Collectivism in America? Conspiracy of Left & Right? Listen to G. Edward Griffin

The world’s Marxists did not vanish in 1990 (nor America’s). Nor did fascists disappear in 1945 (including America’s). Likewise, power-hungry, authoritarian political and financial controllers, of and in America did not poof out of existence, in 1776.

A number of times we have referred to G. Edward Griffin’s critically important interview of one of the Twentieth Century’s greatest heroes, Norman Dodd. Do listen to that, if you have not.

Now I suggest you hear from Mr. Griffin himself, author of Federal Reserve exposé, The Creature from Jekyll Island, 1994. Here, he speaks of the nature and practice of bureaucratic authoritarianism, or as he states it, collectivism and the increasing success of globalist authoritarians to seize control of America. There are many kinds, not just Barack Obama’s kind. But, there is only one direction to go, from freedom and the joint sovereignty of each and every U.S. Citizen.

I think it will be very challenging from the start. Please pay attention to the concept of the controlled false-front of “the right-left paradigm.” It is a key element of Hegel’s dialectic materialism as it is applied by Marx and those of his ilk to this day, whether they love or hate the word, “communism.” It is what is referenced by the Overton Window, at least when that is a big-picture window. It is the method of the Fabian socialists and the Frankfurt School. It is gradual revolution on the global scale, which would return America to imperialist subjugation and colonization.

And this coincidence is no mere happenstance: pitting one side against another and profiting from it on both sides, in power as well as money, are hallmarks of the central bankers of modern history, especially the Rothschild complex.

This video is presented by Prison Planet TV, whose CEO is Alex Jones. Jones tends, in my humble opinion, to shoot from the hip, with his lip. There is some P.T. Barnum in him. Personally, I may agree with around 70+% of what Jones says over the course of a span of his programs. But I’d guess I agree with 90+% of what Griffin is saying here.

Points of difference include the following. I think he is a bit too jaded about many Republicans, especially when the word means all who vote Republican and call themselves by that label. Leaders such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich should be rewarded, not sniped at, from fellow patriots such as Griffin, or many in the John Birch Society, when the former take pains to pull out of The Matrix and work for the principles of America’s national and popular sovereignty and the defeat of the “crony capitalism” that Griffin here assails.

If open-eyed patriots are going to win the soft war waged against us, we will need to be kind to those we draw to us. However, we will need to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and let God deal with the consequences. When we fail to tell the truth about Republicans or Libertarians who knuckle under to the globalist complex, we become tools of its dialectic manipulation. And when we fail to understand that manipulation, we become dupes with the rest.

So, let us all take our right-and-left blinkers off and run the race set before us! The world needs us to win.

And what about the two-party system? Should we take measures to deconstruct it, perhaps to eliminate it entirely? We were warned about it by none other than George Washington. He knew about the proto-Marxist Jacobins, the Illuminati, and central banksters of his time.

Do you have observations or questions? Write them below, if you please.

contributor: @TallulahStarr


  1. Understanding these concepts and organizations is essential to understanding the threat to U.S. Sovereignty: Hegelian Dialectic, the Overton Window, Fabian Socialists, the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, Smart Growth, and Sustainable Development. We MUST recognize, combat and DEFEAT these insidious evils in order to preserve our Republic.

  2. very interesting. I watched the entire thing and I am aware of these things and certainly the overall goal of total control. Like your commentary above, I think he’s a bit too hard on some like Palin. I still think though that obama is huge off the charts worse than any alternative.

  3. Another thing I feel is that we can at the grass roots level vote in true libertarian conservatives, whether they have an R by their name or L.

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  5. Sounded very solid till the end… the spraying thing sounded paranoid, even if it’s true.

    Re: Palin – she got grooming from Kissinger, that says enough for me.

    • Sue, pardon my picking on you, but “paranoid, even if it is true?” Is that a variant on the joke, “Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean the world’s not out to get you?”

      And as I recall, Sarah Palin, during the McCain-Palin campaign had a stage meeting and photo-op with Henry Kissinger, while in Manhattan. Grooming? I didn’t see a hair brush in his hand. ;-`

      Thanks for the comments, everyone. Please circulate this is information, by this very well studied man. Let’s call him a subject matter expert for his decades of research and presentations. I laud his ability to think for himself and to unlearn what others want us to think, as well as his learnedness.

  6. i feel compelled to speak up regarding griffin’s statement about the likelihood of ron paul being elected if the media had given him the same coverage as it did the other candidates.

    this is, at best, disingenuous. it was at this very point that i stopped watching the video. disappointingly, griffin lost credibility with that statement. it may not seem like much at first glance, but the implications are enormous. even if only for the complete invalidation of the left-right myth – that it does not matter who you vote for; whoever is elected is one of ‘them’. can’t have it both ways. paul’s runs were a diversion. i voted for paul in the 2008 primary – couldn’t write him in in california. i would not now vote for him had he made it as a candidate. as griffin well knows, the voting system is rigged, along with everything in the govt. if paul did win, it would mean, intrinsically, that he is a bad guy.

    what is is. and we must see it as it is. makes for a lonely road, but in the end one’s honor is more important than one’s immediate life. keep your eyes open, but keep your own counsel. thanks.

  7. I agree with your conceptualisation. However , I do not believe it is conspiratorial. Fabian socialism is gradualist by evolution not design.

  8. One of the main problems I see in taking the first step to stopping the Fabian Socialst advocates, is reforming the electoral college system. I am an advocate of Preferential Voting, and believe that the minority factions within the major parties need to be separated out. They have too much power under the current system. Excising the radical Environmentalists, and utopian welfare socialists from the Democrats, will reduce their influence. Just as excising the Christian Right and the NRA from the GOP will minimise their agendas.

    The Electoral College is inherently undemocratic and gives swing states disproportionate influence in electing the President and Vice President. The Electoral College gives a numeric advantage in the election of the president to the smaller states, as the minimum number of electors for the small states is three compared to one for the election of representatives. On the other hand, the winner-take-all method of voting favors the larger states.

    • Luke, I suggest you take a look at the problems with the proposal to replace the Electoral College with the national popular vote (NPV).

      My suggestion is to go with run-off elections for all federal elections (and then the Electoral College in the case of the presidential election).

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