7-29 UPDATE: Someone in Theater Opened Door, James Holmes Entered; 2nd Gas Canister Thrown from 2nd Spot

Well, the police have told us they stopped looking for any accomplices. The Aurora, CO Chief of Police called the idea inconceivable. Never mind that the Oklahoma City bombing was prepared by two (or three) people. Never mind Colorado’s own Dylan and Klebold. “Inconceivable.”

Western Journalism has looked into the absurdity of “inconceivable”:

Witnesses: Colorado Massacre Shooter Had Accomplice

July 29, 2012 By

Remember when the entire nation was looking for John Doe #2—the suspect that was allegedly with Timothy McVeigh when he rented the Ryder truck used in the Oklahoma City Bombing?

But then the FBI deemed John Doe #2 to be a mass hallucination despite dozens of witnesses seeing him (and despite a man being beaten to death for looking like him.)

Well, now we have a mirror image of this case with the Colorado massacre—that is, the complete reverse situation.

There are witnesses who state James Holmes had an accomplice, and both the local Aurora police and feds are ignoring this information.


Classic, eh?


Zane concludes, “But with a President and Attorney General corrupt and radical to the core, nothing is beyond belief.”


From KDVR.com’s live blog:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

9:05 PM: Police are looking for a second “person of interest” in connection with the Aurora theater shooting and suspected gunman James Holmes


Video from WKYC.com and their headline:

Witness: Someone let gunman inside Colorado movie theater


May the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth come out. May the witnesses be protected, O Lord.

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  1. I think that the young man who is being interviewed by the reporter should not be shown, for his own protection. – PI

    • Agreed, PatriotInk, especially since this news has come to light:

      Police Seek Second Person of Interest in Aurora Murders

      KDVR:AURORA, Colo. ? Sources tell FOX31 Denver reporter Justin Joseph that a second man is now a person-of-interest in the Aurora theater shooting investigation. We are not disclosing his identity because he has not been charged. … Sources tell Justin Joseph someone made either a call or a text from the person of interest’?s phone threatening violence if James Egan Holmes was not released from jail. That call prompted police to issue an alert to find and detain him.

      via Jawa Report

  2. Bloodless Coup says

    The Secret Service Admits That They Would Protect Putin Against The American People If He Were President.

    Then The Secret Service Hangs Up On Caller, Who Called To Tell The Secret Service That Obama’s Identity Documents Need To Be Investigated.

    The FBI Hangs Up And Blocks Calls When Caller Asks Them To Investigate Obama

    From Before It’s News

    SHOCK AUDIO: Recorded Calls To Secret Service & FBI Demanding Obama Investigation


    The Recorded Calls Are About 54 Minutes Into The Broadcast, And They Are Unbelievable!

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