UPDATE: Aurora Shooter Militant Occupy Black Bloc Member?

James Holmes, shooter

Private Detective Bill Warner is reporting at his site that the Aurora, CO theatre mass murderer James E. Holmes was apparently a member of the Occupy movement’s “elite” militant and violent Black Bloc unit.  There is also a photo on the site showing Holmes being arrested by what appear to be San Diego police.

We already know that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and a number of other Democrat lawmakers have praised the Occupy “movement” and Obama-mentor and boss George Soros has heavily financed it.  Now, with the Black Bloc Uber-violent segment and its apparent hit-man James Holmes beginning to look, sound and feel like another ObamaFriend Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground, we finally know who is really behind this violence.

The new Batman movie–third of the trilogy–is extremely critical of the Occupy movement.  It strongly appears that Holmes didn’t like that characterization.  So, he killed 12 people and injured at least 71 others with a hail of bullets directed at the moviegoers.  If Holmes’ tie in to the Occupy Black Bloc unit is allowed to come to the light of day, it will finally be known that the Obama Police State will no longer allow anyone to even listen to those who criticize the dictator.

Occupy Wall Street movement

Every day now we are reminded that we have, indeed, reached that critical time in our country’s history to decide whether we want to live in Luciferian tyranny and suppression as slaves under the growing Obama police state or fight and perhaps die to bring back and ensure liberty for our children and grandchildren.

The Obama War has begun on multiple fronts and, also, includes roving gangs of black teens who are seeking out non-blacks (especially whites) to maim and kill.  These are happening more and more frequently and do not appear to be waning.  Under Obama’s rule, the USA has not only become a 3rd world country but, Obama has driven race relations to all time lows…if not into non-existence.

It is now apparent that Obama and his operatives will do anything to reelect the usurper;.  Even murder–including this latest version of Ayers’ Weather Underground–may no longer be an obstacle.  Will We-the-People have the courage, will and honor to stop him?  Will we?  We may be forced to decide that answer even sooner than we anticipated.

“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin”–James 4:17

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  1. “Black Bloc” is not a group. It is a tactic:

    • Sydney Coale Light says

      It is SO OBVIOUS that the “Blac Block” are hired thugs, paid to discredit the OWS movement. They are professional criminals. nothing more. ANYONE who believes the pathetic crap that Bill Warner says is a fool. He’s a self-promoting ego monster. There is no Blac Block. The Aurora shooter had accomplices, and most likely, they work for a very skilled branch of a renegade special ops. Don’t be fooled by false information.

  2. Oh! I didn’t even realize, of course Obama is behind this all! You are a brainless moron who would do the entire world a massive favor by never posting on the internet again. Go bash rocks together and scream at the moon, caveman. Wow, the air we breath with some people is astonishing.

  3. What’s astonishing is the fact you can remember to breathe.

  4. To “melony”:

    Your opinion, of course., and you and your comrades can spin it any way you want. However, more and more are now realizing this is a violent “faction” of the Occupy movement.


    –Sher Zieve

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