On Agenda 21, Arlen Williams Guest on ‘Bards Logic Political Talk’ Tonight

It will be Arlen’s privilege to join Robert L. Jetter, Jr. on his BlogTalkRadio program, tonight. The “Bards Logic Political Talk” netcast begins at 8pm ET, 5pm PT. (If one uses phone instead of streaming and/or Skype, the call in Number is 347-945-7428.)

They will be keeping tabs on Agenda 21, from the basics to the latest, including the Rio +20 summit just concluded. Also to be discussed is the Sovereignty Campaign, aimed at stop violations of our sovereignties via such United Nations initiatives and other threats to authentic America.


Another topic will be the role of American authentists (sometimes called “conservatives”) in conservation and the stewardship of our environment (sometimes, if not easily called being “green”).

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