Obama Supporter Interviews Her 2008 Self – Excellence


Great work, House of Sunny! Coming to mind are Catherine O’Hara, Kathy Bates, Kathleen Turner – you wouldn’t be a “Kathy,” would you, Sunny? OK, and Bonnie Hunt.

What this video demonstrates is one great reason I suggest pro-sovereignty, “conservative” activists focus their efforts away from the presidential campaign and instead, upon the local, state, and congressional campaigns of fully worthy candidates.

Unless there is a miracle, Mitt Romney will be nominated for the presidency by the Republican Party. Therefore, with a President Romney, we will likely continue to need to gain great advances in Congress.

Or, instead of candidates’ campaigns suggest volunteering and soon, giving to the Sovereignty Campaign.


h/t: @janemiami & @PrDrJ


  1. Bloodless Coup says

    “Donald Trump: Obama Needs To Release His Passport, College And Other Records”


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