep for the slaughter in the Rothschilds arm the terrorists to murder Jews, the same Rothschilds who imported Muslims to fight against devout Jews, so they could never cement in place their orthodox dreams. It is the reality of the beaten wife attacking those who try to save them, while running back to the wife beater.

    Most of the Jews have converted to Christianity in God’s Plan. Some had to get the message on the point of a sword, but it made for a better life as there are now millions of even Ashkenaz who are sinning as christians and never comprehending they are Ashkenaz, but go by European nationality.

    It is that elite though which causes all these problems and they have taken credit for it all in instigating every war in backing both sides where they gain all the power and control. They are not Jews though, as a Jew by God’s definition was someone of Abraham’s bloodlines or those who came to live in Judah, served only God and obeyed all of His Laws and looked for the Christ to redeem them.
    Rejecting Christ is rejecting that Promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    Being a Jew is an heir to Spiritual nature. It is not talking Yiddish. Not eating Kosher. Not wearing a Rothschild Star or “star of david” nor is it calling yourself Jew so you can mistreat the goy in thinking yourself as the apple of God’s eye.
    The Law of God trains one to peace, so the human is ready for the Prince of Peace to sow His Spiritual Identity inside that human soul making a Spiritual Child of God.

    A Jew rejecting Christ is no different than a Muslim rejecting Christ. That is the reality and nothing special in either of them, no more than a Catholic rejecting Christ for satan. God rejects them all and God ordained His Promise in Christ to be open to all peoples who will obey God.

    You can not serve the cartel, Jewry or money and God too, as they are the opposite masters in satan, in world power, position and lust.

    There is a Jewish Ashkenaz majority and a minority of Sephardic Judahites, ruled by an elite cartel of Ashkenaz lords and priests in the governing Rothschilds. The order though is more than the Rothschilds as this weave intermelds. They have had a particular interest in the Christ lines in interbreeding with them specifically.
    No Jesus did not have any children as the Church was His Bride and He is Faithful and True in never sinning as the Ashkenaz elite like to promote in lies, because it destroys Christ’s Redemptive Promise if they make him out to be a sinner.

    Jesus though did have siblings who after Jerusalem’s fall moved to Europe, France in Reuben specifically and that Davidic bloodline which was lied about in the DaVinci Code to sow more lies in this, is what has been infused through most of the European monarchies,as those peoples in he west are mostly Israelite exiles God replanted there…”

  15. What a cleaver distraction from the discussion of our current situation.
    Several individuals have successfully derailed intelligent discussion about the contents of the article to side shows intended to monopolize the discussion away from the actual events transpiring around us to a laughable divisive snipe hunt as to the supposed identity of a secret society of boogiemen bent on world dominination.A ghostly group of individuals we are powerless to protect our nation, let alone the world, from.
    The whole line of reasoning is intended to go nowhere but to frustrate useful discussion.

    We must be aware of the people and politicians in our realm of influence who are bent on the destruction of our way of life and form of government and remove those we have the ability to remove from positions of power.
    We have to stop with these politics of division and and focus the common desire the vast majority of Americans have, the desire to be free. Those who desire to remove our form of government and subjugate us are only too happy to place us against one another. Divide us and we will not stand.
    The people responsible for our our current state are easilly identified and just as easily exposed.
    They are the ones stirringing divisions among us, pitting us against our neighbors,or against a ghost that we’re impotent to fight, trying to place blame instead of solutions, the hate mongers. In short those who do not build unity are those who we should fear. Those who would offer us the security of military force, and loss of privacy and liberty to protect us from ourselves. Those who would curtail our:
    Freedom to associate with others,
    To speak as we believe without fear of sensorship or reprisal,
    To do with our possessions as we see fit,
    The freedom to practice our beliefs as we determine, not as dictated by threat of penalty or force.
    To live as we choose without interference so long as it does not harm others.
    The right to be free of oppression by those who govern us.
    The right to the rule of law that applies equally to all rather than the rule of man that treats people
    differently based on their race, creed, or political ideology.

    We have been a nation of individuals, unique in history, free of the shackels of tyranny and oppression.
    Our parents and grandparents, immigrants from every nation on earth, fought to keep that freedom alive.
    This current darkness that is settling on our nation would steal all of this from us.
    Our way of life must not be defined by petty intolerance of the freedoms of others. It was precisely that, that brought our families here, the desire to live where the government didn’t define what was best for men, but men themselves. Some are far too eager to fit us with the shackels of tyranny to “protect” us. Those that would divide us against one another, isolate us from one another.Those that teach intolerance as if it were good for us. Those are the destroyers of freedom. Those that we can see are the threat, not effemeral ghosts in the darkness.
    People from throughout the world struggle to leave the pretended benevolence of their rulers to escape what some here would willingly force upon us. Only if we stand united against this darkness will we survive and leave to our children what our parents entrusted to us, freedom.

  16. Addressing the “Jewish”/Israel comments above: There is a BIG difference between Jew and Zionist. A great deal of what was said by Harry H is true…of Zionists. Zionists are Marxist Jews who have left their religious roots and follow Marxism, just as Islamists are Muslims who have done the same. ALL Marxists have the same goal – world domination – and have a common enemy – capitalism. They will band together to rid the world of the blight of capitalism, and after they do, will turn on each other.

    Harry, I strongly suggest you use the correct terms when commenting on posts. We must make this distinction or many innocent people will suffer.

  17. To the anti-Zionists here you all are missing the point of what a Zionists means. I am a Zionist in that I believe in the Biblical covenant between God and the decendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; that God selected them the chosen ones to be the righteous leaders of the world. As we study the Old Testament and New we do know that most of them because of their rebellion and unbelief in the first coming of the Messiah (Jesus) I do believe God has put that on hold until the time is right.

    I don’t get all paranoid and bent out of shape on a Jewish conspiracy and NWO global domination because a so called “Holy Protestent Judeo Neo Empire” is not in God’s plan. Waiting on the Second Coming of Christ and the fall of the reign of the Antichrist. Not that they won’t stop trying and rightfully they should be exposed as we are doing now, thanks to the internet. Carter was groomed by the Trilateral Commission (a group to establish a one-world currency)

    So, if God says something…take it to the bank. An earth that will be run, finally by a Jewish central government with Jesus Christ as the head will take place. (And Christian will take a part of the elect, yes they will)

    Google “greater Israel” and you will see the land God gave to the decendants of Abraham. All the land west of Euphrates (include modern day Bagdad, Iraq and more.) And there are many other prophetic verses that prove God has never taken away this promise.

    I do believe a greater threat exists in a neo-Ottoman Empire and an Islamic World Caliphate which the usurper in “our” Whitehouse is helping to establish by his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Turkey, etc…….

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