Federal Judge Performs a John Roberts Act to Avoid Evidence on Obama Eligibility

Riddle: When is the Federal judiciary like a local sleight-of-hand magician? (answer below)

From The Western Center for Journalism:

Outrageous: Judge Decides Law Doesn’t Apply To Obama

July 5, 2012 By Doug Book

A Circuit Court has decided that Florida election law applies to everyone but Barack Hussein Obama. In response to a suit brought by Florida resident and Democrat Party member Michael Voeltz challenging Obama’s eligibility to the Florida ballot, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ruled that Florida election law “…is not applicable to the nomination of a candidate for Office of President of the United States.” This means that the Florida Statute which says, “the… nomination of any person to office…may be contested in the circuit court…by any elector or any taxpayer…” is null and void when it comes to Mr. Obama’s nomination to the presidency.

“If the plaintiff was challenging the candidate’s eligibility for any other office, his analysis would be correct and [the law] would apply,” said Lewis of Voeltz’s suit. However, according to the Judge, “…Political parties determine their [presidential] nominee at a national convention pursuant to rules that the parties draft and approve…” In short, Mr. Voeltz’s contest of Barack Obama’s eligibility will NEVER be permitted in a Florida court; for voters do not nominate the president, political parties do in balloon filled convention halls! With this ruling, Lewis has spared Barack Obama the necessity of having to prove his eligibility for office as no Florida voter will have the right to question it, the language of the state’s election law notwithstanding!

continues, including the reaction of Larry Klayman, attorney of Voeltz

Answer: When it’s available for parties.

But clearly it goes beyond that, to what I’ve called the Global Mammon Complex (GMC) which has both captured the ass and trained the elephant. And don’t think it hasn’t also brought the United States “Intelligence Community” in tow, as well as the three branches overall, and the fourth estate.

Alternative answer: by 2012 AD.

There are numerous good sites for text and video on this abomination, of course I mean case, including WND.com, CDR Kerchner’s Blog, and Florida resident Sam Sewell’s The Steady Drip.  Klayman indicates an appeal is forthwith.

And so, how’s that popular sovereignty working out for us?

And for further reading on the GMC, our tag, https://gulagbound.com/tag/carroll-quigley

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  1. Gee, am I ever surprised by this!

  2. Plain Old American says

    Obama is above the law. He is not POTUS. He is god. He is the fuhrer and shall not be questioned.

    At least that is the way it seems many folks view him. Personally I believe he is nothing more than a drug addled homosexual with serious mental issues but that is beside the point.

    Obviously America’s courtrooms are staffed by girlie men that have no foundational comprehension of natural law nor can any claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Saviour. It is my personal belief that Judge Lewis came up with his BS excuse for the same reason CJ John Roberts tortured reason with his lame opinion on the Obamanation known as Obamacare: They have been threatened. Seriously. Think about it. Every single pundit and lawyer in the country KNEW that, at the minimum, the individual mandate was unconstitutional yet Roberts spun like a heavy duty washing machine and wrote the most inane opinion ever issued by SCOTUS and found Obamacare constitutional defying logic, reason and intelligence. Why? The only, and I mean NOTHING else, thing that makes sense is that he was advised that he, or his family, would end up with Leiutenant Harris, Donald Young and Vince Foster.

    Since these judges, politicians and media members are so afraid of Obama and the DNC contract office the ONLY solution to this problem is to make them MORE afraid of the American electorate than they are of the USG hit men. Yup. If they are scared of O then the only way to get the truth is to make them soil their pants when they hear brother John Birch has locked & loaded and is heading their way.

    Ooooh Rraahhhh

  3. Bloodless Coup says

    “FELONY: No Proof Barry Soetoro Ever Legally Changed His Name to Barack Hussein Obama – Details His Fake Life”


  4. The Quadfather says

    Yet another cowardly judge.

  5. Are u in Florida aware that the majority of judges are choosen by the people. I used to live in Fl n remember that on elections that were names of judges to choose for office. That means that these judges can be taken out on election day. Just remember the names of these judges that are not going by the Constitution to protect the people n uphold the oath of office they swore too. Take them out if they don’t want to follow the law.

    When Mr. O. took office he met w/the Supreme Ct judges in private w/o nobody to take pictures or hear what was said. Out of the 8 judges there was only 1 that was not present. Guess who?

    Also Congress use 6 yrs before he was not natural born n tried to change the law 8x. Do a search n put (Congress knew Obama was ineligible six years before he was elected) n all the info is right there.

    Not one Judge in the states that have tried to vett him will not take any case as they were told not to take them.

    Tell the Sheriff as that is their job as they have more power than they know n not to be afraid otherwise they will be voted out.

    Tell your Congressman if they don’t ck on this they will also be voted out as they are afraid to take this on. Ask Congressman Rep. Rubio n see how far he wil run from that topic n won’t touch it.

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