Ulsterman Hospitalized, Food Poisoning, Unknown Cause

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“Food Poisoning”

by on July 18, 2012 with 29 Comments in News

Received a personal call this morning from the Old Man (who is apparently following comments being left at theulstermanreport.com) demanding I give readers a quick update as speculation has been growing  regarding my condition.  Today was the first day in just over 48 hours I have been available to respond to any incoming messages.

I became very ill very fast a few nights back.  Enough to require a visit to the Emergency Room that led to my quickly being sent down to Intensive.  What I perceived as simple flu like symptoms was taken far more seriously by the ER staff due to my being quite dehydrated to the point my vitals were rather… “inconsistent”.  Heart was hammering and I apparently suffered a brief seizure, which I later learned is somewhat common when severe dehydration sets in.  The possible culprit for my condition was given as being most likely some particularly aggressive form of food poisoning – though the specific cause remains unknown.


h/t: @PolitiJim of PolitiJim’s Rants for Reasonable People

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