CRITICAL: Today’s Katie Pavlich Video on Fast & Furious Travesties

Gulag Bound should not be reporting the gunwalking of Operation Fast and Furious.

The collection of its lethal doses of treachery should be one of the most highly scrutinized and publicized news stories of the past few years. And by this time, justice should have been served in our Department of Justice, the White House, and the long-time corruption-tainted Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

That this justice has not occurred raises a dizzyingly acute stench of soul purification in our nation’s already nauseatingly foetid capital.

Then again, if all critically important news and pertinent history were publicized by the “mainstream” (Marxstream and central banksterstream) media, what need would there be for us, at all?

But the truth is, our fourth estate is, by and large, the fifth column of America’s pitched enemies.

Please be encouraged to send the following, high-impact review of this bleeding-wound element of America’s great crisis to your family and friends, who watch the numb-your-mind channels and read the spent toilet paper dailies.

Courtesy of the often beneficial Heritage Foundation:

Watch live streaming video from thflehrman at


Please pray for the whistle-blowers and investigators.

Pray for their protection. And if you know anyone who should be one, please encourage him to come forth. The best way is to network with others they know and do it together. We would be happy to help. Your email address is

If all those who still had an unseered portion of conscience left would obey the very word of God and expose the evil they know, it could be the work that saves our vital, sovereign nation.

Katie Pavlich’s column at Town Hall
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