The CFR’s Open Plan to Destroy America by Stealing Our Sovereignty


Q:  What do Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have in common?
A:  Way too many things, as do way too many in Congress

One of those things they have in common (see here, regarding Romney) each comes to us laced with the designs of the Council on Foreign Relations, an elitist group whose goal is treason.


They wish to strip the Unites States of America of its sovereignty – to undo what was done on July 4, 1776 and return us to being a colony of a government that stretches around the world. They are imperialists and any governance from outside our own nation is authoritarianism by its very existence. This is what we fought to be free of, at our inception and one way, then another, ever since.

These comments and links, just found at the site of another citizen journalist, explain and provide the evidence of this unavoidable conspiracy fact.

“Has anyone ever seen this?

CFR document:


The program calls for the “Re-conceptualizing” of national sovereignty, citing the European Union’s “pooling” of sovereignty as a model. The CFR project recognizes that historically, the United States has been resistant to the ideals of global governance. The project states, “Among the most important factors determining the future of global governance will be the attitude of the United States…”

The IIGG program continues, “…few countries have been as sensitive as the United States to restrictions on their freedom of action or as jealous in guarding their sovereign prerogatives.” The program then states that the separation of powers as stated in the Constitution, along with the U.S. Congress, stand in the way of the United States assuming “new international obligations.”

As stated,

“…the country’s longstanding tradition of liberal “exceptionalism” inspires U.S. vigilance in protecting the domestic sovereignty and institutions from the perceived incursions of international bodies. Finally, the separation of powers enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress a critical voice in the ratification of treaties and endorsement of global institutions, complicates U.S. assumptions of new international obligations.”

Remember reading about the Tower of Babel?

SovCamOur Constitution was written with the understanding that a treaty is a one-on-one agreement with another nation, not the establishment a multinational governing council, such as the United Nations is rapidly becoming – and certainly not something to control internal policies.

Our Declaration, upon which our Constitution squarely sits, no matter what any progressive courts or politicos say, establishes our sovereignty as an ontological, necessary, and irrevocable fact. If this fact is eroded in effect, it brings the tyranny of which the Declaration warns and calls upon us as our “duty” to throw off.

Much more needs to be done to expose the work of globalism, planned and perpetrated through so many “global,” “transnational,” and “multinational” entities, of so many kinds and by which America is in grave danger of becoming utterly lost. Just one of them is the CFR.

Please join with those who are setting about to vet and rate our candidates to Congress on our core, bedrock  issues of American sovereignty. You may read about that, here.

We have no time to lose.

Contributor: Tallulah Starr – @Tallulah Starr


  1. One of the more important items to review is the membership of CFR that have particular designations of assignments within CFR, while other members or participants are there only as gatherers of knowledge of what goes on there. I would also submit, CFR covers the gamut of industry and segments of influence like media and Hollywood. One also must include hard to get and find text of the Geneva Convention documents and amendments, where mandates go far beyond foreign policy and includes debt and agreements globally.

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    Obama plans massive 2nd-term amnesty for illegals

    Program would immediately register new Americans to vote

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