Gulag Bound, Two Years this Independence Day

Gulag Bound began July 4, 2010. Since then, we have been grateful to play a part in the critical work to “expose Marxism, globalism, technocracy, corporatocracy, Islamism – tyranny.”  And we are thankful we are permitted by God’s grace, to continue.

There is much, much more to do in an America where many are trapped to a great degree in “The Matrix” of that with which those who seek domination would have us familiar, instead of the full set of knowledge required to be free of their tyranny and remain the United States of America.

The velvety soft war against authentic America and the nature of being American goes on, inflicting violent injury upon our popular and national sovereignties, upon constitutional state precedence over federal government, and upon the natural rights of parents, the autonomy of the church, and the other natural ways of our self governance, provided by God. If that war is lost, there will be no more Independence Days.

SovCamWe will continue to expose the work of our pitched enemies, but will place increasing import on solutions, the strategy and tactics of fighting back and winning. This will include the work of the Sovereignty Campaign (SovCam), which will vet and rate candidates based on issues of sovereignty, the core and foundation of what it means to be an American.

Others claim that liberty or even matters of economy are the core of our political nature and identity. They are wrong. Liberty does not hang unsupported in space and unsourced in time. It is a co-heir, along with responsibility, of our personal sovereignty under Sovereign God.

Do you know what it means to be an American? We decided to summarize the sovereignty principle, expressed in the Declaration of Independence, signed 236 years ago now, using its own words where possible. Here is our result.

Our Creator provided us the free and independent United States of America, by naturally entitling in its People the authority by which we institute our own government, dutifully organizing for it powers conditioned upon its securing the rights inalienably endowed us by Him.

By our social contract it is our duty, we are reminded, to operate our government as the servant of our sovereignty, within an impenetrable boundary of our own nation, and to adjust or replace it where that service fails.

Today, we have liars claiming our rights include such violations thereof as government mandated and rationed health care, the right to be groped or radiated in airports, surveilled at home, to be told how to exercise our organized religion, to give up natural rights to the oceans, to give even our own intelligence, military, and police services to global governance, to be herded off our property, and have our technologies commandeered to control us.

Yes, there is much to do, but the doings are clearly available to us. We need to spread the truth and work the work of electing and holding responsible office holders who serve the American sovereignties and cease the governmental, paragovernmental, and transnational violence waged against us. Please be sure to join us in that politically sacred work. It is time to fight the fight; our wake up calls have been ringing for years. Come to the battle.

Core activists in this work, join us now: 

How to Particpate in the Sovereignty Campaign

Ultimately, God governs and time will tell whether we are gulag bound or sovereignty unbound.


By the way, yesterday we filed a kind of business and organizational entity. More information will be released on that, soon.


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